Weekly Donkee Roundup

Weekly Donkee Roundup

✪ Hello there boys and girls and any other mentally ill, sexually confused whatevers who may be lurking and reading here today. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, would you be my friend? It looks as if Spring has finally sprung and we all made it thru another rip roaring week of fun and excitement here on the Deep State Dude Ranch formerly known as the United States Of America under the steady hand and keen intellect of most beloved Dear Leader, the “Big Guy” himself. Did you know that rainbows appeared over Scranton the very day Joe was born, that he routinely shoots 18 holes in one every time he’s on the golf course: and, more people voted for him in 2020 than any other presidential candidate in American history? It’s twu! “Leaders” like Joe only come along once every few hundred years if at all! It’s Spring, when communist Democrat fancies turn once again to “democracy” by mob rule along with the renewed, continuous undermining of the greatest country on Earth. Lefty violence is once again in the air. So whattaya say we all saddle up and head the posse out for a quick review of all of last week’s exciting highlights of Donkee foolfuckery which is now a common characteristic of life in these here United States.

You probably don’t know, but today is the official “National Day Of Rage,” do you? That’s right my brothers & sisters united in the struggle for revolution, today’s your big day to get out there at any one of 400 planned locations to shake your marxist power fist & hate on the Supreme Court for even considering to take away your human right to murder innocent children in the womb before they even have a chance to take their first breath. Fight the Power, your FUN is more important! How dare they interfere with your human right for moral irresponsibility? How dare they impinge upon the pleasures you find in empty promiscuity & degenerate debauchery! Because as we all know, contraception and monogamy are just other forms of patriarchal, misogynistic, cisgendered white privilege designed to keep the indigenous folks of color down! Powa to the peeblez! I always ask myself, why do we never hear anything about the communist toads who plan and pay for these bizarre exercises of Donkee political theater? And what a pantload of phony, misdirected outrage it is because when you listen to them whine and scream, they’re all upset because they claim their precious abortion is about to be taken completely away from them. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. A Supreme Court ruling rolling back Wade only takes the Federal Government out of the abortion equation as an influencing player: it kicks it back to the states. It also means my tax dollars will no longer subsidize collective murder. It won’t in any way prohibit or “outlaw” your precious abortion as you dishonestly claim; it merely leaves the issue up to the individual states to decide on their own laws & legality. You’ll still be free to rut away like psychotic bunnies and to experience nirvana by having all of your orifices plugged, the only difference being that you will either have to travel to or live in a blue shithole state like Illinois, New York or California to rid yourself of the inconvenient consequences of all your hot “fun.” To be honest, I think this could turn out to be a great way for us to segregate all of the leftist scum from the rest of us; keep them at hone in their blue toilet states instead of spreading their filth across the rest of the country. I’m so fucking tired of hearing these outraged pukes repeat the talking point lies by crying on and on about how women are going to lose all of their “reproductive freedoms.” OMG, it’s back to the coat hanger and back alley days for women! Fuck you pro-choice assholes, you’re either really stupid, dishonest or BOTH because nothing could be further from the truth. My vote is BOTH.

Look for this weekend’s “National Day Of Rage” to bring every other species of marxist cockroach out of the woodpile to join in this nationwide passive aggressive celebration of hate against white, capitalist, Christian, moral America. So, what else is new? This bullshit comes right after the Left doxxed and directly threatened Supreme Court justices in their own neighborhoods, in their own front yards & is just another way of telling us they’re again prepared to burn and loot half the country exactly the same way they did two years ago in order to get what they want. Meanwhile, the Joe Regime stands around helplessly and watches with their thumbs stuck up their asses. You can certainly count on the Trans Fruit Brigade putting in an appearance to cry about how their mental illness and degeneracy have not yet been accepted as a new dominant cultural influence. The usual LBGTQA1LSDMSNBC Queer Mafia soldiers will be there to push the “freedom” which comes from new forms of social permissiveness such as grooming & pedophilia. They’ll also be there to rally around their old reliable standby of “taking it up the ass” with “pride.” Throw in the usual assortment of other hardcore Maoists with their card table bookstores and “The Worker” shitrag, racist Bowl Movement Matter bigots; and, fanatical Palestinian & diaperheaded Allah sympathizers along with fascist faggot pantyfa and you have a real party going which celebrates “freedom & democracy” because nothing quite says “freedom and democracy” like a group of rabid, malcontented, communist fucks all organized as an angry mob Hell bent on destroying Western Civilization.

This last week also saw several of the biggest US political Elite heavies making a holy pilgrimage to Ukraine to kiss the ring of Don Zelensky. Even Bono and the Edge showed up to put on a free concert in the Kyiv subway. What the fuck is up with that? Some of the biggest names hobnobbing this week at the court of boy wonder Zelensky included the unsinkable Dr. Jill, the most glamorous First Lady in all modern History, Speaker of the House Nan “Vodka” Pelosi with her pet pool boy Adam Schitt in tow, Senate Minority leader Mitch “The Bitch” Cocaine McConnell & the usual contingency of warmongering neocon RINO asswipes who are in a constant state of electrified Toobinism over the prospect of starting a new world war with Russia. So who will be next to make the newest cool scene? Hairy & Meghan, Beyonce & Jay Z or Kim Kardashian? Keep your eyes peeled, stargazers! Have you ever seen such a star studded war zone in all your life? Perhaps the Academy can make arrangements to hold next year’s Oscars in Kyiv. Billy Porter could host in a tuxedo dress to show the World how Pedowood and the Deep State all “stand with Ukraine.” Word is Zelensky will be giving a keynote address at the World Economic Forum later this month. Take that, you Putin groupies!

I’m still trying to understand the reason behind all of the our political aristocracy traveling all the way to Ukraine to put on such a calculated media show for all of us yokels back here at home. Exactly what is it they are not telling us? Maybe they went there to check the books on their business interests. Maybe they brought planeloads of fresh money to launder; or, perhaps went to enjoy some edgy kiddy sex or a little bit of renegade bio-engineering? Who knows? Or perhaps, Zelensky is now blackmailing them by threatening to expose all of their dirty dealings in his country to the rest of the World? Given the new $40 Billion dollar Ukraine “relief” package now being pushed by practically everyone I despise in the American Government, I suppose it must be blackmail. $30 TRILLION in debt, unsecured borders, runaway inflation, $6 gas and growing food shortages, but Turtle Mitch informs us that “we all agree” the most important issue facing America now is “muh Ukraine.” How I loathe these corrupt motherfuckers! When Trump first asked for $11 billion to secure the southern border with a new wall, Congress told him there was no money available; we couldn’t afford it. They fed him the very same bullshit line when he came back saying it could be done for $7 billion and then finally $4 billion. In the end, these cocksuckers didn’t give him a dime because then as now, they don’t give a dead rat’s ass about providing America with any border security.He finally got the wall built by completely bypassing them in the funding process by appropriating the money from somewhere entirely different.

If you haven’t noticed lately, our government fucking hates our guts and they no longer care if it’s completely obvious. They continue to flaunt their complete disdain for the We The People by robbing us blind through one criminal trillion dollar spending or “relief” bill after another; oppressive regulations and crippling tax hikes, deliberately rolling back Trump policies which actually benefitted everyone, spying on us in violation of our Constitutionally protected privacy; using the Constitution as toilet paper, selectively enforcing the Rule Of Law with a social justice bias in such a way to advance even more social chaos, division and decay; involving us in another potentially endless war which could ultimately lead to a direct confrontation with a nuclear power. I could go on, but I think you already get the picture. None of this is incompetence; rather it’s intention. None of it is by chance, it’s all by plan.

I’m certain during this coming week, there will be new manufactured crises, outrage & distractions. After 17 months of dealing with all of this bullshit, hardly anything they could pull out of their asses really surprises or phases me any more. I have almost developed a natural immunity to their nonstop communist gambits. And as I have already said several times in the past here on Double Barrel, I think they are almost completely out of gas and they know it; all they’ve got is an empty box. The reason they’re making so much noise now is because they don’t want us to notice. Why do I think this? Because they are acting out on ever increasing levels of chaotic desperation in an effort to distract and demoralize the rest of the country from all of their crimes and failure. The problem for them is, the longer they engage in this strategy, the more blatant and obvious their desperation becomes. The longer this shit drags on, the more people become more wise to it. Take the bat chink flu for example: sure, if they trot out a new “midterm variant” some time in the Fall and try to force another lockdown or mandate masks again, there is a certain demographic of their most loyal brainwashed sheep who will always obey. However, the greater likelihood this time around is more people will refuse and resist because most of us will see this for what it really is. Most people have already reached their limits and had enough. Time is definitely on our side. So is Faith, God, Truth and shitloads of guns and ammo. Store, stock and stack, Patriots. Demons are most dangerous when they’re cornered and know their demise in imminent. They are also their most weak and vulnerable.✪

Stay the course,

General Mossberg