Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

✪ First, I want to wish each & every one of you New Americanists a very Merry Christmas! 🎄Merry Christmas! 🙏 Today is the 2021st anniversary of the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and regardless of whatever else may be happening in our lives, country or the World at this present moment, THAT in itself is cause enough for all of us to pause, reflect and celebrate God’s gift of eternal life thru his Son. Amen! We now appear to be living in a time which I like to call the “Trial Tribulation.” It’s like the warm up for the real deal. I believe God might be giving Humanity a taste of what’s to come because he isn’t pleased with the way we’ve been handling our own affairs. take a look around! It could also be our last chance to shape up before the real shit starts to fly. I figure he can’t be all too please about how the wicked continue to flourish and prosper; or, how so many have lost their faith in him in order to “compromise” and barter some sort of deal with the Darkness. Too many have become lost by squandering or rejecting his great gift of personal salvation. As a result, it appears we may be experiencing a kind of a long distance “wake up call” from on high as a warning bigger things are in store if we don’t soon start getting ourselves in order. We may indeed live to hear Gabriel blow his horn for Christ to return & take his Church away before all Hell (literally) finally breaks loose. Once that happens, the betting window will close and it will be too late for the those who refused to listen to the Word of God instead of the lies of Satan. I must tell you how truly blessed I feel to be an American and to be a part of this wonderful TNA community with so many God fearing, fellow Conservatives who share so many of the same values. I know nobody’s perfect & I certainly haven’t been, but there’s true peace & comfort far away from the insanities of our World to be found in God’s healing grace & forgiveness. This IMO, is the true message of Christmas; so stay the course and hold tight to your Faith. Don’t let the Devil or his earthly minions poison your mind by letting them discourage you. Today is the day to take stock and count all of our blessings. Actually, every day is. 

I’ll keep this special Christmas Day installment of Double Barrel short, sweet & to the point because today’s certainly not a day for profanity, complaining, accusations or condemnation. The crap I normally rail against here will all still be around next week. I guarantee it! Instead, today is the day to celebrate the birth of the Son of God who came to save the World from it’s own stupidity. Today is a day for self reflection on all the blessings each of us still have in our lives whether it be those of health, family or business. What are you most grateful for today? It’s all a matter of perspective, because no matter how bad you think it you have it, there’s always someone out there in much worse shape than you or I. I can’t say it too many times; let’s take today to remember to be grateful for all God has given us. Let’s take today to remember we can’t see the entire picture and have Faith in God that he’s preparing us for much greater blessings. Take the time today to spend quality time with your family & special friends in any way you can, like I’m doing here right now. 

Next week, 2021 will finally come to a close and what a year it’s been! I thought I was happy to see 2020 leave, but I certainly won’t have any love lost for 2021. Who knows what the coming New Year will bring? Perhaps a fresh & new opportunity for Mankind to redeem itself. I believe it will be whatever we choose to make of it, so decide now on making the most of it no matter what it brings. Regardless, we all still have an honor and duty to remain the steadfast warriors for Truth, Justice & the American Way. The future depends on it and God has our backs. Deus Vult! The reason the legions of darkness are working overtime to destroy America is because they are mortified by the continued prospect that individual freedom still exists in the World. How dare people be allowed to be the stewards of their own souls & destinies? However, as we know and have already seen countless times, the Light always triumphs over the Darkness. Every. Single. Time. It may not always happen on our schedule, but this is a universal law. Prove me wrong. If you doubt this, simply take a look at History. 

So allow yourselves to enjoy this most special day & the message it holds; that we continue to be blessed by God’s perfect grace and in the final battle, we cannot fail if we hold strong to our Faith. Yes, it might get rough and ugly; and some may be called to do very unpleasant things; however, I am fully confident we will prevail. Please remember to keep them in your prayers. As TokaiseBlessedPatriot has  already reminded us many times, God would have not brought us this far thru so much only to let us fail now. I tend to agree with her. We can’t change the past, but we can create & shape the future. With faith, confidence and Faith in God. I’ll be back next week on New Year’s Day at which time our regularly scheduled programming will continue. However, today is special. I know you all understand. ✪

Hold that line!

Merry Christmas All!

General Mossberg