Are We Having Fun Yet?

Are We Having Fun Yet?

✪ Happy weekend Patriots, wherever you may be in what I STILL consider to be the greatest country on Earth! Aside from the ongoing shit show formally known as the “World,” I hope you are enjoying your late Summer weekend by focusing on important interests and activities which make Life meaningful & fulfilling. Especially quality time with family, loved ones & all the special people in your lives. A particularly big shout out when you take time from your busy schedule to check in here and read my weekly musings.Thank you! Don’t let the marxist bastards or their craptastic political machinations get you down. They deserve to cook in their own juices. What was is it they kept telling us all during the bat chink flu fiasco? Yeah, we’re all in this together.

Hey, do you remember watching cartoons on Saturday mornings when you were a kid growing up? Back when America was still mostly a free country and kids didn’t have to bother themselves with anything much more than enjoying their summer vacation out of school. Before the communists solidified an iron fisted grip on television and the popular media culture? Before the post modern marxist sewage sludge leaked into & smelled up everything? Before the fucking Left began its “march through the institutions” with their rabid zealotry to politicize and weaponize almost every aspect of modern life in order to brainwash people into the hollow utopian lies and rote conformist thinking of their own their quest for absolute power and control? Before they became so rabidly obsessed with wringing every drop of fun or enjoyment out of even the most simplest of Life’s pleasures? Before, when you were free to be a kid without being made to think you were some species of mutant rainbow fruit? Haha! Now I bet you understand why we never see people who live in socialist toilets like Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela smile. the reason why they always appear so haggard and sullen. That’s because Communism is very serious business and not meant to be fun, Kids. Apparently, empowering the Workers thru the glorious conquest of returning the means of production back to them (Fuck me, when has that actually ever happened?) is Life’s most deadly & serious undertaking, literally. There is NO fun whatsoever allowed in Communism because their idea of “fun” is only another form of evil bourgeoisie self indulgence made possible by the evils of exploitive capitalism. How DARE you go away on a fishing weekend when so many of our brothers and sisters in the struggle are still suffering under the chains of systemic racism? How can you possibly live with yourself while drinking beer & grilling that fat steak on a relaxing weekend afternoon when there is so much work still to be done? When your time could be so much more well spent marching in the streets to protest climate change? You see how they work this shit? Communism is the mother of all guilt trips & the Sheep love their guilt.

Communists absolutely despise fun (and love, too) because in their tiny, malevolent minds all of Life is just a closed sum game. Any sort of windfall, benefit, advantage or special treatment an individual may experience only comes at the expense of depriving someone else somewhere else in the world of that same benefit. IOW, we only have nice things because we have stolen them from someone else. According to their way of thinking, if you own a nice pair of shoes, it’s only because some poor schmuck in some far away shit hole for whatever reason can’t own the same pair of shoes as yours. Of course, the commie “solution” to this so-called “economic inequality” is to never support any economic system which would lift everybody up to a level where the entire World could afford to wear nice shoes. Instead, they work in overdrive to rid the entire World of nice shoes. Their fucking “answer” is to wage war on and grind everything & everyone down to the point where nobody can ever afford to own or wear nice shoes again. Except of course themselves because, you know, they are the smartest and most important people on the planet. Funny how communist bastards always seem to live above having to experience the consequences of their own selfish stupidity.

As we are currently witnessing, fun & personal pleasure have NO place in the coming utopian order of the communist world government managed by all the unelected, unaccountable billionaires and enforced by their partners in crime, the international corporations. The struggle is real, Comrades! ALL fun must be drained and purged from Life itself because any instance of individual enjoyment in Life only comes at the expense of inflicting exploitation & suffering on someone somewhere else. Or so they claim. This is why communism also completely rejects any Western ideal of private ownership. Although the Marxists claim things will finally be “equal” only when the workers are allowed to own the means of their own production, there is no place in their fucked up political orthodoxy which makes any allowances for that to ever happen. All must be offered up as sacrifice upon the altar of the sacred State for the collective good and the success of most glorious revolution. Whatever. Do any of us here honestly believe the charter members of the United Nations, international political leaders or the World Economic Forum are going to eat der bugs instead of meat? Does anyone here believe any of these luciferian criminal jerkoffs with delusions of granuer of absolute control are going to suddenly resign themselves to living the rest of their days in some sterile, soulless, depressing 8X12 cinderblock hovel illuminated by a single 10 watt light bulb to fight climate change? Does anyone here actually believe they are all going to forfeit their convoys of gas guzzling Escalades & Mercedes, their private jet fleets or 200 ft luxury yachts? FUCK NO! They’ll still own numerous palatial mansions & wash own buttered lobster tail and Wagu beef dinners with thousand dollar bottles of wine almost every night. They’ll still enjoy jetsetting international travel and complete freedom of movement, their fucking climate change be damned. They’ll still enjoy fucking one another in the ass while high on the finest quality designer drugs while concocting ever more evil & nefarious plans for enslaving & disposing of the rest of us. Did you happen to catch what Unkle Klaus’ first mate on the good ship WEF said just this last week? I’m talking about that Nazi traitor to his Jewish heritage, that beady eyed, bald headed dirty cocksucking little beta boi, Mengele wanna be Yuval Noah Harari. He said the World is quickly approaching the point of technological development where the majority of people now living will soon be considered useless inconveniences to the Elites. He means specifically you and I. Are you paying attention, yet? Those are fighting words!

They’ve already declared war on the Human Race. Let us count the ways, shall we? First, they illegally designed & launched a global pandemic virus in a backward, corrupt, eastern euro-pee-on shithole country and spread it all over the world from China. However, that was only the original head fake, a ruse to shutdown and lock up entire national economies for almost two years; allowing their planted operatives in World governments to crush the little guys, the common man who is only working his ass off everyday to provide a good life for his family under the boot heel of authoritarianism all under the LIE of “public health safety.” Fuck them! If the chink bat flu was the wind up, then the next phase of the operation was the pitch and what I believe to be the real objective of their “depopulation” mission. Enter Billy the former genius behind Windblowz and the new vaccine golden boy to save the World. You know, the guy who was so tight with Jeffy Epstein that he made 37 trips to Pedo Fantasy Island. HOW is it that this spoiled nerd who was born with a golden spoon stuck up his ass can have any credibility for anything whatsoever; especially when you consider the nefarious circumstances by which he made his fortune in the computer software business? (with a stolen OS code, hobbled and reworked with Paul Allen). Oh yeah, muh billions. 40 years on and Windblowz still sucks; is still an aggravating piece of shit OS, perhaps now more so than ever before.

Call me naive, but I think developing the vaccines and forcing them into as many people as possible was their real objective all along; the virus only served as the means to that end. What these motherfuckers have done with the vaccines is completely screw up the entire human genome forever; and, they did it by lying to us about everything every step along the way. Yes, now we know the mRNA vaccines DO alter & scramble your DNA in such a way as to turn your own cells into spike protein factories & degrade your immune system to the point where you are vulnerable to an entirely whole other assortment of diseases. And surprise surprise, the more times you have been jabbed or boosted, the greater your chances of becoming infected! Go figure! If you were somebody who was tricked into taking the vaccine after having your lifelong confidence in the medical & health care industries completely betrayed, I will pray for you safety, longevity and well being. Lots of people were initially fooled by their earlier experiences with previous vaccines such as polio and smallpox which actually enhanced the safety and quality of their lives. That was obviously back at a time before Big Pharma became partners in crime together with World governments in a genocidal global campaign to kill off as many of us useless eaters as possible for the sake of “sustainability;” which is really only a fancy and roundabout way of saying “depopulation” so the Elites can have even more for themselves.

What is it that’s really behind all of this evil, greed, suffering and deceit? What’s the energy driving this engine of nefarious darkness? Of course, I’m no esteemed brain trust and can only postulate based on my actual observations, but none of this is rocket science once you finally pierce all the intended noise, confusion and distractions. I believe communism at its core results from an abandonment of God. Worse, the complete human defiance and negation of God. This is the fundamental root from which all of this other shit flows and our troubles really begin. It’s what happens when the mind of man in it’s fallen state assumes itself be the one and only true God: destruction & chaos soon follow & ensue. Without the light of Divine Consciousness, the ugly, a morbid pathology of intense self loathing moves in to fill the vacuum. In a nutshell, that’s what communism is really all about: it’s an intense self hatred nurtured by a complete separation and absence from God. Gee, that kinda sounds like the definition of Hell doesn’t it? Well, if you were looking for an example of Hell in real life, you wouldn’t have to go much further than our current state of affairs, would you?

In effect, Communism is nothing more than intense self hatred projected upon others and the World. It’s the ultimate gesture of denial in which the only semblance of relief can be found in tearing down others below your level so that you can feel some fucked up sense of believing you’re somehow above them. And that’s why there’s NO fun, pleasure or enjoyment to be found in any of it. I wish I had a way I could snap my fingers to fix all of this shit in an instant; but, unfortunately, I don’t. However, I do find comfort, confidence & encouragement in knowing this fucking dark night won’t last forever, especially when so many of us continue to hold strong to the light of Faith. That’s where the real battle is being waged; inside each and every one of us. By this time, there should be NO doubts remaining about which side we’re on. The good news is the Truth will eventually out to triumph. I know this shit isn’t easy, but everyday we need to make a conscious effort to stay focused on the light and Truth because that’s the source of our strength & victory. Refuse at every possible opportunity to be governed by these lowlife traitor maggots. We’re not stuck in here with them as much as they are with us. I know you already know this and so do they, hence their current desperation.The responsibility for our happiness rests in our own hands and don’t let a bunch of criminal, self loathing psychopaths try to convince you otherwise. Do kids still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings? To be honest, I don’t really know.✪

Stay strong Patriots,

General Mossberg.