General Observations

✪ Hey guys!  Another order of Double Barrel is up again: serving you yet another satisfying, weekly heaping helping of insight and caustic sarcasm to make you smile and lighten the load of national marxist malefeasence being perpetuated by the criminal, tapeworm, Political Klass Kabal hell bent on nothing less than the complete destruction of our divinely blessed republic. FUCK THEM! Thank you, I feel so much better now that I’ve gotten that obligatory formality out of the way. How about you? Yes, another week has already passed and these two legged cockroaches have once again failed in their misguided efforts to collapse Western Civilization. However, it’s not as if they aren’t really trying! Once again, salute yourselves for your demonstration of amazing resilience in the face of so much ignorance, insanity and evil. In this week’s exciting installment of Double Barrel, I’m going to endeavor to share with all of you my interpretation of some of the countercurrents moving beneath the clouded American landscape. Some of the not so obvious forces at work which could ultimately push the the Left to a critical mass of desperation. Hang on and stay with me, because it probably won’t be what you expect!

Once these pant wetting, marxist maggots finally realize how poorly they have estimated us and the current situation based on their FEEEWWIIINGGGGSSSSSS instead of logical sensibilities, they will find themselves stuck up the proverbial Shit Creek without their paddles. It will be too late for them! As many of this last week’s turn of events may have already demonstrated, circumstances are already starting to turn and pivot out of their grasp. There is real change in the wind, so stay alert and keep up your guard, because they’re probably getting ready to hatch some sort of fucking false flag mother of all squirrels out of their asses; it’s all but inevitable now. Of this I am practically certain because everyday I see the walls closing in on President Skidmark and his merry band of pirates. His long history of treasonous grift and self enrichment from half a century of selling out America to her enemies to line his own pockets and stroke his own ego are coming to an end. More rotting dead skeletons are tumbling out of his closet. More backed up sewage in the national septic system is starting to bubble up and stink. They’ve already tried train wrecks, Chinese spy balloons and burning entire cities to the ground; none those worked as they hoped or planned. This time it could be a hot escalation with Russia, Martial Law ala COVID version 2.0 or “climate change.” Or maybe perhaps even SPACE ALIENS! Seeing how they’ve already spent the last three years desensitizing more and more of the general population with all of their manufactured crises, outrages and disasters, it’s going to have to be something really Biblical and epically mindfucking to close the deal this time. But don’t worry, they aren’t that smart. Just keep remembering this is all really one gigantic, cooked up, manufactured, synthetic reality Truman Show and you should be fine. Don’t take the brown acid! Just between you and I, I don’t think they really have it in them. As I have already said here numerous times before, for all of their noise, huffing and puffing, I think the bag they’re holding is completely empty. They’re on the biggest snipe hunt in History and don’t even know it. I think when it’s finally time to call, they will fold without even showing their hand; that’s how chickenshit they really are. At the end of the day, they are all hung like teacup poodles.

They may try to get the ball rolling with a series of compounding events; all designed to come at us so fast we can’t think on out feet. Be prepared! Can you say international economic collapse? Sure, I knew you could. The weak point of that one is that it ultimately leads to the complete failure of all civil authority. If that happens, then who will be around to protect these wastes of skin and oxygen from the multitude of pissed off masses once they have finally succeeded in completely destroying the fabric of society? The first sign we will witness is the Left starting to cannibalize itself. Hey, that’s already happening! Good times! Living will become optional for most of these worms because they will have no way of defending themselves against one another once the stakes of survival rise high enough. That’s what happens when you become a SHEEP who’s been brainwashed into believing guns are evil and serve no purpose. That’s what happens when you’ve been brainwashed into believing self defense is BAD. All that fucking moral self righteousness, bogus, lofty intellectual superiority, tolerance and “compassion” four years that overpriced liberal arts college drilled into your head won’t do jack to stop that pack of crazy, commie antifa queers or murderous Bowel Movements Matter apes who believe their day in the SUN has finally arrived. They won’t give a shit if you love the smell of their shit. However, Conservatives will survive because our instinctive sense of self preservation hasn’t been extracted from us by some archaic political ideology of the Hive. Let them come and try that shit in a small town, we’ll just shoot their maggot faggot asses and feed them to the hogs.

As we all know, the ghetto toilet areas and parts of the country known as “blue states & cities” will fare the worst in all of this coming chaos. They already are. That’s because once they finally forfeit the last vestiges of the structured law abiding society they have been do desperately trying to eliminate for the last 60 years, they will come to discover they are actually their own worst enemies and VICTIMS. Brings an entirely new meaning to “be careful what you wish for.” Checkmate! I know some of you may not agree with me when I suggest that perhaps the only thing we really need to do is just get out of the way and let their own stupidity eventually destroy them. As the Good Book says, “The wages of sin are death.” Apparently, the GodLess Left is bound and determined to learn this lesson the hard way.

The Rule Of Law has been the predominate civilizing influence throughout most of recorded human history. Either the RESPECT or FEAR of it. It prevents normal people from indulging in their darkest and depraved tendencies. Butt WTF? The Left obviously knows better because they fucking know it all, right? And that’s exactly what lies at the core of their hatred of America; the fact it is the first country in History to ever fashion the Rule of Law in such a form as to promote individual freedom and determinism over collective serfdom and slavery. So long as Rule of Law remains as a respected or feared influence. Butt, butt, butt that means I can’t steal the products of other’s labor thru socialism if I happen to be a lazy, unmotivated skidmark. WAHHHHH! That means I can’t kill other people I don’t like! WAHHHH! That means I can’t shoplift with impunity! WAHHHH! That means I can’t have sex with little children! WAHHHHH! That means I can’t LIE with abandon in order to get whatever I want! WAHHHH! I’m not FREE to be a selfish, amoral PIG! WAHHHH! It’s all so UNFAIR! TEAR IT DOWN!

I’m sorry Sunshine, but unfortunately life in this fallen world just isn’t fair. Never was, never will be. Get used to it. There’s always going to be some people who have more than others. Some people who are going to be smarter, stronger and faster. Yes, all men ARE created equal but that is NO guarantee of any equality of outcome. Hey, it’s not my fault lots of people are born into shitholes and are doomed to a life of living in cardboard shacks with dirt floors, sniffing glue with no future. It’s not my fault some people destroy themselves with drugs or alcohol. It’s not my fault some people can’t be bothered to ever educate themselves enough to contribute anything worthwhile to society. And it’s certainly not the role or function of any form of government to make itself into some sort of great “equalizer” because that shit usually just serves as the cover for a selected minority to actually make things MORE unequal to their own advantage. I’m sorry if for some reason I find myself being more abstract than usual this week in my thoughts.  

Paleopoliticians, they’ve been with us forever in one form or another because there have always been people whose only reason for living has been the obsessive control of others. They actually get off on it. I swear, it’s like some sort of sex lust with these twisted fuckers. In the old days, maybe people followed them because it was the only way they could know where their next meal was coming from. Or, they traded off their personal freedom for some sort of guarantee of a roof over their heads; or, safety from the next barbaric clan who lived just over the next hill. Sound familiar? However, America changed all of that and the control lusting cockroaches have been trying ever since to reassert their dominance. I think one reason shit looks so bad now from the experience of the common person is because they fail to understand our current position within the larger context of History. There’s a reason real evil is now so intent on targeting the World while targeting America and that is because the concept of America frightens and threatens them more than anything else at any other time in History. Shit, not even God frightens and threatens these Communist bastards as much as America because in their minds, they have already decided God doesn’t exist. HA! Another blind spot of their ignorance! Another CLASSIC miscalculation of humongous proportions! See, I keep telling you these shit eaters aren’t anywhere as intelligent enough as they need to be in order to accomplish whatever it is they don’t really understand they are doing! And that is exactly what will ultimately lead them to their inevitable destruction. Prove me wrong!

There’s a hell of a lot more going on now than meets the eye. Common sense confirms that observation.  The bottom line; the Donkee Progs are their own worst enemies who have aligned themselves against the universal powers of God, Good and the Truth by virtue of their own pigheaded hubris. Oh, it get’s even better! Because they are so completely blinded by their own sense of self loathing pride, they are incapable of ever admitting they are wrong or changing direction to self correct or save themselves. Instead, they are far more content to go over Niagra Falls while insisting there is no such thing as Niagra Falls. Talk about being completely given over to their own delusions! Can you imagine any brainwashed, Biden buttcrack snorkeling sheep ever admitting there is NO such thing as climate change? Or that systemic racism in America is nothing but a manipulative lie? Or that there really aren’t more than only two genders: male and female? Or that the war in Ukraine really isn’t about saving “democracy?” Of course not! That’s because their huge swollen heads won’t stand for them ever admitting they may be wrong about anything. Checkmate! That’s why there is absolutely NO hope nor chance of any shared future with these smarmy pretentious asshats; because their pathological hubris will not allow them in anyway to settle or compromise for anything which lies outside the realm of stoking their humongous hollow egos! They don’t need to even listen because they know it all already! Like I said, just step out of their way and watch while they drive themselves into the wall! They carry with them the seeds of their own destruction. Checkmate!

Why am I telling you all of this now? Because we can’t allow ourselves to be fooled or manipulated by only topical appearances. Because when we dial down in closer, past all of the noise, outrage and distraction, we see the Left is actually weaker and more deeply flawed than ever before. Butt, butt, butt General, if that really was true then how is it they’re in control of everything? How is it all I see is them running everything into the dirt? Well chilluns, there’s a certain amount of time every drunk enjoys the nonstop party before their liver gives out. There are NO free lunches in the Universe. Sooner or later, the tab arrives at the table and those who have been doing most of the eating are the one stuck paying it. Yeah, shit looks bad now, but the fucking death spasms of political ideologies rooted exclusively in the darkness of selfishness, self hate, depravity and death usually do. The important question is how do we best preserve ourselves while they are flopping around puking and shitting themselves before they finally run out of gas and draw their last breathe? The most obvious answer is to NOT fall for their LIES and allow ourselves to become consumed by their false, manufactured synthetic reality. Let them exhaust themselves by warring with the lies of their own creation. How’s that for fucking Karma? Do any of us really believe that modern decadences like the current transgender mass psychosis are going to survive one minute longer after the complete collapse of society and civil authority? Fuck NO! That shit will evaporate almost immediately because it serves absolutely NO natural purpose for existing in a new order in which future survival requires intelligence and LOGICAL estimations instead of selfish indulgences built upon dishonesty and delusion. Hey, don’t point any fingers at me! I wasn’t the one who was hammering away relentlessly over the years at the previous system which made it possible for you to comfortably flaunt your illnesses and depravities. You made your bed, so you can fucking die in it. And don’t show up at my door spewing some lofty, post academic, marxian garbage about how I fucking need to provide you food and shelter because we’re really “equal” because I’ll just blow your head off. How you liking your new world so far? Kumbayah my Lord, someone’s dying. It ain’t me!

So let these misguided jackoffs continue squeezing their tiny lizards until they have wrung out every last drop of any common sense and finally deliver themselves into the hands of their own demise. Try and stay out of the way while they do it to make certain they don’t splatter any of their blood or shit on you. Go clean out the garage or fold the laundry until they run out of gas. Position yourselves in such a way as to minimize any possible contagion of their stupidity. Yeah, the ride is probably going to get really bumpy but will eventually smooth out once they are finally destroyed by their own preoccupation and obsessions with themselves. It’s really true; I really do believe the meek will inherit the Earth. I know survival favors the intelligent, moral and practical and if you’re here and reading these words, then that’s the type of person you already are and that’s NOT a small advantage. It’s not too terribly difficult to be smarter, stronger and honest than a bunch of idiots who bow down to a false God without even knowing it. Sun Tzu knew this. In The Art Of War he says, “Never interrupt your enemy when they are in the process of destroying themselves.” Sage advice! Until I return and we meet once again next week, don’t let the assholes get you down. Continue to endeavor to resist & endure regardless in the face of all the craziness and stupidity. Never forget those things which are most important in life: God, Family, Country, meaning, purpose, honesty and integrity. Everything else is just the shadows of fleeting bullshit. The future favors the strong, the moral and the resourceful. Deep down inside I know you know that you know this is true. Let it be the rock you stand upon. Checkmate! ✪

For God, Country, Family & Bacon!

General Mossberg