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DHS Warns Churches & Pregnancy Centers To Brace For Violent Leftist, Pro-Abortion ‘Night Of Rage’

The Department of Homeland Security is issuing a grave warning to pro-life Catholic churches and pregnancy centers, reportedly instructing in communications for them to prepare for a “Night of Rage” by pro-abortion activists who have been pledging “extreme violence” on the evening of the long-awaited Dobbs decision…


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Remarkable & Unprecedented: New Cancer Study Leaves Every Patient Cancer Free

Results from a small cancer trial that left every patient in remission is being praised as “unprecedented” and “remarkable.” A paper published on Sunday at The New England Journal of Medicine outlined a study of 18 rectal cancer patients who were given Dostarlimab every three weeks for six months and ended up cancer-free, including the first patient who is now two years out from the trial…


A Primer On The World Health Organization’s Global Pandemic Treaty And Its Consequences

The World Health Organization (WHO), whose constitution defines health as ‘a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,’ has recently orchestrated remarkable reversals in human rights, poverty reduction, education, and physical, mental and social health indices in the name of responding to the Covid-19 pandemic…


Planned Parenthood Now Hooking Kids On Transgender Hormones Through School-To-Clinic Pipeline

Long the nation’s chief abortion provider, Planned Parenthood has branched out. Its latest endeavor? Sterilizing America’s youth. Planned Parenthood has quietly been entering & expanding into the gender transition business since at least 2017… 


Congressional Republicans Advance New Bill To Abolish All COVID Pandemic Restrictions

Congressional Republicans are spearheading legislation that will officially mark the end of coronavirus restrictions in America by prohibiting all federally funded entities from imposing mask mandates and requiring proof of vaccination, according to a copy of the bill obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The new legislation would mark official end of pandemic, ban masks and vax proof…


China Military Ordered Into Shanghai; Separating Children From Parents Over New Coronavirus Cases

China used massive transport planes to fly hundreds of military personnel into Shanghai on Sunday to assist with a three-day, government mandated, mass coronavirus testing program for all of the city’s 26 million imprisoned residents…


The ‘Great Reset’ Depopulation Blueprint: Viruses, Vaccines, VAIDS & WW3

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As our global systems are continually undermined to facilitate the Great Reset, national security apparatuses stand in the way. Secret services with their insider knowledge may derail the globalist project while the rank and file of militaries may heed rising nationalist sentiments to overthrow their corrupt governments…