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China Preparing To Flood The US Auto Market With Cheap Electric Vehicles

Chinese automakers are looking to flood the United States market with cheap Electric Vehicles (EVs) as President Joe Biden’s administration has made a rapid all-electric, green energy push without having first ensured domestic manufacturing capacity...


By Chasing A Green Chimera, Joe Biden Has Put America In The Red Dragon’s Grasp

No country would ever depend on an out-and-out rival for something as vital as its energy.  Yet that’s exactly what the Biden Administration, through its zealous, misguided pursuit of “net-zero emissions,” is fast-tracking America’s dependence on Communist China for the minerals and components that back-end green technology...


The Second Cuban Missile Crisis: We Could Really Use Some Serious National Leadership About Now

The Chinese Communists are currently in discussions with Cuba about establishing a joint training facility in that island nation. Given the template the Chinese have used in other nations, this means almost certainly an agreement that will allow for the basing of Chinese military personnel on Cuban soil…