SUBSPECIES: Homopoliticus Rectumis

SUBSPECIES: Homopoliticus Rectumis

✪ A great big shout out and hearty hello to all of you good, salt of the Earth, God fearing, America loving folks out there enduring and persisting each week in the midst of the absolute dystopian nightmare brought to us on a daily basis by our communist coup, crime cabal!  Honestly, there are days I just don’t know how you all do it, but YOU DO! OohRah! As Churchill once said, “When you find yourself in Hell, keep going!” I know that’s gotta piss them off; how in the face of such relentless government clusterfuckery we always remain true as Americans by honoring our values, morals and actions in a manner worthy of the sacrifices of those who fought, suffered and DIED so FREEDOM may endure among all the people of the World. And that, my friends is NO small thing. Remember that anytime you may be tempted to feel down or glum, tired or beat up, defeated or discouraged. It will fill you with new courage and fresh resolve. There are MILLIONS who have come before us and already gone on. THEY are the reason we endure! We can’t and won’t let them down!  

The Insane Clown Posse currently in DC running the show never fails to amuse and bewilder me. Everyday. If it wasn’t so pathetic, it actually would be amusing. What a bunch of clueless, corrupt, criminal jack offs posturing and pretending every day like they actually know what the fuck they are doing. They don’t! No wonder the country and the world are so screwed up, now! None of them can barely walk upright or speak any known understandable language because as a species, they suffer from common stunted evolutionary development.They are not “progressives” as they so enjoy calling themselves. They are REGRESSIVES who only know how to walk backwards. I suspect they may not even be really Human; but rather, an independent subspecies I call Homopoliticus rectumis (emphasis on homo). For all of you who may have flunked your quarter of required Latin in high school, Homopoliticus rectumis loosely translates to “faggot political asshole.”  Well, amIright or what? Homopoliticus rectumis is primarily a parasitic subspecies organism which is usually found living in its own shit. It thrives on death, chaos, division, self loathing and every sort of sick and twisted degenerate perversion known to otherwise normal people. It often confuses war for peace, slavery for freedom and death for life. Mentally, it has an unhealthy tendency of embracing failed and outdated political ideologies: thriving instead on postmodern, Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, marxist bullshit; all of which are only different ways of describing the same thing: COMMUNISM. Having cursed, denied and abandoned GOD, Homopoliticus rectumis does not know how to either be happy or love themselves, hence they are incapable of loving their country or fellow man. The fundamental cause celeb for which they mostly exist which gives limited meaning to their tiny, wretched lives is their obsession with constant bouts of whining, crying, screaming during prolonged rages of activism over imaginary injustices and inequality. Mental hobgoblins which forever haunt and torture them and ultimately, have NO final end point or resolution. In other words, phantom problems with NO end. As such, they are slaves of their own emotions & are too fucking dense to see any farther into the future than past the tip of their own noses. Hence their complete inability to be able to think anything out to its inevitable conclusion or take responsibility for experiencing the effects of their own causes and actions. It’s always someone else’s fault or NOTHING is EVER good enough to satisfy them. They are always the VICTIMS because they ALWAYS choose to FEEL instead of THINK. Because of this, they are usually unable to productively contribute anything to society, much less take responsibility for their own well being. 

For that they look to the STATE as their savior. The STATE is their living god, the end all alpha and omega in their tiny insect worlds. The State is beyond all question and can never do any wrong. Homopoliticus rectumis are strong believers in BIG government; specifically, Government which is always growing, expanding and consuming everything and everyone in its path. Homopoliticus rectumis don’t seem to notice or mind this clear and present danger because they have already been assimilated. 

Homopoliticus rectumis are completely obsessed with ALL things sexual and everything regarding SEX. They are constantly hung up on bodies, holes, orifices, appendages, feces, urine, fluids, genders, fantasies and orgasms. In fact, you could say their unnatural overemphasis and unhealthy preoccupation with their sexuality at the expense of any healthy balance of all the other aspects and components of their useless lives drives them to commit unbelievably vile extremes of personal indulgence which they rationalize away with a self-righteous sense of phony intellectual superiority. In their mind, it’s OK to let it all hang out. Let that freak flag fly brothers and sisters! Many of them can be found publicly justifying perverted sex acts with children, pets, farm animals, uncooked chickens and each other as something inherently natural as a way to deny any guilt they may experience from engaging in such degenerate acts.

As I said, Homopoliticus rectumis are primarily parasites. That means they are naturally lazy and expect everyone else in the country to support their lifestyle and sloth by paying their way; or, by giving them tons of free shit. Many of them are professional students, spending more than half of their lives pursuing a path in higher education which by design, never reaches any destination. Sponging indefinitely year after year off student loans which will ultimately be forgiven by a corrupt government regime which wants to buy their loyalty. Sucking up every kind of FREE student benefit program they can get their mouths around. Of the ones who actually DO manage to graduate and earn a degree, it is usually for some kind of fucking useless, worthless, dead end knowledge which serves NO practical function and ultimately contributes NOTHING to society or Mankind. Stupid shit like climate political science, black marxist sociology, or Middle Eastern Queer Studies. Outside of the exception of landing a cush, pampered, lifelong career in the public service mill, many will find themselves (along with their six color hair, face ink, piercings and atrocious personal hygiene) in debt twenty inches up inside their asses and unemployed for the rest of their lives. Of course, it will ALL be the fault of America and oppressive Capitalism! If only the entire World was Communist, then everything would finally all be fair and equal, right? They would finally be completely FREE to work on their art, get high and play video games, jerk off to online porn, or sit in Starbucks every day, sucking down their non-fat, decaf, no sugar, free trade, soy chai lattes while they share their incredibly brilliant insights into all the wonders of Cultural Maoism with the rest of the world on social media without ever being inconvenienced again by the weight and unfairness of having to actually support themselves. Oh, to be so young again and dream!

Those who fall between the cracks and are unable to find a successful ploy to avoid a life of work will try for some form of guaranteed income. Many will claim “depression” and hit the jackpot with a monthly $3000 Social Security Disability benefit because the cruelty of living in such a terrible country like America has left them permanently broken and scarred. The horror, the horror!   

Homopoliticus rectumis are incapable of any independent thought; rather, they all share the common neural network of the Hive Mind. They are like twitching and blinking guppies who barely have enough self awareness to know that they exist. Their small, poorly developed brains are always found located in their asses. They are extremely gullible and easily manipulated. They believe everything their televisions and the Ministry Of Truth, Establishment, FapDog News, Popular Culture Media Entertainment Syndicate packs into their little rat ears. Hook, line and sinker! They will swallow any lie with zero questioning or reflection; especially ones which payoff with some sort of new outrage response or social injustice cause they can feel miserable about. They live to be unhappy.

Homopoliticus rectumis are notoriously hypocritical and project like motherfuckers. Whatever they are accusing you of doing to them, it’s pretty much a sure bet that’s exactly what they are doing to you. They will lecture you about not eating meat and how horrible a person you are because you are a climate denier. This annoying practice juices them with a hollow feeling of personal power because they honestly believe it is their sacred duty to convince everyone else to think and believe exactly the same as them. They worship at the altar of Scientism and are always correct, because they obviously know everything about everything, so there you ignorant, flyover, redneck Maggat hicks! They will often abruptly end any constructive or productive discussion which may impinge on their mental rigidity by suddenly announcing, “The science is settled, end of discussion!” For this reason, they love and embrace ANY and ALL kinds of laws, policies, mandates and regulations which drain every pleasure out of daily life. They LOVE anything they suspect impedes or hinders the freedom and happiness of everyone else because the only way they know how to feel content with themselves is by destroying the happiness of others.

They are gullible and completely swallow every LIE, exaggeration and falsehood force fed to them by their globalist Donkee masters. They still wear masks and are all up to date on their Pfizer and Moderna shots. They believe only Klaus Schwab can save the World. Climate change is a scary monster hiding under their beds. In their tiny minds they believe men can have periods and babies, murdering unborn children is “freedom,” blacks are still slaves in America, pedophilia is acceptable so long as it is consensual, the human race will be extinct in less than ten years due to the weather, the war in Ukraine is really all about “democracy,” Palestine is actually a real place and Joe Biden received a record number of 81 million votes in the 2020 election and now presides over the most robust, on fire economy evah in the entire History of the World. In other words they are industriously dense, stupid and mentally impacted Sheep. They are always completely in for the latest current thing.

Homopoliticus rectumis have NO respect for our national traditions, history or institutions. Generally, they hate the police and the Rule Of Law. They think social moral permissiveness is really where it’s at. They think Christopher Columbus was a racist, colonial, imperialist. They believe George Floyd died for their sins and now revere him as some kind of holy, ascended saint. They think the Green New Deal is just swell and often fantasize about banning all forms of ICE transportation, gas stoves, generators and economical energy sources while they lay in bed at night all alone tugging on their tiny, commie, donkee puds. The only time they appear to support either religion or the Constitution is when they can pimp them out to support their agenda. Their hate for Donald Trump is actually a pathological, neurotic compulsion. Their constant obsession with Trump has allowed him to move in and live rent free inside of their empty heads. In fact, when you ask a Homopoliticus rectumis pod person specifically WHY they dislike Trump, you will immediately discover they are clueless to give you any sort of answer which makes sense. Usually, it will be some form of emotional vitriol ad hominem generalization like, “Drumpft is a fucking racist” or “ he’s a war criminal,” even though Donald Trump never started a war during his entire term as president. Go figure! Actual FACTS are always lost on them. If they feel it, then it must be REAL. Instead, they think the Executive Potato in diapers is a really good guy and doing a great job. That’s how fucking LOW their standards and expectations have fallen. How about those gas prices? Down from $5.00 a gallon a year ago to $3.85, now! I tell you, that Joe is a fucking miracle worker! Thank God he won in 2020! Who knows where we would be now under a second term of a Drumpft dicktatership! More than likely already in World War III. Oh, wait!

And where would we all be without Joe’s 50 years of solid government experience and his cool, steady handed statesmanship to guide us through all these turbulent times with his razor sharp diplomatic prowess, right? I know I sure as hell sleep like a baby every night, knowing Joe is in Delaware taking a lid or going out for ice cream! Whether it’s Iran, Gaza, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Ukraine, Russia or North Korea, our Swingin’ Dick Joe always shuffles softly and carries a full pantload. Joe don’t take NO shit from anyone! That’s because he has enough of his own! I mean this is the guy who put Corn Pop in the hospital and raised the flag on Iwo Jima!   That’s why they call him “The Big Guy!” Because he doesn’t work for you!

As much as the unwashed, Donkee, Homopoliticus rectumis masses adore Joe, their highest holy adoration is reserved for that magic mulatto, milk chocolate pharaoh, Manchurian kneegrow who was conceived when the stars aligned, the angels sang and Frank Marshall Davis busted his black commie nut inside some clueless, brainwashed white trash girl named “Stanley” during a stag party where he shot nekid pitchers. Yes, I’m talking about mister “fundamental transformation” himself! To the faithful donkee sheep, there is no other name which sounds as sweet as that of America’s first half black president. The mere mention of his name is enough to make the average Demoncrap pass out in a breathless swoon, overcome by a full body orgasm. Oh fuck me running, how did I wind up here talking about Barry the Magnificent?       

Some Homopoliticus rectumis may claim they are real Americans, but do not be fooled! They are NOT. Being a real American isn’t the same as being a government annointed citizen. Funny, it’s US they usually consider who are NOT the real Americans. After all, it was we right wing, white nationalist, domestic terrorists who mounted an “insurrection” on January 6th which attempted to overthrow the government by overturning a legitimate election to undermine our “cherished democracy!” At least that’s what Nancy Pigloosi, Adam Shitt, Liz Cheney and about three quarters of all the other corrupt, ass sucking Deep State whores in Congress claim. They are FAKE Americans too. REAL Americans know what really happened! This country is unfortunately absolutely FULL of fake Americans. Millions of them! They’re either imported illegal aliens who have NO intentions of ever assimilating and are only here for FREE shit. Or they are terminally leftarded, commie Homopoliticus rectumis who want the United Nations to control the entire world. 

Personally, I am fed up sharing air with all the FAKE Americans and their bullshit. I am also fed up with all of the Homopoliticus rectumis I see everywhere. That’s why I enjoy being with REAL Americans who stand up for everything that makes/made this country great! REAL American like you who continue endure this shit storm of stupidity and insanity every week. That’s because we REFUSE to submit to all the LIES they spread about this country. We already know the truth! Nor are we fooled or taken in by any of their twisted distortions of reality. That America is a selfish, evil country, a racist country, a criminal country. Fuck NO! That America must be destroyed before Humanity can achieve some sort of obscure marxist Utopia. Fuck NO! That America is responsible for all the suffering, death and problems in the World. Fuck NO! I may have white rage, but I sure as shit don’t have any white guilt; AND, I’m not confused about WHO is the real problem here. I’ll wager neither are any of you. REAL Americans KNOW. They aren’t fooling us.

Finally, Homopoliticus rectumis have the very unpleasant habit of routinely shitting where they eat. That means they always find themselves on the wrong side of History and every issue. They suffer from an extremely toxic denial of reality because their brittle egos won’t allow them to ever admit they are wrong about anything. To do so they would be opening themselves up to the crushing prospect that if they are wrong about one thing, perhaps they could also be wrong about other things, too. Or, GASP! They might be wrong about everything! Nahhh, they would rather completely destroy the entire world and take the rest of us with them before ever taking responsibility or being held accountable for making a mistake. And that is precisely why I see NO possibility of any shared future with such irrational, emotionally driven people who are completely rigid in their insecurities. We can’t meet on any common ground with people who won’t budge an inch from their positions. There are no compromises or resolutions possible with people who constantly demand submission exclusively on their terms. I wish this wasn’t the case, but they have already told us we’re beyond that point now. For now, it’s enough to recognize and know them when you see them; and then, have nothing to do with them ✪.

For God, Family & Country!

General Mossberg