The Effective Nature Of Fear

The Effective Nature Of Fear

✪ I’m exactly like you; ever so often I get to the point I’m compelled to turn everything off & completely block out all of the outside noise. Usually whenever I do this, I like to go outside regardless of whatever the weather may be and remind myself there is so much more to life than television, Media, politics & popular culture. Sometimes I’ll get busy doing a special home project like the floors and then go read a book afterwards. There’s a certain amount of satisfaction in completing tasks which nurtures my spirit. Sometimes, I’ll split a cord of wood to work off the incipient anxiety, anger and frustration I continue to experience over the current state of our nation while accomplishing something productive in the process. EXCELLENT therapy! HIGHLY recommended! Still, on other occasions I enjoy the mental exercise of disassembling and reassembling weapons because in a different way, that too also provides a cathartic release of tension. Cleaning and oiling them keeps my manual dexterity & mental edge sharp. This discipline is something I recommend every gun owner develop because the only way a gun can fail is when you don’t know how to fix them. So if you haven’t already, START now & stay at it until your hands grow eyeballs and you can do it in the dark without having to think. You never know, someday, your life may depend on this. Speed isn’t as important as precision and accuracy; the goal is to develop new muscle memory where everything comes naturally. If you ever find yourself in a hot situation where your thinking brain is flooded & overwhelmed by sudden excitement or danger in your immediate environment, your subconscious mind will kick in and take over to do whatever needs to be done. It will help give you added confidence in rather tight situations: and in battle, confidence is definitely an advantageous edge for survival. However, I digress. There are many ways to temporarily detach yourself from the tidal wave of insanity & give yourself some very much deserved breathing space while mitigating all the frustration & anger; at least for another day. Think about it; this is tremendously important and I’ll tell you why.

Because of FEAR. Fear sux, but it can be a powerful motivator if you are able to get control of it and direct it to your advantage. When Life gives you lemons, make Margaritas. History is full of people who have done tremendously heroic things once they are cornered with their backs against the wall by fear. If you can keep your head and play it right, FEAR can actually bring out your best. Don’t take my word for it, just ask The Greatest Generation. Some times you don’t have enough time to think about the situation or plan an appropriate response. Some times, it all comes down to that one moment where all the chips are in the pot and you need to ACT immediately to keep your chair in the game. Like General Patton said, the goal isn’t to die for your country, it’s to make the other son of a bitch die for his. That’s why I practice and drill whenever I have the chance; and, why I also always have a Plan B,C all the way to Plan Z. I don’t want to show up in Heaven with dirty underwear. You could even go so far as to say that in any conflict whomever has the most training, discipline and alternative options will emerge victorious. The time to consider all of this and prepare is NOW, not later. Many people may find themselves completely caught off guard by a sudden & unpredictable shift in their circumstances. If they’re not adequately prepared, they may find themselves completely shut down & frozen by fear. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am in no way criticizing, judging nor disparaging these kinds of people. Everyone responds differently & has their own level of tolerance for acting optimally in different types of situations. Some of us simply do not possess the same levels of preparedness or ability, and that’s ok. That’s why there will always be heroes who fight to defend & protect those who can’t. There’s nothing wrong with that; it’s one of many laws of the Jungle. While everyone certainly can’t be expected to bring Special Ops skills to the rumble when the clutch is finally on, every person does have some sort of value or skill to contribute to the cause, albeit those skills and values may not initially be readily apparent. Even a Karen could be enlisted as a valuable spy or a plant because they’re already experts at misinformation & can smell it coming from a mile away. Of course, there are plenty of Karens we would do much better to never trust, but testing them out on smaller, less critical tasks beforehand will give you a fairly good idea of how much trust they deserve. Once you have collected enough intel on them to make an effective evaluation, proceed to act cautiously & accordingly. I beg your pardon, there I go again, turning down Digress Street again. What I’m really talking about here is surviving, coping and then ultimately thriving in this moronic ass backwards world without going over the top or losing your shit.

FEAR is a psychological weapon of the very first order. Don’t fool yourself, the other side knows this. Nothing gets you right with Jesus faster than coming face to face with someone who is Hellbent on snuffing you in the next three seconds. Once fear gets pushed down into your mind, if unchecked it can grow like a cancer within the inner recesses of the subconscious while it feeds on any remaining confidence. Pay attention now. It’s very important you make the following distinction: YOUR mind & THEIR fear. Got it? During the last 11 months, we’ve all had a front row seat to the Left’s Theater of Fear by watching these criminals lie their asses off while making examples of the January 6th Trump supporters. Likewise, they employ similar fear tactics to intimidate us & silence the Truth. What do you think is their REAL motive behind all the bat flu variants, shutdowns, lockdowns, mandates & “passports?” It’s to frighten us into confusion and inaction while they carry out their orchestrated pandemic plans of Marxist global domination. They mean to use FEAR as a lever to force compliance and keep us out of their way. Take heart, because being able to clearly see this is already half of the battle won. Don’t let them bluff the bullshit hand they’re holding because in actuality it’s “them” who are mortified shitless by the inevitable outcome they know will result should they fail. Never let yourself compromise by bowing to these criminal, globalist overlords. Instead, turn their fear back on them and give them a stiff dose of their own medicine. I guarantee you, they mistakenly believe they are completely protected by their bullshit edicts and hollow tyranny; yet they don’t possess one hundredth of our strength, guts or fortitude. This is evidenced by their play to divide and part society into two distinct & separate demographics: the vaccinated who are considered their holy pets. The devotees and loyal disciples of Cardinal Fauci and his divinely inspired dictates which come directly from the “god” of “science; and, the unvaccinated; the rest of us unwashed heathens. Except when you look closer, you’ll see the vaxxed/unvaxxed split of the country down the middle almost perfectly mirrors the split completely along party lines. Interestinger & even more interestinger! Without fail, the unvaxxed are mostly hard working, God loving Americans who simply refuse to be snowed under by the never ending avalache of outright lies, deception, manipulation, shifting goal posts and gaslighting bullshit.

The only ones their fear seems to be working on are the 40% of the country who still fret & wring their hands over “systemic racism, climate change, the latest plague variant & equal rights for transgender rectums.” In other words, mindless sheep who have already been tagged, inoculated & corralled by their socialist Donkee masters. You know, the very same shitbags implementing what amounts to a coup d etat against our constitutional republic. For the last half a century, they’ve laid low under their rocks & down in their filthy sewers waiting for the number of their Pod People to reach a sufficient level of the general population through meticulously incremental indoctrination & brainwashing. A legion of subservient dopes, all clamoring for their beloved communism because for most of them, it’s unfortunately all they’ve ever known in their short & empty lives. Like the Walking Dead, they need to feed on the brains of normal people & the only way to deal with them is a shot to the head. ZOMBIES.

If you were to ask one a serious self reflecting question in a rare & fleeting moment of lucidity you would freeze them in fear because if there’s one thing they are woefully unprepared to do, it’s form an individual thought for themselves. When you challenge a Leftist zombie to think, all they’re able to do is puke up media enforced talking points and entitlement government programming. Consider that to be a point of great advantage whenever you find yourself engaging these morons. Facts & the truth completely short circuit their wiring. My favorite is “why would you ever want to destroy a way of life that has given you & everyone else so much? HOW does that benefit you in anyway?” Then sit back and watch the fun begin; watch them clench their teeth as their face turns red; their eyes go bloodshot and steam shoots out of their ears. Next, they’ll clench their fists and scream something back like “climate change, income inequality, infanticide is freedom for women and I support black communist dick!” If you’re lucky, they’ll throw a rod right then and there and drop to the ground. Oh well one down, another “81 million” to go (wink, wink).When you stop to really consider this, aren’t we really doing them a big favor? Isn’t brotherly love a beautiful thing?

The big secret about FEAR is that it can actually be very contagious. If you don’t stay sharp and on top of your game, you may find yourself mistakenly assuming their FEAR is actually your own. Have you ever boarded a plane to go somewhere and had the passing thought, “Gee, what happens if this plane crashes and today is my last day on this Earth?” You certainly weren’t thinking about that while you were planning your vacation, buying the ticket, packing your bags or going thru security at the airport, were you? So why now as you’re buckled into your seat waiting to take off? Because you are now in an emotional environment where someone else who HAS been obsessing about this all the way thru the process is now shitting in your pool. Once again, Kids; YOUR mind, THEIR fear! Consider this dynamic whenever you find yourself feeling discouraged and dark about the future and then remember, there are at least 81 million neurotic & psychotic, loser Joe voters out there who will never be happy and they’re all shitting all at once in our collective emotional swimming pool.

That’s why sometimes the fear seems to permeate our lives as much as it does. If we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by all of the bullshit, then we lose perspective and get taken out on the rip tide along with everyone else. And that is exactly what they want! WE lose sight of the fact that 95% of it all is only THEIR shit. If you can understand this characteristic of human nature, then you’ll understand they are actually their own worst enemies and none of what they are doing can end well for them if we simply refuse to give in and accept their fear as our own. They’re so hobbled by their own fears we don’t even need to get nasty about it. Refuse to consent to be governed. Don’t allow them to use fear against you to convince you to be vaccinated. We’re are just fine, thank you assholes! Most of us are likely to already have natural immunity! Fuck them, I don’t need to allow an experimental genetic modification agent to be put in my body so they can feel “safe!” Especially since we just passed the somber statistical milestone this last week of having more people die from adverse reactions to the vaccine than have actually died from the virus itself. That’s precisely why so many of us are purebloods and intend to remain so! I must hasten to mention here that some of us were forced to take the jab against our will in order to keep our jobs before all of the sinister ramifications were fully known. I completely support those among us who were forced into this unfortunate decision by ultimatum. I most sincerely mean that.

There’s a special place reserved in Hell for all of the dirtbags who are destroying the lives and livelihoods of so many wonderful & innocent people. Especially those cocksuckers who are becoming enormously wealthy on the backs of everyone else’s loss & misery; and, I’m planning on helping as many of them as I can get to Hell as quickly as possible. I consider it to be another form of therapeutic release, just like chopping wood. And once gain on this week’s Double Barrel we’ve made a full circle back to where we first started. Look, they’re not going away; at least not yet. In the meantime, there’s plenty of things we can involve ourselves to mitigate the rage by staying “busy.” Plenty of things we can constructively occupy ourselves with to prevent the seepage of their FEARs from finding it’s way into OUR minds. Can’t emphasize it enough. OUR minds, THEIR fear! So we continue to play this fucked up little game of waiting for them to be the first to blink. Those who have chosen their side against America are the most fearful of all. I know you know this.

Come on General, who will take the plunge first? Are you gonna be the one who makes the first move? Show us you’re not just all talk and no action! Come on, Man! That’s ok, I can’t blame anyone of you for asking that question, because I can just as easily ask it of you. Where does this all start & finish? I know it’s frustrating, but if you have to ask yourself “when” then that’s a surefire way of knowing it’s definitely not “now.” Now is the time to prepare in whatever way we all can, for ourselves and our families. If and when that moment finally arrives, I guarantee you’ll know it know because it will be undeniable. Keep that powder dry, hold the trigger and wait until you see the white of their eyes. Don’t let them distract you with FEAR. However, this much I can tell you with confidence; if and when things start, the only ROE will be that there are NO ROE. Look, I know it’s sometimes difficult to stay optimistic in the face of so much bullshit. I know sometimes it feels like a stacked deck but that’s all by design. It’s supposed to wear us down so that we just “surrender.” NEVER SURRENDER! They know there’s NO way they can sustain, survive or triumph over Americans in a sustained conflict and they are SCARED SHITLESS at the very thought of this. Cowards that they are, they think we can be fooled and defeated by their campaign of FEAR against us! We can’t! I’m sure they have some sort of goal in mind but I don’t think they have a real plan about how to go about achieving it. They are flying blind & stupid! Watch how many Biden voters suddenly find Jesus and start waving American flags again on that great day of reckoning. It’s your call whether they will be redeemable or not. This shit won’t go on for much longer because it can’t. You and I both know this. Their free trial of communism is ending soon and and we’re not in the least interested in renewing it. 

Stay the course Patriots and temper that inner fear with patience and healthy diversions. Remember: YOUR Mind, THEIR FEAR. Just tune out their bullshit and fall back on what’s really important in Life: God, Country, Freedom, Family, Love & gratitude for those in your life who deserve it and of course, the Future. Isn’t everything else really just kinda another kind of bullshit, anyway? This is the epoch of our age; do not run from it. We will restore America to the Constitutional Republic as it was always intended to be. 


As you were,

General Mossberg.