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DeSantis Just Keeps Winning

On Monday, DeSantis signed another bill into law that will strengthen families in the Sunshine State. The initiative sets aside $70 million in state funds to provide resources that benefit families and children in Florida, including programs that promote fatherhood and help young fathers. The beneficiaries of all these victories at the hands of Gov. Ron DeSantis are the families in the state of Florida…


Congressional Republicans Advance New Bill To Abolish All COVID Pandemic Restrictions

Congressional Republicans are spearheading legislation that will officially mark the end of coronavirus restrictions in America by prohibiting all federally funded entities from imposing mask mandates and requiring proof of vaccination, according to a copy of the bill obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The new legislation would mark official end of pandemic, ban masks and vax proof…


Ted Cruz Calls The January 6th Riot A ‘Violent Terrorist Attack On The Capitol’

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) shocked many conservatives on Wednesday when he echoed the left’s overwrought January 6 messaging during a Senate Rules Committee hearing, referring to the riot as a “violent terrorist attack on the Capitol,” and offering full-throated support for the Capitol Police, some of whose actions led to the deaths of multiple unarmed Trump supporters. Cruz thanked the police for “defending” the U.S. Capitol and said those who assaulted law enforcement officers should be prosecuted…