JB Shurk: Trump Is America’s ‘Coat’ Against The Coming Globalist Winter

Market researcher and financial cycle analyst Charles Nenner has described Donald Trump in an insightful way.  In an interview earlier this month, Nenner predicted that we are simultaneously entering both a devastating global war cycle and a damaging downward financial spiral that cannot be stopped and will likely cause more human misery than the world has endured for quite some time…



hile lamenting that this economic and social catastrophe is all but certain, he returned to his emphasis on cycles by saying, “You have summer and then you have winter,” and the best that anybody can do before winter arrives is to “buy a coat.”  When asked how Donald Trump’s return to the presidency might change things, he answered directly, “Trump is going to be the winter coat.  I think he will make it all less bad.”

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Trump is America’s winter coat.  What an apt metaphor for a man who takes all the bad weather around him in stride as he trudges up and over each new hill.  Trump is a man for all seasons, to be sure, but he seems singularly built for withstanding the fiercest winter storms.  As the global “elite” angrily watch President Trump become the Republicans’ presumptive nominee once again, some will wonder how this real estate titan and television celebrity whom they have long scorned has managed to survive endless partisan witch hunts, two farcical impeachments, outright bureaucratic sabotage, an onslaught of civil lawsuits targeting his wealth and reputation, a news media establishment that relentlessly impugns his character with outrageous lies, and a Deep State–directed “justice” system that seeks his death in prison.  The simplest answer is that Americans have long been searching for a leader not only willing to confront the D.C. Leviathan’s malevolent corruption, but also of sufficient grit to persevere against the “Ruling Class’” inevitable vengeance.  

The Deep State’s worst strategic blunder has been its insistence on ruthlessly punishing Donald Trump for choosing to be the voice of tens of millions of forgotten Americans.  By throwing one challenge at him after the next and giving him the opportunity to prove his strength and determination, the D.C. Leviathan has cemented Trump’s reputation as a man of uncommon fortitude.  People sometimes have trouble distinguishing between heroes and villains.  When a man is endlessly tormented for the ideas and people he represents, and when the government engages in a punitive campaign of lawfare and lies to cut him down, nobody struggles to spot the good guy fighting back against evil.  Americans were looking for a warrior, and Donald Trump accepted the challenge.  The entrenched bureaucracy responded by erecting a nightmarish gauntlet certain to leave anyone bloodied and bruised.  To the D.C. despots’ amazement, Trump continues to run through an inferno of injustice that would have incinerated most.  Ironically, it is the Deep State that has proved the president’s mettle.

From the way global “elites” continue to disparage him, it would seem that they have not learned a thing.  As un-indicted co-conspirators met for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting of crime families intent on stealing wealth and freedom from anyone not invited, the topic of conversation on the tip of every tyrant’s tongue was Donald Trump.  Could he really win re-election even if convicted in Merrick Garland’s kangaroo courts?  Would he really bring peace to Europe before Black Rock and Western politicians could make fortunes from their investments in Ukraine’s demise?  Would he wreck their plans to use pandemics and cyber-attacks to herd Westerners into digital pens?  Would he commit heresy on the global stage by calling out “climate change” communism as nothing more than a manufactured fear campaign intended to induce national populations into handing over their personal freedoms and their countries’ sovereignty?  Would he — egad! — take a strong position in defense of national borders, freedom of religion, and free speech?  For the Marxist globalists who either already own slaves or are busily constructing a “new world order” so that they may soon have some, the idea that Donald Trump might return as an American president committed to the protection of human liberty is downright terrifying!

Speaking after President Trump’s landslide victory in the Iowa caucuses last week, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo of Belgium concluded before a sullen E.U. Legislature, “If 2024 brings us ‘America first’ again, it is really more than ever ‘Europe on its own.’”  In trying to lift the spirits of a European Ruling Class” that has depended on America’s security umbrella while it invests in Marxist socialism, De Croo urged the Old Guard not to “fear this perspective,” but rather to “embrace it.”  That’s a long overdue revelation.  For eighty years, American taxpayers have subsidized a European political class that has insisted on steering the continent toward the same tyrannical totalitarianism that Americans fought and died to vanquish during WWII.  Perhaps a little European self-sufficiency will do some good for the millions of ordinary Europeans whose desire for freedom from government oppression could be aided by lifting America’s purse from a scale unfairly tipped in the socialists’ favor.  

Strangely enough, it was President Trump who demanded that European member-states pay their financial commitments to NATO’s military alliance, and it was President Trump who encouraged Germany to become less dependent on Russian energy for survival.  In both instances, the European “Ruling Class” laughed in his face.  It is all the more strange, then, that Europe’s “elites” continue to paint Trump as an existential threat when he has tried to save them from their own follies.  In truth, Trump is dangerous only to a “Ruling Class” that refuses to change or respect the rights and liberties of the people.  

Nenner is correct that “winter is coming.”  Inflation, illegal immigration, and violent crime are destroying society while an illegitimate “Ruling Class” desperately divides and distracts the people by inciting racial prejudices and inventing imaginary forms of “hate.”  Not content with merely impoverishing the middle class, “elites” wish to crush Westerners’ spirits by leading an all-out attack against religious belief, self-determination, and free speech.  Paradoxically, the “Ruling Class” believes it can save itself by sacrificing Western Civilization.  

People see what’s happening.  They know that global “elites” are working to establish central bank digital currencies before decades of reckless money-printing and spending precipitate economic collapse.  They know the World Economic Forum seeks to own everything, while ordinary people are left with nothing.  They know that Big Tech companies conspire with national spy agencies to track the public’s movements and speech.  They know that the COVID “vaccines” were neither safe nor effective, and they know that the “Ruling Class” insists on ignoring that truth and mandating even more experimental treatments in the future.  They know that “climate change” communism has more to do with population control than environmental conservation.  And they know that their governments are working to institute digital IDs, social credit scores, and universal government welfare as part of a technocratic effort to leave humanity in chains.

A watershed moment in Western history is approaching.  It is why, as William Brooks writes, the “enraged neo-Marxists” have unleashed an “era of Kafkaesque absurdity” in which “no one is safe.”  President Trump, he notes, “has endured some of the most savage and desperate partisan assaults in U.S. history.”  It is why George Soros’s son, Alex, appears to have called for an assassin to take Trump’s life.  The “Ruling Class” is desperate because, as Newt Gingrich recognizes, Trump alone is “standing and representing all of us who need protection from an out-of-control left-wing government, and … that gives him a strength that we have probably not seen in modern times.”

President Trump remains the “winter coat” that Westerners desperately need.  He cannot prevent the cold weather ahead, but he can help us weather & endure the worst of it.✪