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The Republicans Are About To Forfeit Their Oversight Powers Over The Biden Administration

In just two weeks, Republicans will assume control the U.S. House of Representatives. Once the new session begins, they’ll be able to conduct important oversight activities on the Biden Administration which are badly needed after two years of unified Democrat run government. And yet, even before the Republicans get the gavel, they are about to give up their leverage to hold the Biden Administration accountable…  


RNC Spending Analysis Since 2017 Shows Millions Spent On Private Jets, Limousines, Luxury Retreats, Jewelry And Broadway Shows

Back in 2010, RNC Chair Michael Steele was heavily criticized and eventually lost his position because donors were angry about what they believed was luxurious spending on private jets, floral arrangements, chauffeur services, and member meetings in expensive tropical locales. Donors were used to frugality from the RNC under the George W. Bush administration, when “Karl Rove would bitch if there were flowers on the tables” and staff holiday parties were catered by Chick-fil-A…


What Is Strategically Missing From The GOP ‘Commitment To America’

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The recent “Commitment to America” document released by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is beautifully written … to achieve the GOP’s interminable goal. Republicans seek to indulge the broad talking points of their base in a general, shallow, and superficial manner – just enough to appear as if they are on their side without, of course, actually committing to anything transformational that offends their donors and puppet masters. On that score, the document was a home run. Otherwise, not so much…