✪ Someone really wise once said “don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”  Sage advice for all of us to pause & consider; especially now at this moment when everything seems so damned ass backwards & with very little forthcoming to explain for this shit is even happening. It’s just bizarre witnessing The World turn itself upside down, inside out and top to bottom before our very eyes. If only all of this was just about America then it would be entirely too easy to blame only on communists. Oh, they’re all commie finks, all right! This Clown Show we’re living in is uniquely a global phenomenon with multiple players & influencers pushing for an international Neo-Feudal, World Government, with themselves as the self appointed aristocracy. How very convenient! FT! They have brainwashed & indoctrinated every successive generation into hating themselves & all GOOD things more than the previous. The global comic book bad guys have carefully & quietly been tending to their flocks of sponge-brained Donkee devotees until their numbers reach critical mass! Workers of the World Unite? Don’t think those of us old enough to really remember America as it was haven’t taken notice of you, dirtbags. We may visit the Past for encouragement * direction, but that’s about it. Nothing else works too well.  Which is why exactly why I suggest now might be a good time to start looking more ahead; because that’s the direction we’re really going. 

And that’s OK. OK, so don’t misunderstand, this isn’t gonna be a “Let’s Remember, America” gameshow by recalling memories of America even as it was only a scant decade ago. It might at first glance seem like a very comfortable, even convenient, way of life when compared to the current events of the here & now. I guess, there’s always the temptation to visit that World upon which we root our value, moral, beliefs, traditions and identity; it goes too far back & holds too many riches to make ourselves better people than to simply toss it away or pretend it never existed. That isn’t EVER going to happen! However, when it becomes a van down by the river leaving you with no new places to go, SNAP yourself out of that nap of complacency & join the rest of us in the present moment. All hands on deck! Thank you!

I must admit lately, I sense a shift in the winds of The Force. Can you feel it over the last month or so? It’s sure taken its sweet time, but Justice, Truth & Sanity have started making an appearance again; and, seemingly in a way even the alphabet celebritarded Media worms cannot not report! Sux to be them!

Burn, global apparatchiks: nobody listens to you or your post modern, cultural marxist bile, anymore! It’s OVER, we see you and we already know! Give it up, you STINK! Soon enough, NOBODY will be buying your shit any longer. Bob’s your uncle, may you find yourselves layin’ in some gutter somewhere; mumbling like Joe & pissing on yourselves. Who know’s? You knew it was only a matter of time right, hacks? Me so sowwy fow yow now! By now you must know how the Dinosaurs probably felt, right? Good will always triumph over darkness, you lying bastards. 

Hey, just because some good shit is finally starting to break out, doesn’t mean now is the time to go easy or on vacation. Now, more than ever is the moment to refuse to consent to be governed in any way possible. Only you can prevent communism fires. Every little bit helps, Patriots! The fuckers can’t legislate everything. Go ahead into that store & conduct your shopping business with normal friendliness. Make them go asshole, first. Make them call the cops to arrest you for breaking something which isn’t against the law! Yeah, I wanna see exactly how that works. Let the Karens be only the one’s making the scene; and don’t let them catch up to you on anything else if by some fluke the poopoo actually show up. Most cops probably have much more interesting ways of spending their time than to make these kind of calls. Besides, you’ll already be long gone by the time a couple of local, uniformed SJWs show up. Get your shit & get out or just leave if it becomes too warm or really stupid! It’s all an empty box anyway and they know they really have nothing. 

DRAW on the wealth of knowledge, insight & strength that is the Past but don’t park your horses there. Don’t take it the wrong way when I say “don’t look back! I was shocked by how easily some people automatically fell right into place: ready to obey. Waiting anxiously for some one to tell them what to do next; where to go, how to feel and whom to hate. Synthetic DNA ZOMBIES. Donkeecrats. Fully half of the entire world has already dropped their pants to obey this group of these Globalist, self appointed, overly wealthy, hall monitors wannabes in Davos. We can’t allow themselves to take themselves any more seriously! I guess it’s true; if you repeat a lie long enough , eventually it will become the truth. This is the modern marxist way of the blue pill; they believe the ragged facsimile they insist is really the truth & that vaccination is the only way to be completely safe. Thank goodness we have the Government as our good friend in such a dangerous world!

The Sheeple are afraid because they are conditioned to become afraid whenever it’s convenient for their masters. New variant! They insist climate change & systemic racism are still monsters hiding under the bed, but inflation is somehow the sign of a healthy economy?  However, here we are & once again, I digress. There’s no shortage of shit out there to be afraid of. The Covid Ranch Sheeple comprise the majority of this current mass hysteria and “the sky is falling “ cult cuts a close second. As you have probably already figured out, there are specific nefarious players and organizations who are counting on a total breakdown of society as their advantage to hijack the Human Race. I don’t believe they are that smart. They are only too full of themselves.

To know who oppresses you, only discover whomever can’t openly be criticized. Practice & develop situation awareness wherever you go until it’s a given. Their tattle tale minions may be waiting for their big break to report you to “authorities” because you dared to step beyond allowing the cult to do your thinking for you. Bad Worker Bee! As if there really wasn’t already enough shit floating in everyone’s pool, the usual professional race hustlers are now hard back at work completely reversing the last half a century of positive race relations. I guess you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet, huh? What would a real Clown Show be without gays? Perverted professional victim groups are also playing on their victimhood too destroy most of the gains women have made in the past 50 years. Oh yeah; and, inflation is one of the signs of a healthy economy. Don’t piss up my rope! They shit on everything they touch! Identity politics has become a dead end refuge to 40% of our population who want to have a personal identity, but just can’t be bothered to create one for themselves. NOT my problem.

I think I may stop calling the media “the media” from here on out. I hope they get everything that’s coming to them considering how their own business plan is based on a model of the very American FREE MARKET & CAPITALIST system they are now working to undermine. Bridge out ahead! Stupid fucks, let’s watch them find a way out of this one! Oh I know, I know! Let’s have Uncle Sugar pitch them more taxpayer dollars to simply prolong their eventual & complete financial failure as a business. As officially “bailed out” wouldn’t they be indebted to favor the biases of their new silent partners? Nahhhhh! They’d never do that. If this isn’t taxation without representation, then what the fuck its? Makes methinks the higher Media corporate ups may be doin’ the Toobin about all of the destabilization & thinking it’s really great fodder to attract & keep big numbers of worried eyeballs. They believe the new order will reward them with the power & authority of being the official future stewards & definers of what makes up what’s true and real. Won’t they be horribly misinformed as their businesses grow ever smaller & dimmer, finally to die because their model can’t exist without constant support of sucker investors & sponsors to keep them going. As shitty as it is all gets for them, they still won’t stop being full of themselves, sharing their self righteousness for knowing all things better than everyone else with you because that’s really why they are such happy people. I guess so if you say so. Bye. The gaslighting has become gaslighting of gaslighting as only the Donkees know how to do. It can now be seen for what it really is, a bunch of crazy monkeys all running around and riding an out of control carnival ride for viewer ratings. It’s all Drumpt’s fault anyway, right? You can tell how much I must really like these squishy worms, along with their dirtbag corporations joining in on the sellout of culture thru stuffed, plush gay bears named “Crunchy” & “Smoothy.” I tell you I’m not making this shit up. Everybody who’s stressed the current order of things may now be stressed are angling for a prime position at the table of the coming new order: or, that’s at least what these clowns believe. That’s why again I remind you to not look back, because it’s now time for more of us to think for ourselves. Donald Trump lead the way as a prime example for four entire years and he’s still doing it to this day. Marxists never sleep, so never can we! That’s why you never give in: the War never stops. They’re not actually not going to get away with this bullshit? We won’t ever let that happen. Your hubris makes you look like dorks & completely out of place in front of the Truth, Losers.    

We not going that way, so don’t look back: and, if it’s the wrong time, you may turn into a pillar of salt. It could start getting warm & bumpy out there soon; however & whenever, the Sun is high in the sky and the town train should be in in any minute. What remains after won’t be our always America of the Past, this we know, but it also has potential to be better. Don’t forget that. Hold that line because in the end, we have God, Time & the Truth on our side. Don’t look back! We’ve been in tight jams before and live to fight another day; we will again this time. Prove me wrong! I haven’t got time for anymore of this bullshit. There’s a country waiting to be rebuilt.✪

As you were & carry on!

General Mossberg.