Because We Still Let Them

Because We Still Let Them

✪ Oh, for fucks sake! Is there is no end to this continuous, non-stop assault on us and the entire country from the current junta and their “watch what we pull next” bullshit?  It’s like a really fucking bad ugly baby contest where our vaulted “elected” officials and their legions of bureaucratic worms are locked in some sort of arcane battle to see who can “out commie” each another by coming up with new ways of undermining and destroying the entire society. Complete mental illness. Although it’s now us who seem to be in the barrel; have faith, because it won’t always be this way. The worm always turns, but in the meantime, we don’t even get a participation trophy for having our asses plowed into the dirt. It’s almost as if we no longer even exist or matter to them, except to serve the purpose of being bled dry of our wealth and tax dollars! Once that’s complete, we’ll be flushed and replaced. Apparently that’s their game plan; as evidenced by their irresponsible behavior & “kids in a candy store” mentality when it comes to how these maggots “manage” the country.

Yeah, managing it for themselves. All week long, it was one ridiculous sound bite after another from just another worthless “public servant” informing us with a straight face how they intend to spend MORE money we don’t fucking have now on people & things we don’t need which offer absolutely NO benefit to regular Americans. Instead, they continue to violate their oaths of office to pander in every way imaginable to the underclass of criminals, undeserving scofflaws, illegal invaders and the anointed entitlement classes to expand the Plantation and cement their communist, one party control over the country forever. All of this while feathering their own nests at our expense through unconstitutional methods of taxation and dirty money laundering thru bullshit book deals and crappy “artwork.” I may have been born in the morning, but it wasn’t this morning. 

In my humble opinion, our government has now become so fucked up that it no longer can be reformed, rehabilitated, or for that matter, saved. Ask yourself, is there really any part of government remaining which serves it’s original intended purpose? It used to be when the common man had an issue with one part of the government, he could petition another part for a redress of his concerns and a solution. Used to be there were things known as “checks & balances.” No longer! The communists now control & run the entire system. At least we no longer have to pretend any longer. The Government now exists exclusively to serve it’s own purposes and it really doesn’t give a shit about you, me or anyone else past the dollars it may extract from us. In their eyes, we exist only as a means to their ends and once we no longer serve that purpose, they intend to dispose of us & rule over their new class of illiterate, dependent, more subservient third world shit hole breed of imported cattle. 

There is also no longer any shame in government corruption. It’s now the feature and not the flaw. It’s no longer a stigma of shame or the badge of dishonor it once used to be: rather, it’s now a resume requirement if you want to become a special member in that big fucking, easy gravy for life club which is off limits to the multitude of the rest of us poor, honest suckers. Feeling left out? Not to fear; you still get to PAY for all of it! Hold onto your asses, racing fans! Because these lying, cheating, thieving, murdering, kiddydiddling communists still insist you and I must be held to that pesky “follow the fucking law or else” thing while they continue flaunting every sort of criminal transgression imaginable in our faces with complete impunity. What’s that you say, citizen? A day late and a dollar short on your tax filings? Then it’s to the gallows with you! How DARE you cheat Government out of what rightly belongs to them! Oh wait! Are you an official, card carrying member of the elite political class? Oh, I beg your pardon, most “honorable” Senator! What’s that you say? You still owe several hundred thousand or a few million in taxes yourself after more than a decade, no problem Komrade! By the way, my bill sponsoring legal organ harvesting on children up to five years of age comes up for it’s final vote on the Floor later this week. I know I can count on you for your support, right? Don’t you wish you were privy to the same kinds of valuable insider information & deals as Congress. Wouldn’t life be so much more easy and fun if they hadn’t made it illegal for YOU & I to trade off that information like they get to do? Wouldn’t it be great to have unlimited access to the most cutting edge healthcare available and still not have to pay one, single red cent for it? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get your kid out of jail by only dropping one phone call after he just finished slaughtering an entire family because he was driving while drunk and high? Ah yes, a very special set of laws for me, but not for thee, knaves! Unfortunately, it seems as if we still haven’t lost enough yet to motivate enough people to do something about this completely fucked up state of affairs we find ourselves in. Many of us are still far too addicted to the hopium that mid term elections are somehow going to save us from this clusterfuck next year. Too many of us have still not yet swallowed the red pill and erroneously believe the very system which is now the source of all our problems somehow magically holds all of our solutions. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but left to it’s own devices, NONE of this is going to sort out by itself. That’s as foolish as expecting a fully grown tree to become a neatly stacked cord of wood all by itself.  

Listen up, Kids. If you want that cord of wood, you’re going to have to do some work. You’ll need to fell that tree, chop off the useless limbs, cut it up into the proper lengths, then split and stack it. You can’t bitch about being cold this winter because you expected somebody else to do your work; or like most prog morons today, you simply expected the tree to magically do it all by itself because you have some sort of stupid fantasy that’s how the World should work in order for you to be happy. No, it doesn’t & we are much smarter than that! Or perhaps you expect others should be forced to give you their wood because it’s “equitable,“ and they’re all really horrible human beings because they’re selfish and won’t “share.” If you’re expecting this authoritarian take over to also “self correct“ itself, then I have bad news for you, Sunshine. That too is another wholly misguided expectation. It will only correct when it fucking gets corrected. Do you feel me? If you have hoards of ants infesting your house, do you continue living with the problem or do you find a way to get rid of them? The same can be said of the parasitic, political class we endure today who actually produce NOTHING themselves, but instead STEAL everything from everyone else. They only continue to exist because for at least now, WE ALLOW THEM! Without our unwilling & coerced cooperation, their power over us would immediately evaporate. I say “unwilling” because currently while we may still possess the means of restoring our country, we do not yet possess the required will and political fortitude to actually do so. As shitty as things are now, they’re still not bad enough to motivate enough of us to act.  

We’ve been subjected to a well organized campaign of one fucking, manufactured crisis after another designed to divert, distract, divide and destroy us. To keep us feuding and bickering among ourselves while the real perpetrators remain uncontested to continue sowing their chaos. A constant frontal assault of deliberate misinformation, propaganda & obfuscation calculated to facilitate the inexorable erosion of our constitutional rights by exploiting discouragement. If you still have doubts, just examine all the changes that have happened since 9-11 and the enactment of the “Patriot Act.” Are you more or less FREE now in your personal lives because of the government asserting it’s rights over yours under the pretense of “protecting” you? Rhetorical question. It fucking sucks; because so far, it’s all been working for them like a charm. They expect to wear us down so completely that we’ll eventually accept pretty much any terms they offer in exchange for having them just leave us the fuck alone, except they will never leave us alone. That’s the point I really want to impress upon you; in the end, there is NO negotiating with tyranny. I’m not going to waste time pointing fingers or ruminating on who is ultimately to blame or responsible; there’s too many players and the entire system is now corrupt. There are far too many sociopaths worldwide with huge narcissistic personality disorders who get their kicks from abusing power. Too many “Build Back Better” toadies sporting wood at the thought of sitting at the New World Order round table once America is finally out of the way. Too many evil ghouls clamoring for their expected rewards for betraying their country & their fellow men by selling the soul of humanity into slavery. All of them salivating at the opportunity to leave their mark upon the World; to rule as iron fisted, little despots over each of their own, unique little fiefdoms.

I know you can feel it, too. That nagging feeling way down in your gut that never goes away is there for good reason; and, it’s trying to tell you something. It’s trying to WARN you. Whenever something feels “off,” that’s usually because it IS “off.” That unease of that something just over the horizon you can’t necessarily put your finger on directly, but still understand that all too soon we could find ourselves in a real world of shit. However, there’s so much bad crap happening now, none of us can know for certain which form that real world shit of shit will finally take. That too, is part of their intended design: they figure if they can overload us with enough unsolvable problems, we’ll eventually give in for the lie of their promised solutions and security. The good news is they are FAILING; you can see it everywhere you look now. The race warfare they’ve been pushing is now faltering. Fucking Black Lives Matter supporters now feel vaccine mandates target blacks more than whites; and in a really fucked up kind of way, they are correct. After the Tuskegee Experiment, is it any wonder blacks have the highest demographic rate of “vaccine hesitancy?”  The patriot who loves their country is the evil “domestic terrorist” narrative is on life support except for the most radical & fanatic of all the Donkee loyalists. The climate change scam continues to be pushed, but now only by those thieves who have a vested interest in keeping it going for their own enrichment. Then of course, there is CO-VUD with most people starting to wake up and resist; finally realizing it was all an authoritarian scam to consolidate World power into the hands of a few tyrants. We have watched as the Elites have created new victim class after another to exploit for their purposes as each of their older ones fail. We’ve watched how they’ve attempted to twist the language and reality to convince everyone that chicks can have dicks and guys can become pregnant. We’ve watched how they have confused murdering unborn children with a “woman’s basic right” to control her own body. We’ve watched how they’ve kicked God out of our schools, institutions, government and code of law with disastrous results. Before you take the bait and fall for it all, just remember this; we have endured thru all of this bullshit and we’re still here! Not only are we still here, but we’re not going anywhere else any time soon!

So after they see these pre-selected oppressed and marginalized groups get their 15 minutes in the narrative cycle, have you noticed they always have a new victim group ready & waiting in the wings to trot out on a moment’s notice just in case their “group d jour starts “shitting the bed?”  Without fail!  Also, have you noticed how often their historically marginalized groups run out of steam because people get fed up with their stupidity and start saying “so fucking what?” The left then begins creating new ones out of thin air. Trans fucks. Who cares?! Certainly not me! They make up less than one half of one percent of the entire population but somehow I’m a horrible person if I refuse to bend to their insanity by not calling a guy who thinks he’s a woman a guy? Why should I care anything about you if you’re too fucking retarded to know your own sex?! WHY do I need to play nice when you insist on putting your sick, twisted shit in everyone’s face? I don’t care, Shirley! You shouldn’t be surprised to see how ugly I can become when you act stupid. Try following my daughter into the Ladies’ Room and parading around with your shrimp dick hanging out just daring the world to challenge your fucked up mentality and I’ll rip your junk off and shove it down your throat. Not because I’m a “homophobe” or some sort of “bigot” as you may claim, but because you are a mentally ill pervert begging to have your ass beaten to such a degree that you seriously reconsider your “sexual orientation.” The only reason this insane drama of various crisis actors and other warped, self loathing pieces of shit continues is because we let it. And the only reason we continue to allow it is because the penalties for not doing so still outweigh the benefits of taking out the garbage. So it continues.

Currently, our national crisis d’jour is the artificial chaos & division being promoted by the government between the vaxxed and unvaxxed segments of the population. Anybody who dares to have the temerity to make their own personal choice about what does or doesn’t go into their body is now considered a domestic enemy. The unvaxxed are now the official lepers of society. Don’t you know, if you haven’t taken the jab, you’re the real reason why this so-called pandemic won’t ever end? Feeling guilty yet? Why the fuck are you putting everyone else including the vaccinated at risk? Why are you so “selfish?” Lemme see if I can follow this: people who are not sick or at risk for covid because they have already had it and now possess a natural immunity are somehow the ones now infecting the vaccinated people? And if you have already been vaccinated, how is it the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from becoming infected, it only slightly lessens your chance of dying from co-vud should you catch it? Do I understand correctly? And if you’ve already been vaccinated, why do you still need to wear a mask to protect yourself from being infected by the unvaccinated? Is that what we’re all expected to believe now? And for this bullshit, you’re telling me I could lose my job, business, home, family and life because I won’t agree? Fuck you! However, you can still see millions of amebae brained, soy gulping, testosterone neutered, brainwashed sheep pretending to be individual humans bending over backwards to conform by wearing fifteen masks all at once and screaming about how everyone else who refuses to drink the Kool Aide is the invisible enemy who threatens their very existence. I guess that’s why more than 80% of all the new co-vud cases are now breaking out among people who have already taken the vaccine, huh? What if the vaccines are actually being used to spread infection and keep the scam & fear going for as long as possible?

The people orchestrating all of this deception don’t ever want to risk losing the most powerful tool they have in their arsenal to manipulate entire populations: fear. If you’re not feeling afraid, then you’re feeling contempt, so you need to be mitigated & marginalized; otherwise, you automatically become their enemy. It’s completely true, in times of universal deceit, telling the Truth is an act of defiance. To Hell with our outdated and outlandish notions of personal choice & individual freedom, slaves! If you refuse to comply, you will be banished! If you don’t get yourself together and get onboard that vaccine train pronto, we will segregate & punish you by excluding you from everything: a job, career, bank account, travel and eventually even food and a place to live. We will make your life an absolute living Hell if you refuse to comply! They won’t think twice about abusing, denying, ruining or destroying anyone who dares to stand in the way of their incessant march to complete domination. Where have we seen this crap before? It’s the same ideology, only branded with a new name & being sold in a different package, with the same predictable results too. Same shit, different day. Want relief? It’s easy! All you have to do is comply. Having seconds thoughts? Don’t worry, there’s a place for everyone in the new glorious great reset world which is coming!

The time has come for those of us who still value freedom & still desire a positive future for America and Humanity to stop whistling past the graveyard. The time has come for us to stop kicking the can down the road and living with this childish notion of optimism that somehow all of this is going to straighten itself with hardly any effort or sacrifice required on our part because in the past, that’s what it’s always done before. It’s not. Much better to own up to this reality we now face than to continue living in a past comfort zone of denial. In case you haven’t noticed, this time it’s different.

As I have already said repeatedly, trying to correct the corruptions of a system by attempting to use that same system to provide the remedy to the very problems it creates is just daffy. A complete fucking waste of time. In any contest, the side which insists upon continually stretching outside of the rules will always have the advantage over the side which doesn’t. Law of the jungle. And therein lies the secret of our current weakness. We are too fucking good for our own good, our future safety and security. I’m not in anyway suggesting we lower ourselves down to the same level as the Progressives, nor that we get down in their mud pit and roll with them in order to defeat them. What I am suggesting is perhaps we wake up to the fact we may be limiting ourselves in this conflict by fighting it with one hand tied behind our backs by virtue of our past respect for the Rule Of Law. They can only succeed because we let them. I realize this may be stiff medicine and it’s not my job to tell you either what or how to think. If you’re reading this, it’s because you have a mind of your own and already clearly understand the situation. The most important question of our time is this: will we allow evil to triumph because we are good people who did nothing to stop it? IOW, will we ALLOW evil to win? Will we let them? I think NOT!

If there is one thing in the World that strikes fear into the heart of evil, it is the TRUTH, because TRUTH is an undeniable and immutable quantity; and, only serves those who align themselves with it’s own strength & purity. Take a look around; that sure as Hell isn’t the Left! Deep down in the core of their tiny souls and foul, damaged minds they are scared shitless of us because they know we have TRUTH on our side. What other reason could there possibly be for these constant, frantic attempts to distract us from our own strengths by ginning up one bullshit, bogus crisis after another in a constant effort to keep us off base? None, but only if we continue to let them. Deep down in the core of their tiny souls and foul, damaged minds they fear something will eventually spark the pent up fury of patriotism in those of us who want to restore America; AND IT WILL. Pride always comes before the fall: their unchecked hubris and pathological narcissism will eventually be their undoing. They just can’t fucking help themselves; and when that finally happens, they will finally come to see & understand what happens when real Americans “no longer let them” any longer. ✪

Carry on, as you were

General Mossberg