The Size Of Planned Parenthood’s Global Murder Campaign Will Shock You

More infants have been killed by one International Planned Parenthood Federation program than the number of all the people who live in Oregon…



lanned Parenthood’s recent expansion to supply mail-order drugs for on-demand abortions allows women to request the pills via app and have them shipped to their homes. With no appointment necessary, women in Illinois, Washington, Maryland and Hawaii can submit a request for mifepristone and misoprostol, the two components of a chemical abortion, and within 24 hours the abortion facility mails out the drugs.  

The disturbing reality is that abortions carried out by Planned Parenthood are the fourth-leading cause of death in the United States, and the group is a vast organization intent on bringing abortion to every corner of the globe.  

In post-Dobbs America, Planned Parenthood is increasing unrestricted abortions, specifically in states that have passed fervent legislation enforcing abortion restrictions. As part of its “Bans Off Our Bodies” campaign, Planned Parenthood’s website solicits donations to help cover transportation costs for people to leave their area to get an abortion. The website also has a place where people can record videos of themselves telling their abortion stories “because there are no ‘bad’ reasons to get an abortion.”  

While its objective is relatively obvious among American conservatives, what is less well-known is the sheer magnitude of the organization’s efforts abroad.  

According to its website, the International Planned Parenthood Federation “is a global healthcare provider and a leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all.” IPPF was established in 1952, and its founding members were the “family planning associations” of Germany, Hong Kong, India, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. Only 72 years later, the IPPF is “​​a movement of 150 Member Associations and Collaborative Partners with a presence in over 146 countries.” 

Member associations of the IPPF include organizations like the Sudan Family Planning Association, Reproductive Health Uganda and the Family Health Association of Korea in North Korea. These member associations are the foreign equivalent of what Planned Parenthood is in America. Though perhaps smaller groups, many of these member associations provide the same kinds of services Planned Parenthood does in America. 

IPPF operates through programs that focus on different regions of the globe and are primarily funded by various nations.  

Focused on the Indo-Pacific region, the IPPF’s “Sexual and reproductive health in crisis and post-crisis situations” program, known as SPRINT, has “brought sexual and reproductive health to the humanitarian agenda.” SPRINT is primarily funded by the Australian government and has brought the mission and services of Planned Parenthood to countries like Fiji, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal and Tonga. In its 17 years of existence, this program has delivered “2,133,141 crucial SRH (Sexual and Reproductive Health) services” to more than 99 nations. 

Because of the IPPF’s assertion that abortions and transgender surgeries fall under its definition of health care, people who understand and respect the sacredness of life should be wary of the IPPF’s agenda abroad.

The Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) program, another diabolical extension of the IPPF, brings the services of Planned Parenthood to young women in places like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Cameroon and Chad. Specifically targeting women under the age of 20, the WISH program brags that it has prevented almost 13 million pregnancies through contraceptives and has killed more than 4.3 million preborn babies. In other words, there are more infants who have been killed by this one IPPF program than there are people who live in the state of Oregon.  

The euphemistically named Safe Abortion Action Fund began in 2006 by “unequivocally focusing on de-stigmatizing and increasing access to safe legal abortion across the world.” SAAF channels money directly to pro-abortion organizations in areas where abortion is restricted by law such as Iraq, Uganda, and the Philippines. Planned Parenthood’s mission is to actively infiltrate cultures that do not traditionally accept abortion, including the Christian religion.

IPPF is not only bringing abortion to every corner of the globe, but for nearly 20 years IPPF has been vigorously fanning the flames of the gender crisis. In 2006 IPPF established the Panel on Sexual Rights, and in 2008 IPPF’s Governing Council released “Sexual Rights: An IPPF Declaration.” In this declaration, IPPF asserts that “sexual rights are a component of human rights, which are an evolving set of entitlements related to sexuality that contribute to the freedom, equality and dignity of all people.” From this preamble, the IPPF goes on to give seven general principles that guide the organization’s mission regarding sexuality, as well as 10 articles that support the delusion that “sexual rights are human rights related to sexuality.”  

The IPPF is deeply concerned with making sure children understand this declaration on sexual rights, which is why in 2009 IPPF produced a simplified version of the declaration for children. “Exclaim!” is based on the 2008 “Sexual Rights” declaration but is tailored for children. It teaches that “young people are sexual beings,” and that children are entitled to the “removal of laws that require parental, guardian or spousal involvement consent for young people to access contraceptive services, safe abortion care, HIV and other STI testing or treatment, and any other sexual health service.”   

IPPF is on a mission to undermine traditional beliefs about sexuality and to shape a generation of children who believe they are entitled to have their sexual desires catered to by the law.   

To make matters worse, American tax dollars fund this mission. According to Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s December 2023 report, the American arm of Planned Parenthood alone receives nearly $600 million per year in tax dollars.  

As tragic as it is that Planned Parenthood will mail abortion-inducing drugs to women, it is only one small part of a larger global effort to normalize abortion and radical gender ideology in every society on Earth. Now that the primary battleground for the pro-life movement here in America is at the state level, ordinary people and their elected representatives need to grapple with the magnitude of the opponent we are up against. ✪



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