Let’s Go Brandon!

Let’s Go Brandon!

✪ It now seems almost every fucking morning I wake up breathing heavily and soaked in sweat. I drag my ass out of bed to begin each new day with the somber realization my Life isn’t some insane dystopian nightmare. I really want to tell myself, “Whew, thank goodness it was all only a bad dream,” but I can’t because reality slowly starts pushing its way back into my head again. No, it’s not a dream. The sun is up alright and it certainly is daylight outside, at least there’s that; but then, I see those layers of cold, dark & gray clouds again which have been doing nothing but pissing dismal, dirty rain down on the country for the last nine months are still there. What I wouldn’t give just to see the Sun break through those clouds and shine down on my face, just every once in a while. WTF, that’s not so much to ask, is it? Try as I may to find one, single, & positive thing the marxists running the current shit show have ever done to actually benefit the nation instead of themselves, I can’t and I bet you can’t either! We all keep waiting & hoping to catch that ray of sunlight breaking through those clouds, but it never comes. All we continue to get is just more fucking cold darkness & rain pissing down from above onto our heads. A dense, foggy layer of anxiety & malaise now covers the land, blocks our vision and sucks every last drop of joy and optimism from everyone’s life! Whenever you ask a progressive zombie to name something positive they’ve done for the country, all they know how to do is bleat back “racist” in response. Unfortunately, any positives to be found are few and far between, kids. The marxist shitstorm is upon us and their legions of brainwashed, goose stepping parasitic sheep will never ever own up to how the fraud, lies and corruption they so openly & eagerly support are destroying the very freedoms they have abused to implement their socialist “experiment.” They have chosen poorly.

When I least expected it, I finally got that ray of sunshine. I saw a story about some dumb, sewage brained progressive Karen (pronouns: dumb/shit) at a recent college football game. Mizz SJW non-binary warrior of the revolution was obviously outraged and distressed about sitting in the middle of a stadium section full of rowdy MAGA folks chanting a very robust chorus of “Fuck Joe Biden.” She was beside herself. It was coming at her from all directions & she couldn’t do a thing to stop it. The HORROR, the HORROR. So what DID she do? What every fucking smarmy liberal asswipe in this country does whenever they’re confronted by something they can’t control: she starts screaming that everyone around her is racist! Yes, somehow anyone who chants “Fuck Joe Biden” is now a “bigot!” Of course, it certainly couldn’t be because normal people are completely pissed off & fed up with that fraudulent, dementia addled, political JOKE of a President disgracing the office of the presidency everyday as he deconstructs the country. FUCK NO, it’s because everyone who chants “Fuck Joe Biden” is an intolerant, white, conservative nazi who hates beautiful & perfect chocolate people! It’s because they are white nationalist, domestic terrorists! She was doing the only thing she knows; what every desperate marxist, leftist, liberal, progressive or communist loyalist does whenever they’re cornered in an argument or can’t have their way; they cry “racist!” I swear, it’s their fucking Donkee mating call! They certainly aren’t able to engage in a mature exchange of ideas because they have none, so they invoke the holy name of Saint Barak by screaming, “racist!” Yawn. It was hilarious to watch that bitch powerless & stewing in her own juices; she was furious nobody was listening or becoming woke. The look on her face was priceless; how dare they be so unenlightened! How dare they refuse to acknowledge her obvious self righteous moral superiority over them! How dare they not give one, chicken fried steak fuck! Leftards quickly go limp & self-destruct in any situation they can’t control; so they immediately go to their favorite strategy of changing the channel from logic to emotion in order to distract. Me: “I’ve decided not to take the vaccine because it isn’t safe.” Them: “How can you be such a cruel, selfish monster and not care about others?” See what I mean? Inside, they’re all really just tiny, emotionally stunted, neurotic children; so whenever you ignore their stupidity, they piss themselves. And nothing short circuits them faster than when they can’t bend & twist reality like a pretzel to weaponize it against their opponents. In the wisdom of my age, I have come to understand it’s a complete waste of time to argue with a progressive because they always know everything and they’re always right. So THERE! Much better to just completely ignore them or shoot them in the face. Settle down now, that’s only some of the General’s tongue in cheek dark humor. The General really lubs all his fellow, lefty countrymen. I thinks they is the most wonderfulest, most smarterest peeples evah! It’s twue, weally! 

It was spectacular! “Fuck Joe Biden” caught our woke Sports Media once again with their pants down and their dicks in hand. It came out of nowhere and they didn’t know how to react or what to do. In trying to control it, it instead blew up in their faces. It began innocently enough, as an isolated incident in a pit interview with a race care driver, but has now been expanded to the forefront of national consciousness by the lame bimbo announcer who somehow heard “Let’s go Brandon,” instead of “Fuck Joe Biden.” Since Joe is obviously the most popular pResident ever, I’m certain it’s all an innocent misunderstanding.

Lucky for us, these asshats are industrial strength stupid and always shoot themselves in the crotch. They never learn because they don’t need to; they honestly believe they already know everything. Hilligula Clinton cleverly thought she was hanging the Moon with her “basket of Deplorables” swipe until the Conservative Right immediately seized upon it as a badge of honor and patriotism; then proceeded to promptly cram it back down her ugly fat pie hole. Next, the communist left witnessed a multitude of proud, energized “Deplorables” rise up & give them the proverbial finger with glee by turning that name back around against them. Wolverines! That’s right, try to shame and denigrate the Patriots! Call us names to humiliate us, except it didn’t work out as they planned or expected. What started as an insult became a rally cry of their opposition! Five years later, the “Deplorable” namesake is now permanently etched into the almanac of American political history forever. That should teach that old, smelly, commie whore to keep her trap shut and stick to giving head to vodka bottles. There’s an extremely worthwhile lesson here for all of us to learn from the “deplorable” insult; that we too can hijack the language, shift narratives and flip their own ignorance back against them as a weapon. The truth is, these pea brained, soy flushed, worthless fucks can’t ever stand to have their widdle feelings hurt. You can have some real fun online sticking it to these idiots with memes because behind that fake facade of pompous, all knowing intellectual superiority, they’re all really only weak & simpering little bullies who are bankrupt of any constructive ideas. FYI,“ Workers of the world unite” isn’t really an idea, it’s more of a mindless mantra of those who have been lobotomized by communism. Go ahead and give it a try! Behind all their huff and puff, they got nothing and it hardly takes anything to make them fold like a cheap, five dollar, plastic Chinese lawn chair from Walmart. As Conservatives, we know how to adapt, improvise, and overcome. They don’t. Rats will forever remain trapped in the quicksand of their solid thinking like a fish frozen solid in a block of ice. How do I know this? Because they still embrace a 150 year old, failed ideology which murdered 200 million people in the last century. Because “Fuck Joe Biden” or “Let’s go, Brandon” makes them crap their pants.

Ok, so I’m really not the kind of guy who sits in front of a television watching a bunch cars drive around in circles at incredibly high speeds because I’m just not that into it. I’m more old school; someone who enjoyed stock car racing back in the halcyon days of Cale Yarborough and Richard Petty; long before the sport became woke and over-regulated itself into oblivion. However, that’s just me; different strokes for different folks. If any of you out there really enjoy the sport, then more power to you! That’s how it should be in a FREE COUNTRY, right?! My intent here is not to disrespect any NASCAR fans; however, apparently in the last televised race, a young driver named Brandon won the Blow Me 500 and since NBC televised it, they couldn’t resist sending one of their big mouthed sports announcer bimbos down into the pit to personally interview Brandon before they went to their next 2715th commercial break. Sometimes, NBC even manages to televise a few minutes of actual sports between all all of their incessant, non-stop commercial whoring. I guess they felt kinda obligated, because they had spent most of the previous last week before the race endlessly pumping & pimping the Blow Me 500. To be honest, I didn’t watch that day because the only time I tune in to watch NASCAR is when I hope to catch a glimpse of my favorite all time sports hero, racing legend and tireless warrior for all oppressed and forgotten underdogs, Bubba Wallace. Since I didn’t watch the Blow Me 500, I have no idea how it went, who wrecked, who won or how NASCAR is working tirelessly to combat systemic racism and climate change. Lucky for me I didn’t need to watch the race to catch the now infamous Brandon post race interview, because it kept popping in all the places I was channel surfing in a vain attempt to find some form of entertainment not littered with commercials featuring black people as the saviors of stupid white people. It seems “Let’s go Brandon” has become the Left’s latest, ”basket of Deplorables.”

During Ms. Woke Bunny’s interview of Brandon, you could plain as day hear the crowd in the stands chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” over and over again. It was one of those classic television moments which will never be forgotten; kinda like the animal expert who brought a live cow onto the Johnny Carson Show in the 60’s; where it proceeded to take a dump on live television in front of millions of people. You could tell by the nervous tremolo in Ms. Woke Bunny’s voice and the way she keep trying to talk over all those roaring “Fuck you, Joe Bidens” that she knew exactly what was happening. Finally, she fumbled, “Oh listen, they’re saying “let’s go Brandon!” Oops, interception on the play! Reverse possession! First down! It was glorious! NBC was broadcasting “Fuck Joe Biden” across the entire country & they couldn’t do a damned thing about it! Now “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a cultural anthem of sorts, forever linked in all the minds of BOTH the Left & Right as “Fuck Joe Biden” and nobody can do a stinking thing about it! In a single fleeting moment, that NBC equity hire unknowingly unleashed a hurricane to unite the country in it’s hatred and frustration for all things President Potato. The entire country and World now knows “Let’s go, Brandon” is really code for “Fuck Joe Biden” and just in case you haven’t noticed, “Let’s go, Brandon” is now everywhere!

Leftist assholes are only citizens of the United States by the fortunate mistake of their birthright. They are NOT, and will never be, true AMERICANS! Not because we won’t allow them, but because they don’t know how. They can’t because they just don’t have what it takes. They abhor common things like responsibility, accountability and employment. The first thing they’d have to do is stop walking around wearing Karl Marx’s 150 year old underwear as a covid face diaper. They will never agree to that because they love the rank, putrid smell of communist shit far too much. The concept of individual freedom does not exist in their lexicon; nor is it any part of their character or thought process. They hate us because they secretly envy the fact we are smart enough to not make the mistake of being like them. They are horribly insecure in their slavish devotion to communism and the only way they know how to be happy is by making everyone more miserable than them. They still don’t understand the difference between a “democracy” and a Constitutional Republic. The word “democracy” never appears in Constitution, not even once but you can’t tell them that. And regardless of whatever Dominion says, we are still the actual majority. They are merely an insane, corrupt minority who are enjoying a temporary flash in the pan of History before they find themselves out on the trash heap. It will not always be this way. Don’t ask me how I know this, for details or a specific time frame because I honestly can’t tell you. What I am certain of is knowing their current tyranny of terror and malfeasance is an offense against God and as such, a twisted aberration against all life which cannot indefinitely sustain itself.

Listen up! That sound you hear is the fat lady warming up backstage. The final act & inevitable conclusion of the madness which is communism will shortly upon us. Be prepared. There is now but a thinly veiled veneer preventing the spontaneous, volcanic release of massive amounts of pent up, explosive energy, anger & frustration against the wretched Left for all of the destructive evil they have perpetuated against this great country and its honest citizens. Call it whatever you want, “coming to a head, reaching a boil, or crossing the event horizon,” people everywhere are righteously pissed and fed up. Can you blame us? Friendly public service announcement to any lurking Leftists; when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging! Communism has failed everywhere it’s been implemented and it will fail here too because we’re not going to ever consent to being governed by it. We would rather die and when it finally does fail here, we promise that failure will be more spectacular than anywhere else before. That great day of reckoning now fast approaches and is closer than ever. The criminal and irresponsible Left will soon painfully reminisce for the “good old days” when “LETS GO BRANDON” and “FUCK JOE BIDEN” were the least of their worries. “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee, motherfuckers.” Fuck Joe Biden. Let’s go, Brandon! ✪

In God we trust.  

Be prepared & carry on…

General Mossberg.