Category: Cultural Marxism

The Left’s War On Childhood

From Greta Thunberg to children put on puberty blockers, the victims of the war on childhood are everywhere. They show up at environmental or gun control rallies holding up giant signs in their little hands, they’re indoctrinated at school to enlist as child soldiers for the latest cause. Adults tell them that unless they save the world, they won’t even live long enough to grow up…


Don’t Allow The Left To Hijack The Global Magnitsky Act For Their Own Progressive Social Agendas

Congress is considering several bills that would warp how the U.S. applies sanctions—through what is known as the Global Magnitsky Act—against foreigners who violate human rights. The changes would redefine human rights to enforce the left’s abortion-and-gender agenda. That would hobble the fight against real abuses of human rights.