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Victor Davis Hanson: Biden & Oil, Destroy America In Order To Save It

Try to follow the Joe Biden energy plan of frantically trying to get his hands on more of something that his own party despises. Our current oil shortage did not arise from a foreign war or tsunami, but from a deliberate policy to curtail oil production to force a more rapid transition to electric-powered transportation….


Victor Davis Hanson: The New Disinformationalists

The new war against “disinformation” follows the narratives of the “insurrection” on January 6, the “democracy dies in darkness” return of Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin as a mastermind gasoline price-spiker. Such narratives are intended to distract us from the Biden disaster and the ongoing assault against constitutional freedom...


Victor Davis Hanson: The Debasement Of Our Professional And Political Classes

The left-wing professional and political classes bequeathed a number of new protocols during the Trump derangement years. And it will be interesting to watch whether the Republicans abide by them in November should they take back the House and perhaps the Senate—and the presidency in 2024 as well. Will they follow the New Testament’s turn-the-other-cheek forbearance, or go for an Old Testament style eye-for-an-eye retribution?