OPINION: Have You Noticed How More Americans Look Like A Frightful Hot Mess?

 During the last three years, it looks like obesity, public slovenliness and disarray have become more of the accepted American cultural norm in public places…



ajama- and lingerie-wearing customers used to appear mostly at the lowest-end Walmarts and convenience stores. But this summer, it’s looking like the People of Walmart fashion trend has dramatically increased nationwide.

They’re now popping up at Target, Sam’s Club and in the malls. They’re at Trader Joe’s, hip little trans-friendly burger shops and the farmer’s market. For anyone hitting the beach this summer, have you noticed there what seems like a dramatic increase in blatant whole naked butt cheekiness and antisocial narcissists blaring their music?

For Gen Z and others who didn’t catch the site years ago, the blog People of Walmart posts humorous pictures of people whose life choices clearly began going south many years before they ended up making a spectacle of themselves in public. The joke was that people would actually go out not just nearly naked — they do that everywhere now — but in the most unappealing states of near-nakedness as an outward indicator of their inner disarray.

The People of Walmart look requires being shockingly overweight usually in slippers and pajamas 24/7, months of uncombed & unwashed hair, congealing tattoos, clothes that can only be described as dumpster-fire skank, muddy rainbow of hair shades or combinations of the above plus other sartorial horrors.

Here are some examples:

One understands how people who may actually be down on their luck deserve some degree pity and discretion.

However, the cultural state of constant public physical slovenliess seems to be expanding well beyond the Walmarts that serve the Third World “refugees” our federal and state governments have resettled into communities against the consent of regular Americans. In my town, at least, it looks like public slovenliness and disarray have now become more of the norm than a subculture.

Today, the average American is much fatter (I’m not talking about only slightly or pleasantly plump). There are also many more visible disfigurements present such as piercings and tattoos. More people are dressing androgynously or even overtly cross-dressing, which is just plain ugly. To put it succinctly, suddenly lots of people don’t look very good at all.

This has become notable because there is indeed a correlation between one’s outward appearance and our inner state. I’m not talking about the things people can’t control, like being born with Grandpa’s large nose or a broader body frame than most women.

I’m talking about the things people can control; like their eating habits and weight, wearing clothing that fits properly, regular bathing and washing and refusing to deface one’s body. Everybody has both a better and worse version of themselves. Why is it necessary to constantly indulge the latter?

Antisocial Policies

What could have possibly happened in the last three years to produce such strikingly outer expressions of inner chaos and duress? It’s like there was a massive social event which obliterated people’s personal habits, routines, reasons to get up and get dressed in the morning and connections to their communities.

It seems the covid lockdowns accelerated this preexisting trend. Even before lockdowns, obesity rates were at an all-time high. Before covid, nearly half of all Americans were taking at least one prescription drug and a quarter of them were taking three or more. Unprecedented numbers of people were being diagnosed with autism, autoimmune disorders, depression and allergies.

Family chaos as measured by broken or never-formed marriages was at historical highs. So was the number of American adults taking medication for mental illnesses. In fact, in 2020, nearly one-quarter of all Americans — including some babies — were taking some sort of psychiatric medication.

Of course, many factors contribute towards producing much higher proportions of fat, ugly and unhappy Americans; but it’s obvious the lockdowns accelerated and likely amplified already terrible preexisting social trends. It may take years to accurately quantify the damage, but just go outside and take a look around. It’s prominently visible in Americans’ bodies, manner of dress, behavior, attitude and in faces.

Deliberate Ugliness

What’s also different about this saturated ugliness is not only the obvious absence of even the slightest amount of any personal embarrassment which may motivate a change for improvement, but also any aggressive cultural messaging which would promote such improvement. Rather than being inspired into proactive change to improve the situation of so many Americans as evident of their disarray, despair, and dishevelment, our cultural opinion leaders are instead working harder to legitimize more inner and outer chaos.

We’ve all seen the anti-fatshaming, pro-obesity campaigns in advertising and media which now promote morbid and exaggerated obesity as “healthy” and “beautiful.” We’re not being encouraged to find beauty in reality, but to believe that what’s ugly is in fact beautiful.

They’re Doing It All On Purpose

This is not an accident, it’s cultural warfare. As Chris Rufo explained earlier this year, leftist academics have created an entirely new way of thinking which celebrates grotesqueness for the sake of their ideological ends. They openly aim “to displace the old society with what might be called a ‘queer-normative society,’ a ‘fat-normative society,’ a ‘mental-illness-normative society.’” However, the ultimate goal is really an “anti-normative society.” 

The goal is to achieve an inversion and a new cultural hegemony of a non-normative ideal, which you see valorized in the academic literature on all these different axes — gender, sexuality, body type or psychological health.

…We might categorize this new ideal as a “gender-neutral, non-binary, obese, mentally disturbed, ‘they/them’ pronoun user, operating as a radically autonomous individual that is totally disconnected from any of the traditional bonds, relationships, and constraints.”

I’m not saying the People of Walmart are activists aiming to bring about a non-normative society. While they certainly bear responsibility for their own life choices, they’ve also been victimized by the social cultural engineers and share significant blame for the obvious decay of our society.

Elites are leaders in the sense they wield the ability to point the culture in certain directions. A pro-norms elite would inclined to celebrate beauty, health and specific virtues such as self-discipline, sacrifice, restraint, patience, and courage that tend to express themselves in a beautiful and healthy culture.

Instead, our current elite celebrate self-indulgence, laziness and degeneracy. They obliterate aspirational ideals while attacking mentally healthy, commitment-based traditions and associations such as marriage, the natural family and church. They have even attacked reality itself by confusing as the existence of men and women, standards of beauty, healthy life choices and the obviously horrific consequences of free-for-all sex.

Is it any wonder how decades of systematic dehumanization and de-naturalization would reflect in people’s appearances and social architecture? the willful destruction of established cultural norms damages people and society That’s why we now see so many more of these sad and confused folks at Walmart.

However, it’s no longer only Walmart. It’s now everywhere. The “let them eat cake” Ruling Class doing this to America doesn’t deserve to be in charge of anything, ever. ✪


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