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Opinion: It’s Only a Matter of Time Before American & British Troops Are Sent To Ukraine

While the news from America is that Joe Biden has asked for a whopping 40 billion dollars more in military aid to Ukraine sinks in, there should be pause for thought on both sides of the pond. Is this a winning strategy in Ukraine? Is the battlefield really so simple that all it is about is tipping the balance of military hardware in favor of the Zelensky government to defeat the Russians? 


Reversing Another Trump Policy, Biden Deploys US Troops To Somalia

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On Monday, President Joe Biden signed an order to redeploy U.S. troops to Somalia amid growing & heightened concerns about the country’s Islamic extremist rebels, known as al-Shabab. The move is a reversal of President Donald Trump’s late-term foreign policy decision to remove nearly all 700 special operations forces that had been operating in the country...


New Authorization Resolution Would Allow Biden To Send Troops To Ukraine

Like earlier Authorizations For Use Of Military Force (AUMFs) resolutions before it, Representative Adam Kinzinger’s proposed authorization resolution would lead to less transparency and more Executive unilateral decision making in future conflicts


The Body Of An American Pilot Killed In World War II Is Recovered 78 Years Later

An American patriot who was killed in World War II is coming home after 78 years. The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency revealed that the remains of 2nd Lt. Eugene P. Shauvin were identified earlier this month…