A Pep Rally Rant

A Pep Rally Rant

✪ Good Evening, fellow Patriots and Americanists! Another week has passed and the country is still miraculously treading water above all of the democrap sewage. NOTE: this is exactly what happens when a group of wealthy, marxist, criminals illegally seize power through a coup and place their own interests above those of the country or you and I. I swear, there are some days I have to wake up and look in the mirror just to prove to myself I’m still not asleep and trapped in some sort of Kafkaesque nightmare tragedy. Fuck it, I’m still here and so are we! This, in spite all of the dark, luciferian, global Elite’s best efforts to kill as many of us inconvenient eaters as possible in order to remake the world in their own sick and twisted utopian image. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to experience only ONE calm & relaxing week where we didn’t have to endure the stress of mentally resisting all of the bullshit they continue to throw at us? Hey, I can dream, can’t I? Just ONE single week without any gaslighting, fake news, misinformation, queers having periods in their asses, wars and rumors of more wars, deliberately constructed outrages, imaginary crises or multitudes of people dropping dead everywhere from the bioweapon clot shot? Is that too fucking much to ask? NO, the Star Chamber has ordained the beatings will continue until morale improves; or, at least until everyone becomes so exhausted and discouraged that we conform and submit ourselves to the authority of those who promise the solutions to the very problems they have created. At least that’s what these monsters hope will happen. 

It was a very busy week for our beloved President Potato and the entire Biden Family Crime Syndicate. The country is quickly coming up in another week on the two year anniversary of his selection and installation. And what a clusterfuck the last two years have been. A crapload of new executive “records.” Record debt and wasteful spending, record illegal immigration invasion, record homelessness, job loss, business closures, chaos, racial division, taxes, regulation, crime, drugs, murder and government LIES. Congratulations Joe, you worthless POS! It’s official, you’re the worst president in American History! But what the fuck does that matter? You got rich, right? At least up until this point. Yeah, I wanna tread lightly on giving Grampy Shitpants too much credit for all of his monumental fuck ups & failures because after January 20th, the Uniparty Politburo is going to flush Joe like the stinking turd he is and unleash their next train wreck on the country. You all know who I’m talking about. Da furs wimmenz of culuh presidon’t! OMG, how “historic!” You know, the Indian/Jamacian imposter who conveniently morphs into an “african-american” whenever it’s politically convenient. You know, the Ho who launched her political career by slurping down on a black Willie meatsicle. You know, the duplicitous, annoying, obnoxious cackling hyena who boasted about getting high while summarily imprisoning tons of people in California for basically doing the very same thing. Yeah, this phony bitch hails from the once former golden state, now turned into a fourth world, paradise lost, marxist shit hole thanks to the very political ideology she wants to inflict upon the rest of us. That alone should be enough to give the entire country a serious case of the night sweats; but wait, there’s more! She’s dumber than a fucking box of bricks! She stands with Ukraine! She supports transgender queer rights! She believes murdering unborn children is “reproductive health!” She welcomes “immigrants” because dontcha know America is “a nation of immigrants.”

Yes, it was really all the illegal, illiterate chocolate people who built this country and made it great. You know, those “huddling masses” yearning for all that free shit. If you disagree on this revised form of Donkee history, that’s probably because you are an evil, fanatical, Christian, racist, nazi white supremacist who loves meat and petroleum byproducts. Shame! If you think America is now the proverbial horse’s ass & laughing stock of the rest of the world with Captain Fulldiaper asleep at the helm, just wait until we turn the Kamel and her searing intellectual statesmanship loose on our enemies and allies, what few we still may have remaining! Have you ever listened to this idiot speak? It usually sounds something like this, ”At this moment in time we celebrate the moment of a moment in time which is a more important moment than all other moments.” Fuck me, that much dumb doesn’t fit in my brain. I tellz ya, she’s gonna be more than Lincoln and Churchill all rolled into one! A universal force of stupidity to be reckoned with.

The clock is ticking down for Joe. All he has to do is hold out for only one more week until he gets past January 20th. Then he can resign, step down, pass “peacefully in his sleep” or blow another brain gasket and die for all I care. Once he’s over the January 20th deadline, he becomes useless to the cause and they can get rid of him to install Kameltoe to finish out his remaining two years and still be eligible to serve two more full four year terms as the official, Deep State executive figurehead. Just imagine, ten whole years, an entire decade of imbecilic, slack doper, Jamaican-curry national dicksucking! That’s why I predict the Machine will soon throw Joe under the bus with the classified document scandal. because it’s finally time to execute Plan B! You know, I can’t decide which infuriates me more; that fact that these worthless jackoffs commit crime after crime with impunity or their total in your face, completely insane personal projections of pathological hypocrisy. It’s a toss up!

They made a huge stink & raided Trump’s Florida home at Mara Lago because he had supposedly stolen classified documents allegedly containing nuclear codes. Almost an entire fucking year later and no formal charges or indictments, just more huffing and puffing to keep those Media chihuahuas churning the Rat propaganda mill. Doesn’t seem to matter to them that Presidents traditionally reserve the right to declassify anything they want before they leave office. The Magic Chocolate Pharoah did it, but of course his shit always smells like gardenias and he can never do NO wrong. While the long knives came out and have in effect remained out for Trump merely exercising his normal executive authority, the same cannot be said for Ole Sniffer Joe, Amerika’s most popular Presidont evah. Of course, since Joe’s a shit rolling RAT (one of the top dirty RATS), a completely different legal standard obviously applies to him. the Fapdog Media has already shifted into high gear to dry hump the Machine’s narrative talking points that it’s all somehow an entirely different set of circumstances for poor ole Joe and his irresponsibility with improperly handling classified documents is really no big deal. Move along citizens, nothing to see here! Meanwhile, the Rats threaten Trump with imminent arrest. Butt, butt, butt even though Joe was only the VP, Obama actually declassified all of those documents. See what I mean? every time they pull bullshit like this I can’t tell which makes me more angry; the fact they blatantly break the law or the underhanded way they completely exonerate themselves from any culpability or legal responsibility.

Right now, we’re up to not one, not two, but THREE different locations where Sleepy Joe stashed classified government docs: the UPenn Biden Center which was managed by the current Secretary Of State Anthony Blinken  during the same time the Center received $53 million in donations from “anonymous” Chinese sources. Ooops! Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The second location was a storage shed and the last location (which we know about) is his private garage in Delaware. How many more locations has this greasy old turd “dumped” classified information? To make matters worse, his lawyers knew about all of this several days before the midterm elections and sat on it until just last week. How completely convenient! As we have already learned the hard way with Hunter’s laptop, we can’t allow anything to come to light which may damage the Democrats’ chances in an election, ever. Russian Pee Dossiers are for Republicans only! Are you thoroughly pissed & disgusted yet? I certainly am. 

So as we watch the pre-scripted, political, Uni-party melodrama double standard of Trump being castigated for not breaking any laws while Pantload Joe is going to most certainly skate off scott free into the sunset to enjoy all the billions he and his doper son have stolen and laundered during their national crime spree, don’t worry. If Joe is somehow pushed out of the Oval Office to install the Kamel, let not your hearts be troubled. Since the DOJ has already long since been weaponized as just another Stasi arm of the DNC, not a damned thing will happen to him or to anyone in his merry band of pirates. Once Joe is gone, the entire story will be buried down the rabbit hole. To make certain the Sheep forget, we’ll get some freshly crafted new disaster or crisis to distract and occupy our deficit of national attention. Maybe President Kamel will decide to take the war in Ukraine to the next level by putting American boots on the ground there. Perhaps a new variant of COVID will pop up in some backward shithole where the people still screw bush animals. Perhaps we’ll finally get that incredible cyber attack which shuts down everything and sends all of humanity back to the Stone Age. You know, the one Der Fuhrer Klaus has been warning us about? The one he and his billionaire buddies who screw kids and think they are gods are going to be game planning this coming week in Davos. So you see, there is plenty of potential new FEAR FODDER in the pipeline to cover for any of Robinette Shitpant’s illegal document crimes. Doesn’t seem to matter at all that he has compromised our national security by scattering classified information because NOBODY is talking about it! WHERE is the outrage over all this crooked bastard’s dealings with Ukraine, Iran, the Chinese Communist Party, Kazakhstan, Namibia, the Borg, Valhalla and all the other players in his you pay to play scheme. Where are all the Alphabet Media talking heads who were out for blood on Trump every time he farted?  Where’s the Washington Compost. MSNBCLSD, the Clinton News Network or National Progressive Radio on this story? For that matter WHERE is the fucking FBI, Grand Jury or Special Council? Where’s the prime time made for TV raid on Joe’s Delaware home? I’ll tell you where they are; they’re busy painting all of this over and buttering Joe’s ass on direct orders from their billionaire masters at the Fourth Reich Vatican in Davos. I’m certain the topic will come up many times during their conference this week as they formulate the next steps in their nefarious plans to dominate we lowly insect people who are now merely obstacles of inconvenience on the road to an entirely new Dark Ages of a complete totalitarian, technology enforced, digital, world police state. Kumbayah! I know, some times I can be such a cheery little ray of sunshine.    

Once you pull yourself away from the yapping carnival barkers of doom and divest your attention away from all of their lies, distraction and manipulation you will see that there is a much bigger story hiding behind a demented old fart accidentally misplacing a few government documents. Whenever you see one hand moving, you always gotta pay attention to what the other one is really doing. This is how they always get away with it! Sheep hypnosis! You are getting sleepy, very sleepy! You are now worried about systemic racism! MORE worried! Economic inequality! Going deeper now, a looming climate catastrophe will kill you if you don’t surrender your wealth and freedoms to the government; for the common good! You are growing more sleepy! All you want to do now is just rest and sleep! You can’t save “democracy” unless you sleeeeepppppp! For those of us who no longer fall for any this bullshit and have decided to take the Red Pill, the REAL story behind the Joe Doc scandal is the influence peddling and MONEYn LAUNDERING! Isn’t it always about the money with these cocksuckers? The Penn Biden Center was really set up as another illegal money laundering front for the Biden Crime Family. Another pay to play opportunity where foreign players could make “donations” to have direct access to US classified information and secrets. Pretty smooth, eh? I’ll also wager there are a shit load of important players who used the center to clean dirty money for a slight handling fee; you know, 10% for the Big Guy. The Left, meaning all the communists in their various deceptions as democratic socialists, activists, congressmen, senators, cabinet members and the bureaucracy that controls them all still doesn’t want a second term of Joe Biden because just as two terms of the obamanoid set up a Trump presidency, no telling what eight years of Joe ass raping the country would give us. Biden? NOBODY likes him, but he has served his purpose well for fucking up the country to advance the Globalist Agenda and the Great Reset. 

So predictable. Same old shit, different day. Yawn. While they go about their business of enriching themselves at our expense, shitting on the country by ignoring the wide open border, out of control spending, inflation, outages, shortages, rampant crime, drug use any any of the other forms of suffering and misery they have unnecessarily created in order to ultimately dominate and control us, more Americans every day go from woke to awake. Unfortunately, it’s a process which hasn’t yet reached a breaking point by completely playing itself out, but it WILL. As we have all see and experienced during the last two election cycles, we can’t vote them out at this point and they seem totally indifferent to reason or even making the hollow pretense of doing anything right for us or the Country. They keep pushing the bioweapon Clot Shot as more of us “die suddenly.” They continue to advocate for the psychosis of genital butchery claiming it is some sort of inherent human “right.” I think most rational people have already come to the realization this is a war between GOOD vs EVIL and that we are dealing with real monsters. I haven’t given up and I won’t ever give up. Nor will I ever give in and neither should you. I know; none of this shit is easy or comfortable: however as the real Americans, this isn’t our first time at the rodeo. I still have faith in the long haul, we’re all gonna be ok. The wisdom of age has taught me everyday is a good day when you wake up above the grass. No matter how deep the shit may get, don’t ever take you eyes off the stars. We can’t lose perspective. Our day in the Sun will finally will come and we will know it when it arrives because it will be undeniable. And then we will triumph because on that day the Heavens will move and act with us. Their house of cards and mirrors will come crashing down. We will prevail because we endured. Just keep looking up and moving forward! ✪

Hang in there, Patriots!

General Mossberg