✪ Hi there, Guy and Gal Americans! This is another one of those times when I feel so incredibly frustrated about this steady, non-stop, calculated decline of our country that I can’t fucking stand it. I’m growing TIRED of the wild & crazy psyop “THEY” keep spinning up & pounding away on us with every passing day. I know how it’s all been carefully scripted & choreographed; designed to wear us down & wear us out to the point where we just finally throw up our hands in exasperation and say ok! You motherfuckers win! We give up! We surrender! We’re ready to board the trains! At least that’s what THEY think and expect us to do. I don’t know how to break it to them gently, so I will break it to them HARD; I am NEVER going to comply! I am never going to give up or give in to you Luciferian, Communist shitbags! NEVER! That is the hill I will DIE on and so will you. I guarantee it! If they couldn’t corral us with the Chink Bat Flu Fear gambit or the Vax fiasco, what makes them think their luck is going to change and be any better now with all of this cli-mutt change gaslighting and fear mongering? It isn’t because it’s still all the same old shit, only the names have been changed. What’s next after we refuse to break under this one, fucking space aliens? Oh yeah, the space aliens are now here and they only way they won’t completely destroy Humanity is if we all agree to install a communist World government immediately! Seems legit! Even if these bastards kill me I will do my best to go out of my way to stink worse than three days worth of Joe loads in a pair of executive Huggies. For fucks sake, if they would only stop yapping and yammering for a few seconds about all these imaginary problems they can’t seem to stop creating, they just might notice the lines in this war have already been drawn decisively against them. 90% of all the lies, bullshit, obfuscation and censorship they spew are just ideological flatulence! They pass gas every time one of these maggot’s open their mouths.

There are only two camps in this war. Americans and the stupid, worthless, woke, wannabe, revolutionary commie scum! We can tell this is nothing more than the same old shit because it SMELLS the same as always and we don’t believe a stinkin’ word of any of it. The ones most persuaded to open wide and swallow big heaping spoonfuls their loyal Sheep who are convinced it is the responsibility of government to do everyone’s thinking for them. If it all wasn’t so ridiculous, it would be entertaining and we could all just have a good laugh at these idiots, but these Wokers are dangerous because they know they are already are doomed! That’s why they are so obsessed with taking everybody else down with them when the shit house finally implodes. They have now been reduced to mindless mannequins; butt plowing, workers of the world unite, mentally deficient, sexual mutant freaks who live to inflict as much damage and misery as possible. How can you hope to ever save any of these hive minded, hypnotized, slave Sheep who no longer even know which sex they are? There is NO future to share with these Pod People. They have NO minds left to change. It is a lost cause! They are completely LOST. They will not endure to survive to see how their Masters’ Klown Show Of Horrors ends because they will all quietly be liquidated to fill tubes of Happy Utopia Anal Butt Lube for the Elites’ “greater good” after their usefulness to the new feudal aristocracy is finally exhausted. Their minds have all been made up for them and you can’t convince them otherwise. Can’t talk any sense into their stupid concrete, tiny, slug brains. They haven’t yet come to see and understand the only way they will have nothing and be happy is when they are all dead. Butt, butt, butt cli-mutt change! Systemic racism! Stand with Ukraine! End Capitalism now! Penguins, not profits! Crush the Patriachy! Save the Erf! The same old shit! I will laugh out loud at all of these stupid fools while I watch them go feet first into the giant wood chipper of History.

As you know, each Saturday we meet here to reflect and bitch upon all the hollow drama of the moonbat clusterfuckery of the Left which transpires the week before; and, we will continue to do so until our ship of state either sinks or stops listing heavily to the left and finally rights itself! These moronic dumbfucks were actually lucky enough to have the very good fortune to be born in the greatest country on Earth ever and yet here they are giving it everything they got to destroy it! There’s lots of reasons WHY and personally I don’t give a flying fuck about any of them because I’m not willing to assume their fractured mindset in order to understand them. And even if I did, most of their whack shit is just programmed brainwashing. The same old shit. As far as I’m concerned, the sides in this epic battle of the current epoch have already been chosen and I consider them and their cult a direct threat to me, my family, the country and Western Civilization. For fuck sake, they now want to ban water heaters and washing machines. That’s what we are dealing with here.

Take note; should you make the mistake of getting in front of me you are going to die. If you are beside me, then we will fight the scum and triumph together. If you’re behind me, then consider yourself as protected. That’s about where I stand now while I routinely watch as all of these new bullshit rules and regulations roll out every week by the Insane DC Klown Posse. Tough shit, Beltway sodomite fascist phucks. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not going to be complying. Take all of your new new mandates and directives and shove them where the Sun doesn’t shine. You’ve long sense violated any trust and duty of your office to represent anyone’s interests except your own. That is now but a mirage of the past. That I define as the actions and attitude of an illegal and rogue government; and not one to which I owe any further obligations or alliance with which to cooperate or comply. Your threats don’t mean anything, anymore. You have conveniently excluded yourselves from following the same laws you insist upon enforcing on the rest of. It doesn’t work that way. Since you seem to enjoy being selective in which laws you follow, how about the rest of us all start doing the same? Why not? From now on, I’ll pick and chose the ones I want to follow. All bets are off. How do you like them apples, assholes? Don’t like it? Tough shit! I don’t like it either and neither do another 150 million of my fellow Americans but you built this and you keep pushing it. What are you going to do, kill or throw all of us in jail? Fuck you. 

Eventually all this is bound to get even more squirrelly than it already has become, but I know you scheming, kiddie diddling grifters think that’s what you really want. What you may not have considered is how I’m just old enough to no longer care about consequences. My freedom and standard of living will always be worth more to me than your agendas, crimes, dishonesty, greed, perversions and twisted manipulations of the Truth. I’m certainly not going to go looking for any trouble, but when crunch time finally arrives I will faithfully follow the Constitution and protect this country from all enemies foreign, domestic and Democrat. That’s not a threat but rather a promise. Consider yourselves as placed on notice.

So I will keep this edition of DOUBLE BARREL short and sweet. Perhaps a disappointment to some and a relief to others. I won’t waste lots of time and words being redundant here when the overall message is PLAIN for all to see. We are tired of your SHIT. The SAME OLD SHIT. I could elaborate further but I really don’t believe I need to. I’m sure Ned is listening in and sucking on his Karl Marx flavored buttplug pacifier hoping I will say something which triggers him to release the government flying monkeys. These fuckers can’t get a single damned thing right and they FAIL at every turn but I know they are always chomping at the bit to have an excuse to put on their Gestapo jammies and wave their little toy poodles woodies in everyone’s faces. I don’t want to give them that satisfaction.Just like they’re doing now on the border in Texas, I see Unkle Joe and his DOJ thugs sent Texas a cease and desist order to prevent Texas from doing anything which may interfere in their Cartel buddies’ business of human trafficking massive numbers of illegal aliens into our country. That right there should be an undeniable huge red flag with a hammer and sickle on it. Joe Biden has been the Godfather of the Biden Family Crime Syndicate for more than a half a century, now. NOBODY in Government has ever lifted even a finger to shut him down. That means they are ALL just as crooked as him. Nothing is done, yet Trump is somehow charged with multiple Biden crimes. Bizarro, banana republic world. What a fucking joke! We are no longer governed by civil and moral men. We are ruled over and threatened into compliance by a bunch of international, criminally corrupt, greedy, child molesting sodomite murderers supported by legions of blind, arrogant, self serving bureaucrats, unions, race merchants, military industrial complex toadies, popular media culture and academia psychopaths who have all sold their souls to the New Order thinking they are all going to sit at the table and enjoy a slice of the Great Reset pie. Not going to happen, at least while the rest of have anything to say about it, which we DO! 

So keep it up commie cocksuckers! Keep poking that patriot hornet’s nest with that stick. See what you get. However friends, hold your cool and keep your resolve in the presence of their same old shit.

Wait until they box themselves in and run out of runway, which they are quickly doing. Remember, timing and opportunity are everything. We don’t need any loose canons or heroes. Don’t make the mistake of finding this out the hard way. Instead, spend your time waiting upon that moment of deliverance by properly educating yourself on the weak points of crooked governments; preferably from behind a VPN. Consider your devices to be compromised by their paranoid compulsions. I think you all understand exactly what I am saying here. What were once considered conspiracy theories only three short years ago have now become actionable facts. Who knows what new squirrels they will release this coming week to distract from their ongoing crimes. However, more people are taking the red pill and waking up to their bullshit. Hence, their desperate need to keep upping the stakes as more people are becoming desensitized to the constant parade of train wrecks, mass shootings and huge mysterious explosions. Now they have weaponized the fucking weather and next it could even be UFO’s! Stay alert and keep your eyes open. My spidey senses tell me they are going to pull something bigly to try and force a tipping point. I predict it will be something even more monumentally stupid than anything they have tried until now, because everything they’ve already tried has ultimately failed. That’s because at the end of the day they are nothing more than just a group of pathetic, greedy, dishonest, evil mentally ill losers who just keep pushing the SAME OLD SHIT. ✪

For God and Country

General Mossberg