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Meet Kaleo Manuel: The Government Official Who Refused To Release The ‘Sacred’ Water During The Maui Fire

During the inferno that devastated part of the island of Maui, wiping entire towns off the map and possibly killing more than a thousand people (once a full assessment can be made), people on Maui begged state officials to allow West Maui stream water to be diverted to fill up reservoirs for firefighting. That request went to M. Kaleo Manuel, Deputy Director of Hawaii’s Commission on Water Resource Management, and he delayed approval of that water for five hours – five hours in which the once-contained fire exploded...


Disney’s Remake Of ‘Snow White’ Is Another Marxist Attack On Western Civilization

Disney’s upcoming live-action adaption of the 1937 film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” made by “Barbie” director Greta Gerwig and featuring a non-white Snow White and racially diverse, multi-gendered, size-inclusive dwarfs, is about to be another girl-boss blockbuster committed to dismantling yet another beloved classic tale...


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Reconciliation Memorial Slated For Demolition After House Republicans Fail To Save The Iconic Arlington National Cemetery Civil War Monument

As the Marxist Democrat revolution in America continues to push forward, House Republicans have once again failed to take the necessary legislative action to save the Reconciliation Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery from demolition no later than January 1, 2024...


DIE And ESG Are Forms Of Modern Maoism

When Mao Zedong began China’s Cultural Revolution in 1966, the brainwashing tool of choice was the “struggle session.”  Struggle sessions (psychological torture) are public denunciations and humiliations in front of crowds targeting citizens who held Chinese traditions for re-education to create unity and consolidate power through thought reform…