Wake Up America: Communist Red China Is Our Enemy

In 1972, President Richard Nixon visited mainland China, opening the door for diplomatic relations between the two countries. It was a dramatic event, as Nixon became the first United States President to visit the communist nation...

Nixon met with Chinese dictator Mao Zedong, who is considered the world’s greatest mass murderer. During the “Great Leap Forward,” between 1958 and 1962, over 45 million Chinese were killed by starvation, torture and other oppressive, barbaric methods. Perhaps as many as another 50 million Chinese would also die in the “Cultural Revolution” which immediately followed.

After Nixon opened the door to better relations, President Jimmy Carter formalized diplomatic relations in 1979 and adopted the “One China” policy by ending normalized ties with the independent and free country of Taiwan.

In 1989, the Tiananmen Square Massacre showed the World what the communist Chinese really thought about freedom. They couldn’t have cared less. An unknown number, perhaps thousands of student demonstrators were brutally killed. While the United States and other countries temporarily froze relations and ended their military sales to China, no concrete political actions were ever formally taken to stop their oppressive policies.

During Bill Clinton’s Administration, we finally acknowledged the Chinese efforts to steal our military technology and intellectual property: but once again, China was never penalized nor held accountable for their theft of our technologies. They still haven’t been. Instead, the United States rewarded them by normalizing trade relations and inviting China to join the World Trade Organization in 2001.

Since then, trade between both of our countries has flourished, but only in a way which mostly benefits the Chinese. Our trade deficit with China ballooned to a record high of $418 billion in 2018 ; and, the Chinese have used our massive trade deficit against us not only to bolster their economy, but also to build and arm their military.

After Donald Trump implemented aggressive trade policies in 2018, including tariffs, the trade deficit temporarily dropped back down in 2020. The lowest it’s been in a entire decade: $310 billion. Unfortunately, President Joe Biden has failed to adopt or maintain Trump’s tough policies against China. His administration has chosen instead to take a much more conciliatory tone toward the communist dictatorship.

Biden has embraced this approach despite the harsh realities of everything China has done to the world during the past two years.The evidence is overwhelming; directly implicating China as being directly responsible for unleashing the COVID-19 virus, either intentionally or by accident, from their military, biological laboratory in Wuhan.

China is also preventing conclusive proof of their part in the covid release from being established about the origin of the disease by refusing to cooperate with investigators from the UN World Health Organization. International investigations are required in order to determine conclusively how COVID-19 was created and released as well as how China should be held accountable.

China’s refusal to participate in these investigations speaks volumes about their involvement in this disaster. The pandemic has already killed 5.3 million people across the world, including 800,000 victims in the United States. It’s also led to trillions of dollars in losses in economic damages worldwide.

Along with taking responsibility for all of the COVID-19 carnage, China is also the World’s major manufacturer of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic prescription opioid that is sold illegally in the United States. In the twelve-month period ending in April 2021, a record 100,000 Americans died from drug overdoses; representing an increase of 28.5% from over the previous year. Many of these deaths were attributed to fentanyl overdose.

Between covid & fentanyl, China is responsible for supplying both a pandemic and illegal drugs which have already killed almost one million Americans during the last two years. In addition, untold numbers of people in China are also being killed because of their ethnicity or political opposition to the brutal communist government in Beijing.

China continues to openly oppress Tibetans and Muslim Uyghurs. The government also completely crushed the Freedom Movement in Hong Kong, imprisoning the leaders of the human rights campaign & violating the promises they made to the World about Hong Kong always remaining independent & self determined after it’s transfer from British authority in 1996.

China also routinely invades the territorial airspace of Taiwan as a show of force and a constant reminder to Taiwan that they intend to eventually invade the island nation. When that that finally happens, the worldwide response will more than likely be extremely weak; exactly what China is expecting and has experienced for decades.

While China continues to engage in these reprehensible behaviors, Americans continue buying many of their products manufactured by slave labor. The majority of products manufactured in communist China, including food items can be found at every Walmart across America.

Instead of financially supporting communist dictators & their regimes, Americans should instead be purchasing products manufactured domestically in this nation. We must support our our workers and companies while economically punishing those like Nike and Apple which have moved almost all of their manufacturing to China. And there are many more; for decades, American companies have been closing local factories as they off shore their manufacturing facilities to mainland China.

In communist China, workers are not free and the communist government routinely exploits the economic advantage of their slave labor to remain in power. Not only slave labor, but also a continuation of child labor.  Chinese citizens are not permitted by their government to enjoy any religious or political freedoms; there are also no provisions by which they are allowed the opportunity to publicly assemble or protest. Only one political option exists for all and that is the Communist Party. Neither a free press nor free elections exist in China. The flow of information on the Internet is also heavily censored & controlled exclusively by the Chinese government.

Unfortunately, many major institutions in the United States have sold themselves out in exchange for Chinese money. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a prime example in study. With the exceptions of only a small handful of players such as Enes Kanter Freedom, the NBA has completely refused to condemn the communist Chinese regime for their heinous repression or human rights violations.

The United States is scheduled to participate in the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics next year, but any such involvement should be seriously reconsidered in the light of current Chinese policies and their rapid military build up. While Biden issues empty and meaningless calls for “diplomatic” boycott, what’s really required is more dramatic action which directly targets negative Chinese influence on America and in the World. China should not be allowed to continue to expand their influence or enrich themselves by their reprehensible behavior. The United States should completely boycott the 2022 “genocide” games in Beijing.

As the Communist government of China continues to prosper, it continues to do so at the expense of the rest of the World and without granting any political reforms whatsoever to its own people. Today, the Chinese regime is probably more repressive and dangerous than ever. Chinese citizens are now conditioned by a nationwide social credit system to make sure they rigidly conform in accordance with the dictates of their all-powerful state.

It ‘s finally time for America and the World to hold China accountable. It’s time for us to stop thinking of the communist Chinese as our friends. ✪

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