JB Shurk: The Republican Party’s Paper Elephants

The worst kept secret in American politics is that most Establishment Republicans play for the other team. If not unofficial card-carrying Democrats, they are full-time members of a Uniparty which actively undermines & sabotages the work of rank-and-file Conservatives...



or the longest time, Republican voters just thought their “leaders” were stupid.  Their unimpressive “representatives” not only seemed incapable of making the simplest of political layups, but also routinely dribbled the ball down the length of the court just to score on themselves.  Far from ever witnessing elected Republicans snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, middle-class Republicans regularly watched country club Republicans snatch defeat from certain victory.  

All that inexplicable buffoonery finally revealed something far more unsavory: just as Marxists have been engaged in a “long march” through our institutions in a diabolical but dedicated effort to replace America’s foundations in freedom with communism’s concrete boots, they did not spare the Republican Party from their subversive infiltration.  There’s a reason why Republican officials in Georgia, Arizona, and elsewhere have worked with lawless Democrat prosecutors to imprison any Republican fighting for free and fair elections: those “Republican” officials have always been agents for the other side.  As ordinary Republicans see more and more of these RINO “Republicans In Name Only” for what they really are, voters have come to the shocking conclusion that the vast majority of elected officials are in fact RINOs, too.

For decades, voters haven’t been choosing between Democrats and Republicans but rather between Democrats and Democrats pretending to be Republicans.  The illusion of electoral choice has allowed Marxist globalism to advance behind the veil of Uniparty tyranny.

That illusion is now shattered.  How do we know?  Because RINO schemes are no longer working as they once did.  Endorsements from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan — the leaders of the party only a decade ago — are now the kiss of death for any candidate.  People see through the Murdoch family’s efforts to use its media empire to create astro-turfed support for politicians under the family’s control.  The Bush-Cheney construction of a post-9/11 surveillance state that Obama and Holder transformed into a whole-of-government operation for targeting conservatives has mangled any goodwill grassroots Republicans once attached to the Bush or Cheney names.  What residual esteem might have remained, Liz Cheney successfully destroyed when she participated in Nancy Pelosi’s nefarious J6 inquisition designed to malign President Trump and his supporters as “domestic terrorists” and punish them for daring to exercise their constitutionally protected free speech.  RINO support for despotism has left an acrid taste that will never be fully washed out.

At this critical juncture in American history, when nothing less than liberty’s survival is on the line, the Establishment quislings running the Republican Party have done demonstrable harm to the country.  When Obama’s IRS was illegally targeting conservative Tea Party groups, Mitch McConnell was silent.  When Obama’s FBI was illegally spying on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Republican members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence were silent.  When Andrew Weissmann was using Robert Mueller’s special counsel witch hunt as a weapon to obstruct Trump’s presidency, Paul Ryan was silent.  When the Gestapo-FBI worked with Democrats to advance the preposterous narrative that the J6 political protest against mail-in-ballot fraud was actually an “insurrection” seeking to topple the U.S. government, nearly every elected Republican remained silent.  When Merrick Garland’s Department of (in)Justice decided to spend the next three years hunting down patriotic grandparents, conservative journalists, and military veterans — most with no criminal records but rather lifetimes of service to their countries — as if they were “terrorists,” elected Republicans remained silent.  

While J6 protesters are separated from their families and thrown into jail cells without any semblance of due process, there is silence.  While J6 targets commit suicide to avoid the financial costs and emotional carnage leveled by an indifferent criminal “justice” system, there is silence.  While Democrat prosecutors, judges, and juries work together to hand out decade-long prison sentences to Trump-supporters as punishment for their unapproved thoughts, there is silence.  While Democrat prosecutors, judges, and juries work together to fine, disbar, financially ruin, or incarcerate anybody advocating for election integrity, there is silence.  While Democrat prosecutors, judges, and juries work together to deliver harsher judgments against President Trump than the U.S. government has sought for some convicted terrorists, the silence is deafening.  At the very moment in history when an opposition party has been most needed to avert America’s descent toward total tyranny, the Republican Party has been AWOL for all to see.

With no political party staunchly defending Americans’ liberty, the totalitarian virus spreads quickly.  Nancy Pelosi stepped away from her coven last week to bemoan Republican efforts to burn literary classics.  The allegation is completely false.  Americans are actively defending themselves against the Democrat-aligned Deep State’s viewpoint discrimination and social media censorship campaigns, but Pelosi applies Democrats’ tried-and-true rhetorical weapon — projection — with ease because Establishment Republicans have been silent in the face of tyranny.  She knows she can lie about conservatives burning books while Democrats openly assail free speech because the feckless Republican Party is nothing but a foil meant to advance Uniparty goals.  The charade is obvious and odious.

In support of Nikki Haley’s presidential ambitions, New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu claims Haley will win because she is the natural candidate for people who believe in that “live free or die’ thing.”  Putting aside the difficulty of defending how a neocon such as Haley — who believes that internet anonymity is a national security threat — could be the “liberty” candidate, it is Sununu’s flippant description of living freely as some shiny-but-unimportant “thing” that demonstrates the hollowness of his words.  “Live free or die” isn’t a bumper sticker.  It’s an American creed that the good people of New Hampshire made their state’s motto for good reason: without liberty, we have nothing.  To Establishment Republicans, though, “liberty” is a trinket to be dragged out during election season, something for Sununu to say out loud, as if he’s borrowing an unfamiliar word from a foreign language.  Surely someone with a firmer faith in freedom should lead the Granite State — or at least someone who doesn’t beg Democrats to vote for his preferred candidate in the Republican primary.

Alas, this is where we are today — “represented” by a rubbery rump of reprehensible RINOs who refuse to recognize tyranny even when it slaps them across the face.  Former speaker Paul Ryan did nothing to prevent Obama from forcing socialized medicine upon the American people.  He was silent while Biden forced Americans to undergo experimental medical treatments.  He has done nothing to defend conservatives from the DOJ’s ongoing legal persecution.  He has never once called out Liar-in-Chief Joe for targeting “Make America Great Again” voters as “domestic terrorists.”  He has said nothing as federal agencies take turns abusing their authority to put Donald Trump in legal jeopardy.  Yet Janus-faced Ryan has the audacity to call President Trump an “authoritarian.”

Mitt Romney — a morally vacuous, deceitful, and self-serving poser who alters his personal convictions whenever political expediency requires — hyperventilated over President Trump’s accurate assessment that the Biden Crime Family had engaged in quid-pro-quo corruption with foreign actors in Ukraine and elsewhere.  In order to protect Biden’s 2020 election prospects, Romney ludicrously accused Trump of committing the worst kind of impeachable offense — investigating his opponent.  Fast-forward a few years, and not only has Biden abused the criminal justice system to endlessly target Trump, but also the evidence of his own culpability in a foreign bribery scandal has become overwhelming.  Yet mendacious Mitt now sees nothing.

Just like their Democrat donkey friends, the Republican Party’s paper elephants are all jackasses.✪


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