The Madness Of The Fruit

The Madness Of The Fruit

✪ Another week has passed. Another week in which we have all been forced to endure the national version of the Tijuana Donkee Show brought to us courtesy of our marxist pals in the Rat Party. I don’t know about you, but I’ve long ago grown uncomfortably numbed by the relentless, deliberate foolfuckery that professes to be our “government.” IOW, “that” which is being forced upon us by “them!” Whatever the fuck they call themselves now because I’ve completely run out of colorful expletives to describe “them!” Never before in all of recorded human history has anything even remotely similar as their crime spree ever been perpetuated on any nation by its own “government!” But I digress, “they” alone are the source of every problem, crisis and present danger our Republic currently faces. The greatest threats aren’t coming from other hostile countries, nor from some mysterious & nefarious unknown presence in the universe; instead, everything we are suffering through now is the result of what our own government has done to us by design and on purpose. Prove me wrong! Perhaps a majority of our “esteemed” elected officials are being bribed or blackmailed, but they are still responsible for the decline and destruction nonetheless. I’ll spare you my Hannity impression of running off the full list of government fuck ups because we’d still be here on Christmas, but I think you already have a very good idea about what’s going on and who’s behind it all, so I won’t bother This giant mother of all clusterfucks is wearing thin on everyone’s patience; to the point where even elderly nuns are about ready to take up sawed off shotguns and ride to save the Republic. 

While we sit back and scold ourselves as a nation for not loving rainbow rectums enough, China went ahead this last week and tested a hypersonic orbital nuclear missile, a technological capability we had no idea they even possessed. Butt, butt, butt muh racism & duhversity! Our bumbling fuck intelligence agencies & military were completely caught off guard with their pants down again (pun intended); which is really odd when you consider how the successive Klintoon, Boosh and chocolate messiah administrations all bent over backwards to see who could provide the greatest transfer of sensitive and classified information to the Chinese. Awe golly shucks, they had “no idea?” What me worry? We pay these contemptible marxist snot suckers literally billions every year to KNOW THIS SHIT and what do we get in return for our wasted money? We get Patriots being held in jail for almost a year without any Constitutional due process of law. We get parents at school board meeting being targeted as “domestic terrorists” because they dare to challenge the commie queer & race mafias from poisoning the minds of their children with all of their post modern queer loving, white skin hating ideology. Meanwhile, China showcases a new form of military technology which seems to defy the law of physics. In a single year, we pay our intelligence agencies almost as much as we gave the Taliban when we ran away from Afghanistan, but seems even the rock worshipping, goat pokers know better how to use the money! The intelligence agencies are now more focused on keeping Trump out of office for a second term and bullying real Americans who actually love their country than they are on protecting the country from real danger & enemies. Instead, they concentrate on pushing fucking horse shit like “International Pronouns Day.” Yep, they are totally in the tank for the Joey Potatoes junta and completely clueless about any outside threats & enemies hellbent on destroying us. They now support & celebrate the imaginary bubbles of the mental defectives and genetic mutants in control of our government by giving credence to the sheer utter world of madness in which they they exist and are determined to pull us all into. WHY? Who the fuck really knows, because the only thing this bullshit government seems to be laser focused on is pandering to a microscopic demographic of sex freaks consumed mostly by their mental preoccupations with all things gender. Let it all go to shit & everyone else be damned, but the freaks and their government sponsors will still demand everyone bow to their madness as the “new normal!”  According to them, women have dicks and guys can have babies.

There once was a little kid in our neighborhood who wore a Spider-Man outfit every day. He pretended he was Spider-Man. He was a lot like the pronoun freaks of today; completely clueless while self absorbed in his own little world. However, that was because he was still only a little kid. Everybody played along with his little fantasy to humor him until he was finally old enough to start school. At that point, after a little talk with mom & dad, he finally decided he wanted to be a big boy; he stopped trying to spin webs and started wearing regular clothes. He grew up. Unlike the gender obsessed gender men, women and  “things” of today who refuse to ever grow up. They may chronologically already be adults, but their underdeveloped brains still make them run around in their underwear screaming, “look at me, I’m a sooper hero!” You know, I really wouldn’t give one fuck about them living in their little fantasy world if only they would STOP trying to force the rest of us from living in it with them. Instead, our marxist overlords continue to promote & propagate their form of mental illness at the expense of our collective sanity. Sorry, but I don’t want fucking cross dressers in our military; or teaching my six year old first grader about fisting and queer shit play. I know, I’m such a horrible HATER and my soul is forever lost & eternally damned! I’m obviously “unwoke” don’t “understand.” It must be because I’m white and Conservative! Yeah, that’s it, I’m the real enemy! Look at the disgusting way the Joe Regime coddles these people as their pet victims! And should you refuse to cow & coddle them as well, then the vaunted, politically correct cancelers will hunt you down to ruin your business and life. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at America’s newest FOUR STAR ADMIRAL, Richard “DICK” Levine. Who better than a cross dressing, sexually confused, deviant freak to command a fleet of unknown, nepotistic government bureaucrats in another all but unheard of government agency which grifts its obscene taxpayer funding from a ridiculously over-bloated National Institute of Health. Why, it’s exactly what this country needs now as it struggles to navigate the worldwide scandemic; a crossdressing, homosexual “admiral.” See? I already told you this was a Tijuana Donkee show! Gasp! The first “woman” to be so honored! Clap, clap, clap! Isn’t it so wonderful how much “progress” we’re making? Do you see how fucking insane these idiots are? The first “woman” admiral to serve, Admiral DICK Levine. Once upon a time, there was actually a chance a really qualified authentic woman with real XX chromosomes might have been promoted to this rank, but that historic opportunity has now been squandered and forever shat upon; all apart of the campaign to force this madness as just another attack upon the good & moral sensibilities of most Americans. The Democrats are real pros at doing that. Have you figured it out yet? This Government hates our guts & the only reason they haven’t slaughtered us all yet is because they haven’t finished bleeding us dry.     

So this is the micro-demographic of people (less than one half of one percent of the entire population) who immediately go into catatonic shock whenever you fuck up and say “she,” when it’s supposed to be “he,” or go off the deep end if you fuck up and say “he” when it’s obviously supposed to be “she.” Apparently, we’re all bigots for not being able to really know the difference when it’s actually they themselves who don’t even know. Go figure. It’s all a fucking set up designed to make normal people out to be the losers every time, because they know damn well you will call them whatever it is they really look like. A man who uses make up & dresses like like a woman is NOT a woman; and will never be a woman no matter how long and hard he wants to pretend he’s a woman. He’ll always be a mentally ill man who uses make up & dresses like a woman. So don’t fucking demand I call him a woman! Worse, these mutants are just waiting for their chance to “correct you” in your obvious flagrant & ignorant misgendering. Stupid breeder! As though any of this stupidity really somehow matters because it doesn’t. It only serves as yet another mechanism by which incredibly fucked up and emotionally insecure people get to feel good about themselves by making others feel like shit. Their defensiveness of the subject is necessary in order to validate & give their sickness relevancy. Any unwillingness on you part to conform or agree is perceived as a direct threat. It’s so obvious, “they” know and you don’t, case closed! Don’t fall for the set up. So your pronouns are “xir” and “zym” freak? Mine are “eat/shit.” The best thing you can do whenever you encounter one of these gender zombies is to completely ignore all of their peacocking; act as if they don’t even exist. Nothing chaps their non-binary asses more than being deprived of the attention they so desperately crave.  

That’s a predominant character trait of all pathological narcissistic personalities; an emotional vampirism of sorts which requires a constant command of attention in order to support & sustain their ongoing mental deficiencies. Life is challenging enough already without a bunch of confused circus freaks screaming constantly about how the rest of us need to waste our time and energy in order to make them feel better about themselves. The reality that most of humanity lives in does not need to be warped any further to conform to their fantasy. Fuck them. Leave them alone to drown in the miseries and confusions of their own making because we’re the normal ones and they’re psychotic. I believe deep down inside they all know this. They are emotional parasites who envy and hate us for our normalcy. They feel they can only be released from their self imposed misery, confusion & inadequacy by attacking and eliminating our normalcy. How have these people ever come to be this way? In the famous words of Sigmund Freud, “The fuck if I know.” It’s what happens when freedom is abused by sociopaths and degenerates. I don’t know about you, but I’m already too busy with the work of daily life which really matters most to me and my family than to be bothered by having to “figure out” stupid & broken people just so they can feel better about themselves. That’s not my job. So whenever you’re unfortunate enough to cross paths with a trans freak or some sort of alien gender mutant, just ignore their demanding & manipulative plays for attention designed to force you into validating their sickness. You’ll discover the world becomes a better place after you do; each and every time. I promise. ✪  

As you were, carry on

General Mossberg