Residential Failures

Residential Failures

✪ Hearty good evening wishes to all of you, my fellow true Americans, Patriots, Christians and all others! We have managed to once again defy all the odds and make it through to the end of another week of government hijinks! They haven’t managed to kill all of us yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re certainly not trying. Get ready for another stimulating, action-packed installment of my usual bitch rantings about all the manufactured crises, phony moral “outrages” and daily insults to America brought to you by the psychotic asshole fools who create them and call themselves the “Government.”

The News Media in Soviet America is now the official State Media of the Democrat Party. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but every once in a while it bears repeating because it can sometimes get lost in all the noise and distractions. In case you might have been dearly clinging to the hope it’s still possible to extract a few nuggets of truth and impartiality from the Alphabet Media if you only sift through enough of their bullshit, well forget that. It’s a waste of your valuable time and energies searching for that one tiny gold speck in that ten ton pile of shit. They don’t even pretend anymore because they don’t have to. Do you know those dumb white hicks in flyover country deserved that train wreck and the apocalyptic fire which followed after because they voted for Trump? You bet your sweet Karl Marx they did! Did you also know the entire disaster was Trump’s fault because five years ago he relaxed federal safety standards on freight trains specifically classified as “flammable content” carriers? What’s that you say? You didn’t know the East Palestine Norfolk Southern train that crashed and burned wasn’t in any way affected by those changes because it was classified as “mixed freight?” Why bother with specific details when you can keep stirring division and amplifying the false narrative lie that everything bad that happens in America is Trump’s fault. Damn you, Orange Man! 

Our greatest Secretary of Transportation evah, Pecker Buttplug, insists the little rumble in in Ohio is really no big deal. Now isn’t that a relief? And did you know, he’s GAY? After all, in America trains just roll off their tracks 1000 times every year, so WTF? He’s GAY, you know! Besides, that’s all we need to know because the adults are now in charge again and his press secretary says we’re not allowed to ask such “aggressive” questions. That is, whenever Pete’s available to take questions. When he’s not out of the country on some month long wine tasting junket in Portugal at the taxpayer’s expense, at home on maternity leave or tending to his wifely duties of dick nursing his husband. He’s GAY in case you didn’t already know that. He’s also more of a Christian than any of us hapless cisgendered breeders will ever hope to be. Weally, it’s twue! He’s already reminded us so on numerous occasions! Pete’s so wonderful because he’s well, GAY! While I’m tempted to call him a cocksucker, I won’t because I know he would only consider that a compliment because he’s GAY. And no, I really couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass (pun intended) about gays and their disgusting sexual habits. They’re welcome to pollenate each other’s buns to their little fairy heart’s content so long as it’s mutually consenting and they keep it in the privacy of their own bedrooms. You know, like the rest of us tragically unhip cis people do. When it becomes an issue for me is when their LBGTQA culture of deviancy agenda is constantly pushed in our faces at every turn or abused as an excuse to justify unnecessary incompetence in public officials. In other words, when I’m forced to pay for it or their stupidity directly impacts others in negative ways.       

This past week also brought us yet another thrilling installment of President Depends Big Ukraine Adventure. This episode was the Presidents Day Holiday Special. The fucking gall of this stupid, demented bastard fool is unnerving. Please explain to me HOW the President of the United States showing up for a surprise visit to Ukraine on President’s Day is not just another huge FU in the face of all America? I’ll wait. How F’ed up is that, especially when you consider the sorry state of our country in the hands of that asswipe and his handlers over the last two years? WHAT would THEY say if President Trump had ever dared to attempt something so brazenly irresponsible? Holy shit! The Democrat fellating Fapdog Media would be screaming bloody murder! Chuck the Schmuck Schumer would be wagging his finger away on television, frothing at the mouth and threatening impeachment. Oh wait, the Rats already impeached Trump over a single phone call to a Ukrainian government prosecutor asking him to look into the dirty business dealings and money laundering of the Biden Family Crime Syndicate in Ukraine. Well son of a bitch, now here comes Sloppy Joe suddenly popping up at the Presidential Palace in Kyiv and walking hand in hand like star crossed lovers with the world’s most successful extortion artist. OMG, he’s the fucking American Churchill! Such an incredible demonstration of executive strength & defiance directly in the face of international aggression! How brave! He never flinched when those air raid sirens went off! Our Joe is a rock of solid, cool headed leadership and diplomacy; a refuge in a world full of raging storms.  Exactly what we need in these troubling times, right? More he’s a corrupt, suck ass, brain rotted tool of the international Deep State who only went to check up on his criminal pal’s investments in illegal biolabs and human trafficking! Thank goodness he called Putin before he left DC to get his permission! 

In fact, that’s the ONLY reason why any politician would ever make a public display of making a pilgrimage to Ukraine; to kiss the ring and check up on their money. To reassure themselves their deepest darkest secrets of all the illegal shit they’re tangled up in is being kept tightly under wraps by the mighty slavic hobbit fag. You know, the guy who can play the piano on television with his dick. Of course there’s a special price for this kind of “banking,” but what do they care? It’s not their money! Speaking of money, Potato Head dropped another $2 BILLION of our money in Ukraine while he was there. Go Joe, go! He also visited the Ukrainian national war memorial for dead soldiers (when has Swingin’ Dick Joe every visited an American war memorial to pay tribute to our fallen?) where he and Zoolanski hugged like shy little girls for the cameras. Then Joe gave another one of his infamous mumbling, bumbling, slurring, bloviating bullshit you know the thing speeches about how every house in America now flies a Ukraine flag. WTF? Three weeks on from the East Palestine disaster and this worthless POS still has yet to make any plans to visit Ohio.

In another dazzling media fuck up which nobody bothered to really cover, Trump DID visit the good people of East Palestine, Ohio and delivered desperately needed supplies. Maybe it was better for the the Media to stay away: no circus means no clowns. He went hands on on the ground to make himself accessible to everyone. People were actually allowed to shake his hand and ask questions. Now that’s a real president! That’s real leadership. The Left was more outraged about being upstaged than they were about offering any real assistance to the people of East Palestine.

Trump certainly didn’t ignore their plight. He flew there on his own dime, bringing truckloads of water and cleaning supplies, buying food and showing a genuine concern for those poor folks to improve the shitty situation in which they now find themselves. A few little blurbs bubbled up here and there in the News about how Trump’s visit was really only a photo op stop for his 2024 campaign; or, how the supplies he brought really didn’t cost him very much and he would use them as a tax write off. See how utterly twisted stupid & clueless these sociopaths are? Yet Joe jets off on a whim to Ukraine on a national holiday to collect his royalty check and all the news apparatchiks start gushing and ejaculating all over themselves about how he is so bold, daring, presidential and courageous. Fuck me. Hey, Joe faced down Putin (after he called him for permission to travel to Ukraine) and challenged him to nuke us. Nobody plays international chicken better than our Joe! It was Joe’s defining moment as President! What a master strategist! What a stud! What a demented turd pile who cares more about Ukraine than America!  

Have you noticed how the “news” seems to take the weekends off, especially when there’s a federal holiday! We usually get a Friday news dump which is when they always flush all the bad shit about democrats out of the system. That’s when the Sheep are most likely to least notice the bad shit because they’re too hypnotized by football. Excluding any real disasters in the world which demand immediate attention, the news cycles are solidly grooved into a specific pattern. A manufactured crisis begets an accompanying narrative which then prompts the Ministry Of Information Star Chamber to issue the universal talking points to their usual legions of lapdogs, doormats, bung sniffers, boot lickers and certified “outraged” cock bites who bleat them out like the fucking trained monkeys they are. It usually starts fresh on Mondays with four or five “trial balloons” going up to determine what will stick and most spook the Sheep. When one of these balloons begin to “trend” or whatever these losers call it, BAM! They jump on it faster than a queer burglar with a hammer on Paul Pelosi and then ride it into the ground all week long until the Friday news dump when they take the weekend off before starting the cycle all over again. In the event nothing earth shattering happens during that particular week, then they fill in the blanks with sensationalized mass shootings or another story about a black brain surgeon killed by the police. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I believe the reason there wasn’t really a huge crisis narrative this week is because the Left and the Media went into in full ass cover mode. They had to retreat to give Biden’s glorious trip to Ukraine the opportunity to achieve maximum visibility. Like everything else they do, it failed. Instead, too many people noticed Biden squandering more of our tax dollars in a foreign country on a war which doesn’t serve our national interests. Too many people also noticed the too little too late empty gesture response of our dismally inept and incompetent, flaming gay Secretary Of Transportation. Do you know Pete is GAY?

He’s the first GAY Secretary of Transportation, evah. Isn’t that so special & “historic?” Too many people noticed the indifferent, cold hearted response from President Brainrot to Ohio which was really NO response at all. No emergency aid, NO FEMA, No nothing. We all get it, he doesn’t give a shit. It’s not rocket science & I’ll tell you why. The folks in East Palestine are white, straight, patriotic, blue collar workers with families. Since they really don’t check any of the Left’s identity equity boxes, the Democrats consider them collateral damage. In the eyes of the DNC and the current regime, they are expendable. They also didn’t vote for President Magoo. Shame on them!

We’re all so sick and tired of all the lies and being lied to. It’s just constant and endless! And when those lies are exposed, it unleashes the next wave of lies to cover over them. Lies about lies about lies about lies! However, you can see the Left starting to crack under the weight of all of their lies. They’re almost out of gas because the four years of Trump really threw a wrench into their plans and pushed back their timeline. They’re also complete cowards when it comes to testing our resolve to push them back and down once we finally reach that point of no return. We’re simply not dying off or giving up in numbers great or fast enough to allow all their evil schemes and fantasies of absolute power to succeed. Anyway, sorry if I kinda got “off track” and rambled all over the place this week. I got so pissed off writing this that I “lost track” of myself. Can you really blame me? ✪

Refuse to consent to be governed, Americanists!

General Mossberg