✪ Well shit, if it’s not one thing, then it’s definitely another and another and another and… It seems lately the News has become so contrived & choreographed there’s no longer any real breaking news over the weekends until another entirely new & different set of drummed up outrages heat up again starting on Monday. Probably because weekends are now the time set aside for analyzing polls, adjusting the narrative scripting, censoring the opposition and keeping that big wheel of propaganda & lies rolling. the “News” has become a complete JOKE. A cartoon parody of itself and a smorgasbord of endless, spoiled, public political manipulation which is just about as far as anything in the way of information is allowed by TPTB to go. As I sit here yet again contemplating the subject of my latest rant while trying to spare you the boredom of repeating myself, I’ve had an epiphany of sorts that all the things I was bitching about two years ago are pretty much still the same things I bitch about today!  Sure, some of the names, faces and places in the stories may have changed, but not the affliction of the country’s ongoing Marxist disease!  What are the friggen odds our State run Media is going to let anything really important slip? None. Everyday, we see only the same paid talking heads presiding over the latest fearmongering, gas lit talking points designed to keep the faithful safely herded within their preordained mental holding pens. Before, it used to just piss me off until it got to the point I figured out no amount of them ever getting what they want was going to ever shut these idiots up. They are never going to fucking shut up. To achieve success on any part of their agenda would automatically mean they would be giving up one of the most useful tools of their ongoing misery. It’s no wonder they insist upon making the rest of us as miserable as they are, it’s all they got & know how to do.They aren’t open to finding solutions, they’re only obsessed with keeping the problems going. That’s because they are LOSERS!

Another thing I hate about this Truman Show are the token backstabbing RINO sellouts who come off as the completely ignorant shits they really are for whoring themselves out to the enemy’s misinformation machine for a lousy buck. The way they’re rolled out as “stool” pigeons to reaffirm the veracity of the Left’s many lies by peddling the same old pile of stale, dirty socks. The ones in sitting Congress are the real champs at doing this. In fact, you haven’t got a chance in Hell of ever getting to Congress if you don’t become a pro at buttering both sides of the toast. It doesn’t matter whatever you think you might be witnessing with your very own two eyes because there’s always a panel of political anal-ists somewhere standing by ready to pack your head with clouds of irrational obfuscation designed to make you suspect that what you are actually seeing is 180 degrees the opposite of what is actually happening. Here’s todays Blue Pill! Punked again! Border crisis? Niggas please! Runaway inflation? Niggas please! Food shortages? Niggas please. More people dying from the jab than they did from the actual flu itself? Niggas please! When did all of this chaos actually start because it feels like we’ve been stuck in a holding pattern in this shit forever! Oh, but it hasn’t been forever, it’s only been since January 20th, the day they gave Joey Potatoes was coronated.   

We’ve sat back and watched as Hunter’s Dad & Doctor Jill’s patient ended American energy independence with a single stroke of a pen. The same with border wall construction coming to an immediate stop. What few campaign speeches Joe made in Dollar General parking lots before he stole the election in November 2020, he promised everyone he had a “plan” to end the chink flu scamdemic with six months after being elected. Well, it’s already been ten months, Joe & the chink flu clusterfuck is just as contentious and no closer to any kind of end point than it ever was. You’re a LIAR and a fucking LOSER. It’s ok, I KNOW, I know… they never really want it to end. They’ve tasted pure authoritarian despotism & it’s their new adrenachrome. You thought Afghanistan was horrible? We ain’t seen nothing yet! Just wait until that next international caravan of 100,000 angry, entitled criminals come marching across our wide open southern border. Now would certainly be the time for patriotic Americans from everywhere to converge on Texas to form a private militia & protect the border but we all already know what will happen if they actually ever attempt such a thing. The Fed goons will show up in droves and arrest the true Americans from defending our own soil so the stampeding invaders can all get to their free houses and $450,000 welcome wagon money.   

I can’t wait until it gets really cold and all of the stupid Biden voters living in NE shit hole blue cities begin to enjoy their 1200 dollar heating bills which where only $247 last winter! How are you liking your Delaware boy now, assholes? We saw all of this shit coming from 1000 miles away once Grampy Stinkfinger and his merry band of commie thieves stole the election. We told you so! Honestly, I wish there was more satisfaction in telling them “I fucking told you so,” but there’s not. What the fuck did you vapid collectivist gay sphincter sniffers expect was going to happen once the Big Bad Orange Man was finally out of the way? Unfortunately, we’re stuck down in their deep shit hole with them. That’s who we we’re actually stuck dealing with here; millions of some of the most clueless, selfish, inbred, functionally illiterate, dopes to ever be dumbed down by government, public education and indoctrination. I suspect they have always lived among us, but now they have become much wors pain in the asses because they are emboldened & exposed by their hate for both Trump & America. They are fucking LOSERS!

It used to be that America’s reprobate, God hating, baby killing, tax and spend worshipping traitor demographic was limited to mostly political fringe types who were largely ignored or had their asses frequently beat. Now these very same mentally defective genetic mutants have metastasized into every facet of modern life to push their new religion of post modern environmental sodomy down our throats; and are they ever annoying! They’re on an attention binge and they don’t want it to stop. Suddenly, all of their little revolution fantasies seem to be coming true, at least to them. The rest of us only see the ongoing and insane, continued destruction of Western Civilization. Whining on and pissing themselves in lament over a shitload of problems which really don’t exist so they can never really be solved. How fucking convenient! Their slavish devotion to & obsession with bullshit like ending “systemic racism” & climate change, queer rights, the reproductive freedoms of infanticide, being woke and destroying capitalism. For the first time they have a captive audience & they seem to be making the most of it. While they have remained unwashed, self loathing, anti social introverts for most of their regular lives, they now consider themselves the soldiers of the woke revolution and they mean to make the rest of us as miserable as possible until we capitulate to their madness with conformity. And should you fail to agree, then it will be your fault when the world finally falls apart. They tried to warn us, but we wouldn’t listen! Don’t you see? Don’t you get it yet? They are important & know everything! The rest of us are all dumb, Bible totting, gun loving, white Nazi hicks who have not yet seen the truth through their eyes. In truth, they are only fucking LOSERS!

These communists foot soldiers have pretty much infiltrated & dumped in every level & segment of our society. According to them, we owe them & they are entitled. The rest of us owe them a free and comfortable living. After all, it’s the least we flyover hicks can do to atone for our sins of being real Americans; be forced at gun point to surrender our hard gotten wealth to the intellectual bandits who are the ones now setting our houses on fire. Perhaps since life isn’t going quite the way their twisted reality demands, the pox of a new chaos and burden needs to be unleashed upon those of us who refuse to submit and conform! That presents a major problem; not necessarily for us, but for them. You see, there will always be purist individualists who weren’t designed nor built to ever be herded like animals. There will always be good people who will never drink their Kool Aide or take another blue pill. Authentic people with a complex and highly developed sense of self awareness; people permanently ingrained to their cores with a devotion to God, truth, fairness, peace, love, harmony, opportunity, merit, morals, values, traditions and a strong desire just to be left the fuck alone to so they may achieve and enjoy the most their lives have to offer them. That’s what separates us form them. We won’t be herded, corralled or driven on the trail by their bullshit. We won’t follow allow the current government narcissists leading us to march off the edge of the cliff just for the sake of them acquiring more money & power. As far as I’m concerned, everybody else is just a stupid, filthy leftist afflicted by an inability to constructively think for themselves. In a nutshell, they’re the takers and we’re the makers. They are fucking LOSERS!

Jobs are for suckers! In the new Utopia, you get to sleep all day after staying up all night blowing weed and playing video games because nanny government has removed baby from all the adult responsibilities & anxieties of modern living like having to feed oneself or come up with the rent. Because everything is given to them and they have never have a personal investment at stake in anything, they have also never experienced any pride in ownership. Therefore, they have no hesitation to wreck, ruin and destroy everything they come in contact with because it holds no value for them; they didn’t have to earn it. When you’re an entitlement worm who never has to pay any taxes, then higher taxes don’t bother you! That’s why inflation also doesn’t bother them: they know the government will always give them more free shit. They only thing which really concerns them is knowing which politician will give them the most free shit. Whomever that is, that’s the person who gets their vote! So they will always vote for whoever promises to give them the most free shit. The Left is collectively trapped in a state of continuous arrested development, with a selfish eight year old temperament and mentality to match. Whenever they don’t get what they want, they throw tantrums. They loot businesses & burn cities. They murder in the name of their causes as a corrupt & cooperative system turns a blind eye. The very last thing they would ever suspect is they are being exploited as useful idiots in order to bring about a new order which will dispose of them once they have outlived their usefulness. That’s The difference between being woke and awake. That’s the reason why you still see 70 year old flower children protesting against climate change and capitalism. Once a stupid leftist, always a stupid Leftist. They are fucking LOSERS!

I know I certainly don’t have to tell any of you that we now find ourselves at a crossroads in History and none of us knows for certain exactly what’s coming next, how we may respond or even if we will survive it. I know that’s a dark thought, but plan for the worst and expect for the best, right? Yet the hardships and anxiety these manufactured crises generate sometimes seem debilitating.  Real Americans are sick to death of it, sick of them & all of their bullshit. Sick of being forced to stand by and watch our country being taken apart piece by piece before our very eyes. We’re also growing sick of not doing something about it. Once this shit finally does cook off, years and years of pent up rage and frustration will erupt with a fury and intensity that will catch many people off guard & unprepared; mostly on the Left. They won’t be able to stop what is coming. The pendelum will eventually swing back. The universal laws of physics and energy say that it must. I’m not too concerned about the final outcome because it is written that good always triumphs over evil and History has proven this, every fucking time. Good always prevails and this time will be no different. Of this, I am absolutely certain and confident! How do I know this? Because they are fucking LOSERS!

We are now being tested by God, History & the World. We will pass this test in just the same way we have passed all of the others; as patriots and Americans with an unshaken faith in God, Faith & the Truth. We are the good and the righteous; the builders and inheritors of a better future. We ARE the light on the distant horizon beginning to rise on a new morning over this land and abolish the darkness of this wretched night we’ve all been trapped in for far too long. I know, you always are asking me, “How, General?” I wish I had the answer for you now, but I don’t. That’s because the answer is still on its way. Pray we will do the right thing when the proper moment comes to act and finally cleanse this land of communism. And it will! Communism has never had to directly face the wrath of millions of God loving, fearless, American Patriots!  Stay the course and hold the line. The only reason they’re making more noise now is because they know they’re failing and they’re scared shitless, as they very well should be. They’re failing because they’re losers.✪ 

Carry on

General Mossberg