A Perfect Storm

A Perfect Storm

✪ Happy late Spring Saturday Patriots and all other fellow travelers on this ship of state currently known as “America!” I hope the weather is pleasant wherever you are now and you’re enjoying this wonderful day in your own special way; whether it be grilling, dirt therapy in the yard, quality time with family and good friends or just the opportunity to relax and take a much needed break from all of the World’s insanity & theatrics of the ongoing political crisis theater brought to you by the select cabal of marxist globalist criminals. Whether it be the neo-feudal lusting for World domination by the Davos Nazi Clown Brigade, the fanatical poison envy of Big Pharma, the WHO & UN, woke corporate race and sex butt lickers; or of course, our own President Potato and his merry band of DC pirates who have hijacked & barricaded themselves in the wheel room. In case you may not have already noticed, I’ll be using maritime metaphors and analogies in this episode of Double Barrel to highlight my commentary on this last week’s Clown & Donkee Show: and, on the stormy seas into which we see our corrupt Political Class intentionally steering us. So tie down the decking and batten those hatches fellow sailors, because that wind is really picking up and those seas are getting choppy.

The Economy: Another fucking week and NO signs of relief or sunny spots whatsoever have yet to appear on the horizon as far as the economy is concerned. They just fucking aren’t going to give us a break or any slack. In fact, the shit is just getting worse by the day as the asshats currently running the show are working overtime to do their damndest to destroy what’s left of American capitalism and the free market economy. The fix is obviously in; as they make way, whether we like it or not, for the “fourth industrial revolution,” utopian paradise, global resource economy bullshit in which the 500 million or so of us who are allowed to remain living will eat bugs and scratch in the dirt for the privilege of having nothing and being happy while we slave to provide every comfort and material indulgence imaginable for the new 1% of the 1% Aristocrat Class. Sounds like a fun future doesn’t it? No wonder there are less and fewer “normal” people remaining in the West who want to start families or have children. Who the fuck wants to drag other souls into the hot mess of this shit show? Besides, 70-80% of everyone living in first world western counties have already either had their DNA scrambled by the corporate-government axis under the big lie of a phony chink bat flu which was humanly engineered by the very same group of criminals, or brainwashed into believing they have modular junk.

Yes, the pirates are still looting the Treasury by voting themselves huge, multi-billion dollar reconciliation and “relief” packages: funding more bullshit entitlements to pay off their legions of loyalist Sheep: creating more crises and “problems” in order to position themselves as the noble saviors of the so called downtrodden & disadvantaged underclass while the orgy of grift, corruption and blatant plundering just goes on and on unchecked. It’s like a fucking cocaine party on the deck of the Titanic. Meanwhile, regular Americans who have been made unwelcome criminals in their own country continue to suffer daily at the hands of our criminal kleptocracy.

No, I’m not buying the bullshit line that the current inflation is “transitory,” or the result of “robust” economic expansion or because Russia, Russia, Russia! Fuck you, don’t blow smoke up my ass! All these lame excuses are only supposed to distract and deflect the average worker bee from growing too discontent too soon over the imploding purchasing power of their wages, the pillaging of their savings and retirement thru government redistribution by thieves. I swear, the most disgusting and wretched excuse for life to be found anywhere on the entire planet are these fucking millionaire, marxist, government, know it all better, social engineers who were all born with silver spoons stuck in their asses. These maggots have never had to want nor work for anything worthwhile in their entire fucking lives; never had to sweat the realities of paying rent, putting gas in the tank or food on the table. They’ve never had to choose between braces for the kid or a new furnace for the house before next winter. In other words, their inherited ruling class “privilege” has coddled, insulated & positioned them far outside the realm of the normal, Middle Class working American experience they so nobly claim to “represent.” I don’t know about you, but it’s been a really LONG time since I’ve felt ANY of my concerns as a tax paying citizen have been adequately recognized or “represented.” You only need to possess two connected brain cells inside of your head to know that they now only “represent” themselves and their special interest groups to remain in power completely at our expense. Kinda ironic to see so many insanely wealthy communists who openly hate capitalism, dontcha think? That’s because they know they’ve already got theirs and now they want to destroy all the mapping and tooling in the system which would make it possible for you and I to get ours. That certainly doesn’t sound like “equality” to me. That sounds more like one gigantic “FU” to the rest of us.

Supply & Demand: Along with the completely irresponsible management of the economy and the intended butchery of our currency by design, also naturally comes supply and inventory issues. What the Hell did they think was going to happen? Have you noticed lately in addition to all of the roaring inflation, we are now starting to see shortages of particular necessary commodities we lowly peasants have no other choice to procure in order to survive? I won’t mention any specifics here; however, FOOD, ENERGY & HOUSING are the ones which most rapidly come to mind as I write these words. Hey, if you weren’t already unlucky enough to have lost your job, business, health or sanity during the last two and a half years of the global bat chink flu scamdemic clusterfuck, then let not your heart be troubled. While they continue on in their relentless campaign of enriching themselves by turning the Dollar into toilet paper; they’re counting on us to be too preoccupied with the hard choices in Life of of either “food or shelter, health or death” to ever successfully mount any organized opposition to their evil schemes. I suggest they are horribly misinformed!

If you look close enough, you’ll notice the supply chain and shortage issues are now only confined to a limited range of products or selections; and, while it may not appear too be too imposing now, that’s only because the economy is still struggling to do its best to provide for the benefit of the country. It’s mostly only small shit now but I expect things to get much worse before they start getting better. Perhaps you may have noticed they no longer sell your regular brand of coffee at the grocery store; or, the special order you made six months ago for that particular type of flooring tile for your kitchen remodel is just simply no longer available. In other words, there maybe price and inventory issues while businesses struggle and cope, because the suppliers, distributors & manufacturers which make up the means of production have not yet been completely DESTROYED. Shortages and limitations are the HALLMARK of socialist economies. It’s one thing when hamburger costs $10 a pound, quite another when there is NO hamburger to be found at all because the suppliers and means of production have been completely destroyed. That’s when we’ll really see real ugly shortages and lack of supply because that’s precisely what the Globalists want and need to actualize all their goals of the Great Reset Agenda: the destruction of capitalism and open markets to replace them with a global resource economy and depopulation as the solution to “climate change.” Once the means of production are destroyed, those bridges are all burned behind us. The loss of entire industries which have taken decades if not centuries to establish and develop cannot be replaced overnight.

I don’t in anyway consider myself to be a prepper, but I really recommend taking a few simple actions now which could make all the difference in the future by helping you and your family weather this perfect storm they are sailing us directly towards. Besides, if you haven’t already started stocking in basic supplies by now, you’re kinda already a little late to the party; but even at this late stage of the game, every little bit helps. In all likelihood, food and daily necessities are going to continue to become even more expensive and less available in the near future, so start building or adding to your current reserves. If you have a few extra hundred bucks and can afford it, perhaps purchase a year’s worth or at least several months worth of survival meals with an extremely long shelf life. Can’t hurt. I understand financially this may not be practical for everyone: but if you can swing it, more power to you. What might be more practical for the rest of us is to accumulate a home reserve of non-perishable food items like canned or jarred goods, dry goods such as rice, pasta and beans along with items containing concentrated high protein with a long shelf life (like powdered eggs, jerky, peanut butter, etc.). SPAM and canned tuna fish are also ideal in this capacity as they are still relatively plentiful and will keep forever. If you can, also spring for a economical water filter or invest in a few plastic five gallon jugs you can keep filled and rotate as reserves. Don’t let yourself be caught with your pants down when the full force of the storm strikes and if it never does, all the more better. Much wiser to stock all of this shit and never need it, then to need it and not have it, right?

Guns, Ammo & the Second Amendment: Speaking of things it’s always better to have and never need rather than to need and not have; guns & ammo certainly fill that bill. Currently, we are still blessed to possess our God-given right to self defense in the form of the Second Amendment, but who knows if or for how much longer that will last. Have you noticed that suddenly, there’s another “mass shooting” in the news almost every other day now and they seem to have redefined the term into meaning any instance involving a gun where more than one person is injured or killed? How politically expedient and convenient, no? Of course, this new standard of definition does not in any way apply to the weekly self massacre of the violent ape thug culture demographic in blue donkee shit holes like Shitcago because you know, that would be “racist.”

The truth of the matter is exactly as you would suppose it to be, that there are still some 150-180 MILLION plus responsible American gun owners who have completely abided by and played along withe every bullshit, unconstitutional infringement of our constitutional rights which have come down the pike in the last 80 years perpetuated by our esteemed Political Class. Yes, 99.999% of gun owners in this country have never committed an armed robbery, done a drive by or shot up an elementary school; yet, we’ve had to endure numerous infringements such as background checks, obtaining government permission to buy or own a firearm, carry permitting, etc. I believe the Globalists are now intentionally orchestrating current events in order to gaslight and manipulate public opinion to such a degree as to justify the government repeal of the Second Amendment. All once again under the worn out excuse of preserving & maintaining “public safety.” Where the fuck have we all heard this before? Wear a mask, social distance, git yer shots!

I don’t need to tell you where the General and every true, red blooded American patriot citizen stands on this very important issue. If we’re ever foolish or frightened enough into giving up our guns to forfeit our right to our own self defense, then that’s the day it’s OVER. We may as well all go live in fucking Australia, New Zealand or North Korea. A free and self determined populace is the one element which most stands in the way of transforming the entire world into one big, communist, social credit scoring plantation. That’s the ONLY reason why the Ruling Class sports such wood to take away our guns and the ONLY reason why we will never comply. It’s not because guns are “dangerous” (except to the power and control intentions of marxist scum) or that mass shootings or violent crime will somehow magically and completely disappear from the face of the Earth once all guns are prohibited (they won’t) or that some dazzling, brilliant golden age in which government provides for the safety and well being of private citizens will suddenly manifest when there are no more guns. Quite the contrary; guns aren’t the problem…twisted human nature is. If you believe government in all of its filthy and illegal overreaches is a bear to deal with now, we haven’t seen anything yet like the selfish and murderous disregard for individual life & freedoms we’ll see when we no longer possess the means to defend ourselves, families, property and freedoms from the hungry pack of international criminals responsible for all of the present suffering of Humanity.

However there’s no need to worry; our esteemed and intelligent Ruling Class anticipate weathering the coming perfect storm of their own making with NO real discomfort or inconvenience. While the rest of us are on deck struggling to steer the ship thru howling winds, 100 foot waves and blasting gales of frozen sideways rain, most of them will be parked on their $100 million dollar yachts in the Italian Riviera, basking & tanning those luscious elite bodies in the Sun topside while they sip another adrenochrome martini and order in their next boat side delivery of disposable pizza and hot dog amusements. Well, I have news for them, NO storm ever lasts forever and there is nothing MORE self sufficient & determined than a battle tried, storm tested navy of Patriots with absolutely NOTHING to lose who will next think nothing of sailing directly into harm’s way. Let they who have ears listen and hear, or ignore and neglect at their own peril. Mark my words, NO storm lasts forever and the Sun will once break again to shine. It MUST. Ok, in the famous words of that Drinker dude On You Tube, that’s all I’ve got for today; go away now…

Damned the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

General Mossberg