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Our Descent Into Clown World

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Before the Woke Wars began in earnest, I once naïvely thought that stadiums where rowdy fans cheer on strong men engaging in physical acts of confrontation — and sometimes bloody violence — seemed like sturdy cultural ramparts capable of keeping leftist indoctrination at bay.  Alas, owner-imposed ideology across leagues and organized intimidation campaigns against individual players have combined with enough force to crash through the gates.


Opinion: A Nation Of Victims Is Ultimately Doomed To Failure

America has become a nation of ‘victims’ and ‘survivors’. Everyone is getting over a ‘trauma’ or ‘processing’. They demand special privileges because of the suffering of their ancestors. They trot out studies which prove that they are somehow disadvantaged. The sum total of politics has been reduced to victimhood advocacy and we are worse off for it…


Opinion: Compared To The Present, The Trump Era Was A Golden Age

Excusing his tendency for hyperbole, one finds it hard to disagree when Donald Trump talks about how much better things were before the “China virus” ruined his reelection effort and set the country on a path of decline. The America that existed before COVID, the George Floyd revolution, and the rigged 2020 election is not so far in the past, but it was a completely different world…