I Never Borrowed Any Money

I Never Borrowed Any Money

✪ A BIG heartfelt “Hello” to all of you wonderful TNA Patriots! Yes, AGAIN and as ALWAYS as astounding as it may seem to be, we have withstood and endured yet another week of the ongoing democrat & globalist communist coup. Hang in there! ONLY eight more months until November! Hell yas, you know they are going to try and steal it again, but this time it will be a LOT harder because everyone will be watching, waiting and expecting. There is also TONs more support for Trump this time around than there was in 2020; perhaps enough to overcome another STEAL, butt I know these fuckers will still TRY! People are TIRED and fed up with all their shit. However, I want to remind you eight months is still far off and ANYTHING can and will happen. So keep your guard up and wait until you see the browns of their eyes.  

As pure clusterfuckery and abject stupidity still emanate from the Donkee Cabal Death Star in Washington DC, I must decide what subject I can bitch about here again this weekend without completely losing my shit & going off the deep end. If at all possible, I’d like to be able to finish penning this edition of Double Barrel without feeling compleled to walk around the house punching holes in the walls. Let’s see if I can make it… The chaos and stupidity of the Left is almost endless, isn’t it? One of the things this illegal Joe regime seems to enjoy doing is twisting important economic numbers whenever they come out. Because if they actually told the truth about the economy while everybody was listening, their report card for managing the economy would look like shit! F for FAILURE!

Communists can’t manage anything except confusion & destruction. Prove me wrong! What they always do is trumpet incredible numbers in the Media to make themselves look like the most wonderful thing since sliced bread. I mean, I’m making out like a bandit during this incredible Joe Boom. I tell ya, that Bidenomics is a modern miracle of Middle Class wealth creation…said no one ever! Thank God, Joe is an economic genius; where would we be without him? Fuck! Fourteen million new jobs, deniers! Pure Joe magic! All of them part time $12-15 fast food crap people are taking just to make ends meet with inflation. And how about that inflation, suckers? Praise Joe, it’s down from 40% every year to now only 30%. Thank you, Joe! The same with gas; it was routinely $2 a gallon or less everywhere under Trump, now it’s. down from almost $5 a gallon to $3.75 in most places unless you live in Hawaii or California where it is probably still holding not far from $6. 

See, that’s what these liars do. They bend and twist the truth to hide their crimes and fool people. They tout impressive sounding economic numbers they pull out of their asses every month because the strategy is to make themselves and their complete lack of competency look like success, especially when the Ministry Of Truth, State run Media pumps them up. To the usual clueless, brainless Sheep walking around out there lacking a sufficient amount of awareness to know which century in which they live, the only thing that sticks in their hive mind after watching 5 straight hours of MSNBCLSD of televised Joe dick sucking is “The economy is doing great. I know this because my television told me; and if my television told me, then it must be true.” DUH! Of course, the rest of us who are not that STUPID; or, privileged to live in a swank, gated, private exclusive Beltway condo community making $60K a month toiling away inside the public service, Government Hive Machine filing papers or spying on our fellow Americans, know that these made up economic numbers have absolutely NO basis in reality. Real Americans who live in the real economic world know those numbers are total LIES and the economy is really shit. And HOW do we know? We’re painfully reminded every time we fill our gas tanks or buy a week’s worth of groceries. Unlike the Ruling Klass, we do not possess the means or ability to escape economic truths. Well, son of a bitch! Somehow, all of us poor dumb yokels living in flyover country seem to be working harder than ever before, while we watch our money purchase less and less. So don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, Joe. I know both you & your Bidenomic garbage are nothing but LIES.

After they drop their bullshit numbers, the next thing they do is come back again weeks or even months later and quietly revise those rosey sounding numbers DOWNWARD before creating the next distraction to cover their tracks. It can be anything from mysterious Chinese spy balloons, to a mass shooting or simply burning a random city to the ground. Squirrel! In April, we usually get some sort of bullshit like “The US economy created 400K new jobs last quarter while overall GDP grew at a brisk and robust pace of 3.5%.” Horseshit! Later in October, the revision will actually reveal 1st Quarter job creation was a complete dead fish. NOT 400k as they originally claimed; rather a limp-dicked 75K; of which 50K were more worthless government public sector, paper pusher jobs staffed by obedient Affirmative Action, DEI worker bees. FAIL! And the GDP did NOT expand by a “robust” 3.5% during that quarter. Once you back out the $300 BILLION in new debt created by the government pissing away more of our money on useless shit that only directly benefits them, we discover the GDP barely broke even at a paltry 0.2% growth rate. Careless Government spending is NOT GDP growth. These fuckers LIE! And they LIE all the fucking time! They LIE about everything!

The lies are especially numerous and over the top considering we are now officially into the next election cycle. Everybody is trying to dump enough perfume all over the big greasy turds they’ve been squeezing out and leaving around during the last three years to cover over that obvious SHIT smell. Smell that? See, it’s not so bad! In fact, for SHIT it smells pretty good! It smells SO good, we’re going to continue giving you BIG spoonfuls of it! The truth is it only smells like perfumed shit.  And of course, their lapdog media always falls right into line pumping up all their LIES about the “wonderful economy.” No LIE is ever too small or big for our most vaulted Elite Political Klass because they currently live in the delusion they are completely beyond reproach or any accountability for all the damage they have caused. They see themselves as completely bullet proof and untouchable! They believe this unusual, temporary corner on national power they seem to hold by way of lies and theft is permanent and will last forevah. They strut around in their disgusting narcissistic hubris, point and wag their fingers at us from their lofty, ivory tower perches, looking down on the rest of us as their inferiors, all the while scolding and lecturing us about how we are not as smart or good as them. Ha! These idiots think they are immortal and will forever wield this power they have illegally stolen. Since they own the Just Us System, they believe themselves to be immune from any lawsuits or prosecution. They have created and set up a system of double standards which means they are never required to follow the same rules they enforce upon us. Heads up commies, this is the very things of which revolutions are made: and when I say “revolution” I’m not talking about your socialist fairy tale where all the flowers bloom all at once after Humanity achieves some bullshit Nirvana utopia once the workers finally control the means of production. Leftists should watch their stupid asses and mouthes when ever they utter “revolution” because I don’t think that word means what they think it means! And don’t think we don’t notice all of this dishonesty! It’s almost as if they take some kind of sick, twisted pleasure in abusing the Law to mock us while they get filthy rich on insider trading, influence peddling and diddling little kids. They remind me of the prisoners in concentration camps who were made into guards. They get to do all sorts of bad shit which is illegal for everyone else but them.

At a certain point in time (which continues to grow closer each passing day), our esteemed, elite, Ruling Klass is going to discover that the rest of us will NOT forgive and forget. Nahhhh, this shit runs too deep and they have made it all far too personal. It’s also been going on for far too long. The time for trading nicities has long since passed. You can’t even wipe your ass on the toilet in your own house after taking an honest dump without the fucking government somehow being involved. I guess they are terrified we might be thinking about doing something which cheats them out of some amount of our money they believe is already theirs. That’s the kind of pricks they are! Like the Covid ghouls! The same power tripping jackoffs who wanted us to stay locked in our homes, unable to go anywhere while outlawing the most effective treatments for what only amounted to a juiced version of the flu with a 98.7 % survival rate for everyone under seventy years old. Not to mention all the sit, stand, rollover and beg social distancing, mandatory masking bullshit. Hey, that’s all behind us now, right? No sense in holding any grudges, right amigo? Give us half of your paycheck every month or we’ll throw your ass in prison! No joke! 

How soon they forget. It doesn’t matter you were forbiddn to visit or even say goodbye to your Grandmother before they whisked her out of her assisted living apartment to the hospital ICU before murdering her with a respirator. Those big, shiny hospital buildings don’t pay for themselves; so sometimes, you gotta break a few eggs! Doesn’t matter if the LIE cost you your job, business, savings, marriage, home or peace of mind because they set out from the start to destroy your ability to provide for yourself and honor your obligations; all in the name of “public safety.” These are the same wicked assholes who betrayed the public confidence in their office or profession while they got filthy rich. Leveraging LIES & FEAR PROPAGANDA over an entire population in order to force us into unquestioning obedience & compliance. And don’t EVEN get me started on the VAX. I will never forget that systematic, condoned mass murder. Our government stooges are STILL pushing that poison today. They completely destroyed more than two centuries of public trust and faith in the medical and healthcare industries. And for what? To make buck. After everything that’s already come out, can you ever trust them enough to take ANY vax? Rhetorical question. Not me, and I will never again. Fuck them and their lies!

However the top dog award in the pisser of the week category goes to the latest butt reaming of Middle Class America they are trying too pass of as a ”budget.” Fun with trivia: did you know that the US Government under the Rats adds an extra TRILLION Dollars to the nation’s debt on average every 100 days? You do now! Did you know Resident Shitpants has added an additional $7.5 TRILLION to the national debt ever since he and his Donkee Klown Possee stole the 2020 election and installed themselves in power? You do now! Unfortunately, our national, tax revenues only amount to 4.5 trillion annually. That’s it. That means we spend far more than we collect. So HOW do they justify spending another three trillion every years since we don’t really have that money? Do they even bother to look at the figures!? It’s all upside down! We should be collecting and taking in more money than they spend. We only have 4.5 trillion for the year! Work with that! That would be analogous to you or I earning $100K each year, but living a lifestyle which costs $175K to support every year, year after year.

I tell you, I’ve completely had it with all this shit! What’s most maddening is most of this debt is due to irresponsible spending on just about every unnecessary bullshit thing out there under the Sun. Not only here in the US, but all over the World. PARTICULARLY all over the World! You know, stupid shit like $200 million to provide FAG education in madrasses in Pack-EE-stan. The majority of this wasted money is being thrown at third and fourth world shitholes to shore up some sort of bullshit problem which really isn’t a problem. Or, it’s being used to directly influence foreign policy. Like building a port in GAZA. These bastards are robbing the future to pay for the present, but they don’t give a shit if future generations of Americans are born into tax and debt slavery because the most important thing to these cocksuckers is that they get theirs NOW! They’re robbing us blind! They are wasting OUR money on things WE don’t need to enrich themselves and their friends at our expense. This isn’t just some innocent, occasional oversight of fiscal responsibility; it’s full blown, out in the open, pathological kleptomania! And the only thing they leave the rest of us to show for it is higher prices because of inflation. Oh yeah, it must be all of those evil, greedy corporations gouging consumers, right Joe!? 

Question, WHO benefits the most from the current American tax system? Answer, everybody else in the entire fucking world EXCEPT AMERICANS! There is zero accountability! Want to knock a cool and fast trillion off the national debt? Then call up the Pentagon and tell them we want them to return our missing, stolen money by the close of business on Friday or everyone involved in appropriations will be fired and arrested! Yeah, that shit will never happen. HOW is it possible to “LOSE” ONE TRILLION DOLLARS? You bastards KNOW exactly where all that missing money went. Instead of taxing the crap out of the rest of us at every turn, force the thieves among you to return the stolen money. All of it. It’s our money! The national debt is the metric standard for how much money the Government has stolen from the country and it’s citizens. Is it any wonder the debt is always increasing?

Do any of these IDIOTS in Government have a CLUE as to how much money 35 TRILLION actually is? I think not, because if they did, they would be soiling themselves and rushing forward to find and provide some sort of workable solution. Do you see anything like that happening? HELL NO! Quite the contrary and exact opposite. We’re almost to the point where the interest payments on the debt are soon going to be greater than the debt itself. Fuck me! Yet that runaway train just keeps on rolling down the line like there is no tomorrow because in terms of sustainability, there IS no tomorrow. This shit cannot go on forever; NO amount of Government kleptocratic denial or rationalization can prevent a pretty nasty flock of economic chickens from coming home to roost. In less than ten years at this rate of expansion, the debt will become larger than our ability to continue servicing it. What then, commie thief masterminds? How is such a thing even possible? How can a group of so called “elected representatives” keep getting away with this kind of crime year after year with NO culpability? HOW can they continue convincing themselves it’s all really no big deal? What makes them think all this can and will go on forever?

Well, the inspiration and motivation are they see it as their means to personal wealth. Not yours or mine, but theirs. Theirs and their corrupt, crony ass licker pals. Power. Money. Control. It’s an intoxicating aphrodisiac to the Ruling Klass; and like real addicts, they’ll do just about anything to get their next fix. Even if that means starting WWIII and wiping out 90% of Humanity. The rest of us are just their private tax chattel who are constantly being stuck and bled dry. Our original form of Government as designed and intended was supposed to outlaw double taxation or taxation without representation. Hah! Americans are the most highly and overtaxed people on Earth. It may not be immediately visible or apparent, but that’s only because these thieves have become very adept over the last few decades in HIDING IT. Talk about oppression! Blacks ain’t got shit on white, heterosexual males with a decent job. WHO are the real slaves here, Honkey!?

I don’t know about you, but I’m growing really fucking sick and tired of the Government demanding more and more of my hard earned money then turning around and pissing it away on shit that provides NO benefit to me or the country. I would venture to guess I am not alone in that sentiment and there are perhaps tens of millions of fellow tax serfs out there feeling exactly the same way. Imagine the consternation of the government if one day everybody including businesses magically stood together and finally said “ENOUGH! NO MORE” in unison. No more taxes until you bastards start demonstrating some ethical responsibility in how you manage our nation’s wealth! Imagine that! Nahhhhhh! They would never agree to that. It’s much easier to keep printing more fake money and keep that party going forever. Or so they think.

A single stack of a TRILLION one dollar bills would reach up more than 67,000 miles high. If we paid down $350 million dollars a day, it would take 600,000 years to completely pay off our $35 TRILLION debt. Hey, look at me! I’m like the FED! I can pull whatever numbers out of my ass and act like I actually know what I’m talking about, haha! I’m just guessing the same way they just guess. I’ll ask again you feckless assholes; where is that $35 TRILLION you stole from us? To make this clusterfuck even worse, we also owe debt to other countries who have bought our debt instruments. Technically, we owe Japan 1.4 trillion and China about 890 billion. That’s mostly a trade issue resulting from buying more goods from China than we can afford. Especially with Number One President firmly installed in the White House as a pro China operative. We also owe almost seven TRILLION of that $35 TRILLION to the FED. That comes from the interest they charge us to print and loan us our own money. What a deal! What a fantastic arrangement for them; not so much for the rest of us. It’s the reason why it now takes a Dollar to buy what originally cost less than two cents back in 1917. It’s also why the Dollar bill is now the new penny. Before you go feeling any better about this big mess, remember that still leaves $27 TRILLION in unaccounted debt. Finally, there are what are called “unfunded liabilities and entitlements.” That’s a fancy way of saying all the money we owe on all the freeshit welfare and entitlement programs which have been created over the last sixty years and that stretch out into the future. At least until they become insolvent and crash and burn, which they eventually will. That figure is up in the area of another additional $120-150 TRILLION of debt. Whoopee!

Not to worry! Joe’s got this! His “solution” is record tax increases to cut back or work down the debt. Except it won’t. These government bandits will just steal and piss away all of that new tax money, too. Count on it! Unfortunately, our Political Ruling Klass is stuck on full on stupid and there is no way to get them off of it because it’s making them too much money. That’s like telling a crack addicts it’s time to put down the pipe and go home just as another pound of rocks is placed in front of him. Our government financial crack addicts only care about themselves and the NOW; not us and the Future. They know they’ll all already be long gone dead. Somebody else, not them, will have to live with the suffering and want they have created thru their own selfishness.

You know what I absolutely hate the most about this entire insane shitshow? Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to take out this kind of a loan, yet these cocksuckers are holding a gun to our heads to make us pay. As far as I’m concerned, it’s THEIR debt because they’re the one’s who created it, NOT me! I don’t remember anyone from the Government ever calling and asking me to be a cosigner on their loan. And why not? They expect me to PAY for it. I don’t remember ever giving anyone from the Government permission to steal and waste my money. So I still don’t quite yet get how I am completely responsible for their recklessness. This shit is entirely on them and it cannot continue indefinitely without leading to a major economic collapse, but that’s probably what they’re shooting for. However, you and I already know that. Seems EVERYBODY ELSE knows it except the idiots who are the ones making it happen. Remind me to hate them even more in the morning, will you? Once it all tumbles in on itself, we will be left to suffer and clean up their mess while they flee the country in their private jets. I’ve read there are over 6000 lampposts in Washington DC. Perhaps we should consider decorating each one with its very own domestic communist. Hey, they can only destroy the country once, right? Ok, I’m now officially too pissed to write any further. To hell with the corrupt, criminal, communist, Government ticks, ALL of them! ✪

Carry on,

General Mossberg