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The Professionalism Of The United States Military Is Now Threatened

The weak performance of the Russian and Ukrainian militaries in the Russo-Ukrainian war underscores that military effectiveness is dependent upon many factors such as leadership, logistics, maintenance, and training which, in turn, depend upon possessing a professional military that can accurately assess its own weaknesses and flaws. To do so requires honesty by the military organization in its evaluation of itself and in what is reported to political leadership. The U.S. military is in danger of going down the same path and with equally disastrous results…


The Second Cuban Missile Crisis: We Could Really Use Some Serious National Leadership About Now

The Chinese Communists are currently in discussions with Cuba about establishing a joint training facility in that island nation. Given the template the Chinese have used in other nations, this means almost certainly an agreement that will allow for the basing of Chinese military personnel on Cuban soil…


Goodbye General Mark Milley

General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who once wanted to understand the imaginary “white rage,” will be stepping down this fall. It’s just in time for him as the Biden administration looks to go to war with China, Russia, and their allies with no money, open borders, a mentally challenged president, and a history of failures…