Musings About The Future

Musings About The Future

✪ Ah yes, another week and more insanity; it never stops. I no longer even bother asking “what’s next;” instead, I simply ask “now what?”  Please understand that I live in an area which bleeds blood red, so I don’t have to suffer from many of the same daily atrocities & inanities as some of you who are trapped living behind enemy lines in blue states or cities. While I can still comprehend your pain and anxiety, I fortunately don’t have to live with it. However, you are all in my prayers, every day. I know it can’t be easy. I believe as Americans, we’re all suffering from a form of collective anxiety regardless of where we live; and it affects every single one of us. The ongoing cruelty & daily assaults upon our way of life by the artificially manufactured chaos & depressing news are meant to wear us down and break our spirit so that the Political Class can finally steamroll over us with the full implementation of their communist agenda. I will not opine in too much detail here on probably what is the only sure fire way left remaining to stop this mad rush into communism because there may be lurkers lurking who are tasked by various leftist organizations to report opposition websites directly to the Ministry Of Truth. To any of those lurkers who may be reading this, “FUCK YOU.” 

That’s damned frustrating, because while my ideas on this subject are certainly no secret, we still find ourselves having to watch what we write & say because part of what communists do is stifle and intimidate the freedom of speech of others. I believe most of you already know exactly what I’m talking about and will step up to do the right thing at the right time. I actually hope things never come to that because there are still too many others who will only make their stand when the communists or their useful idiots show up at their front door. Sad to say, but some will comply simply in the hopes of brokering some sort of compromised peace with these criminals; but there is no compromising with Monsters. Making a deal with the Devil is still a deal with the Devil and monsters must ultimately be destroyed. Others will resist in ways which may surprise even themselves; and, a few of us will take care of business in a manner that may shock and startle even the most patriotic amongst us. There are many of us “old schoolers” who won’t think twice about getting our hands dirty to do the heavy lifting in order to do whatever needs to be done so that those among us who can’t, won’t have to.

We’ll eventually have to take this fight to the Leftists on our own terms; but we also understand many of our fellow Americans may not have the stomach for physical conflict. That’s ok, there’s lots of other ways they can help and things they can do which don’t involve the risk of direct involvement. Understand, the “struggle” this country is now engaged in isn’t defined only in terms of physical or ideological resistance. It involves much more such as intelligence, logistics, food, shelter, beans, boots and bullets. “Non combatants” can still play an important role and contribute a tremendous amount of support along these lines. 

I urge you to consider vital & productive ways you will support American patriots if your conscience or values preclude your direct involvement in active conflict. There’s really no denying or dancing around the inevitable: the only one thoroughly effective way to cleanse America from communism is to purge the country of ALL those who adhere to this poisonous ideology.

I understand how that may sound like a very tall order; however, I will hasten to remind all good readers here that the Left has already been telling us for years that they plan to eliminate us at their first opportunity. I would consider it foolish oversight if we did not pay attention and take such threats very seriously. Take a look around; they’re already attacking us on every available front. The professional race baiters want to use hate to turns whites into a second class citizenry in the country built by their fathers. The illegal alien lobby wants to flood the country to replace hard working Americans with cheap, unskilled & uneducated labor. The LBGTQ movement looks to dominate our culture by destroying the traditional family through their open advocacy of degeneracy. The Muslims simply want us all dead, because America was a nation originally founded on Judeo-Christian values and they will never tolerate that. 

ALL of these groups share something in common; they are all useful idiots being directed and manipulated by global communists in order to collapse the United States. They are the ground troops of the globalist elite who don’t have any interest whatsoever in anyone but themselves; that is, unless they serve some need or convenience to advance their globalist agenda. History tells us one of the first things tyrants do after they finally succeed in solidifying their absolute power is eliminate their most ardent supporters once they have already served their original, intended purpose because they are no longer needed. Very much like a criminal mastermind who murders everyone in his gang right after they have all cooperated in pulling off a huge robbery so that he doesn’t need to split the money with them. Same idea. Probably another reason why history really isn’t taught in schools anymore. No sense in cluing in all of those useful idiots on the fate which awaits them once “the revolution” has finally succeeded.

The societal rot we are now witnessing & experiencing is nothing new; it’s already been very long in the making, only now they seem to feel no need to hide it any longer. And why should they? They sense an impending victory for their total power and domination finally within their reach. They see the contest as entering the home stretch now & will stop at nothing short of total domination of our culture, society and nation. In other words, they are rubbing our faces in it.

We see it every day with every new “Fuck you, America” policy they dream up. We see it in how they keep saddling us with one crisis after another until we’re so overloaded and overwhelmed with everything we barely know which way is up. It does absolutely no good to trouble ourselves by asking “why” these idiots are doing everything they’re doing because “logic” does not have any part of anything they plan or execute. In my opinion, looking for “reasons” is only an exercise in futility which wastes our valuable time. “Figuring them out” is a sort of dead ended kind of flawed thinking, because answering the “why” has absolutely NO effect on stopping them. Why are the communists so intent on destroying the greatest country on Earth? Because they’re communists! Why do cockroaches love to live in sewers? Because they’re cockroaches! See? It doesn’t change a damned thing; communists are still cockroaches!

What’s vastly more important than understanding “why” is our clarity of vision. Specifically, being able to see things now as they actually are instead of how we are told we should see them because successful decisions need to be grounded in unclouded estimations. No more can kicking or playing the old game that perhaps things aren’t really as fucked up as they appear. That’s the favorite mantra of the apparatchiks in the News Media; providing comforting lies as opposed to objective truth. The best chance we have of saving our asses is complete honesty with ourselves regarding the truth of our current situation to best decide which role each of us are going to play in the solution of its demise. The time to confront this nightmare head on is now. The only way out is the way through. 

There are only two major influences driving all of this runaway insanity; money & power. All of the pet victim & grievance groups, politicians, academia maggots, tech giants, legacy media, and woke corporations are only acting out on behalf of acquiring more money & power for themselves. Each is spinning a different fantasy in their tiny minds as they dream about the place of influence & control they’ll occupy in the coming new world order utopia, at least that’s what they’re telling themselves.  In all of their arrogance, hubris and self righteous sense of moral & intellectual superiority, they each honestly believe they will be the new chosen ones to whom everyone else must bend & serve their needs. What they fail to see through their blind lusting after ever more money & power is that they are only carrying the water for their globalist masters.  Once the convenience of their usefulness to their masters expires, they will no longer be deemed necessary and at that moment become a liability. Whoops! The reward for all of their loyalty will either be a bullet to the backs of their heads or suddenly finding themselves cast back into the mundane world to once again live among the unwashed masses of the common volk they so greatly despise. Whoops!  They’re going to find themselves having to survive just like the rest of us in that Hell hole they helped to engineer at the behest of an indifferent elite who regard them as little more than only pets.

Once cast aside by their masters, they’ll now have to make their way among the very same people they betrayed. Whoops! People who probably won’t be in any big hurry to forgive or forget all of their shit, much less be willing to move forward in the spirit of bipartisan brotherly love. Most of these traitorous sell outs will probably experience a very short shelf life because as a rule, worms just usually don’t live that long anyway. Most won’t survive at all because they lack the basic skills of survival and self sufficiency the rest of us already developed in order to survive the Hell they originally created & forced upon us. That’s the typical fate and ending of shitbag grifters who actually produce & contribute nothing, yet game the system for their entire lives to steal from others.  

Now is the time to harden your resolve against what is naturally coming and prepare as best you can to ensure the safety of your families. One of these days, it’s all going to break loose & only God knows the day and time. When it does, don’t be caught off guard with your pants down. At this writing, there’s still an open window to acquire more ammo & implements of personal self defense, the opportunity to stockpile additional food and water; make & coordinate plans with similar minded, friends, neighbors and family members. I can’t imagine how God could in any way be pleased with what’s going on in the World today.  Perhaps he’s being extra patient with America now before he gets pissed and brings down the hammer. Perhaps, he’s giving us every opportunity imaginable for us to straighten our shit out before he finally steps in. I don’t know. I only hope he’ll forgive me and so many others for doing what we know will have to be done; the destruction of evil. I hope our fellow citizens will also rise at the appointed time to lend support to, rather than shun, the fighters. By now, I think most Americans have a pretty clear picture of where and with whom they will be standing on that day when we take back our country. I know I do and hope you do, too.

Until next week, I’ll leave you with this: adapt, improvise, overcome and above all prepare! They’re going to lose, but know in your heart if we fail to do everything within our power to stop them they’ll be coming for you next, personally. Know they are treacherous cowards who will be looking to exploit our positive character virtues of fairness, goodness, honesty & mercy. The only interest demons have in such qualities is in how they may utilize them as weapons. Don’t kid yourselves; this is all out war between good & evil.

If you haven’t done so already, make a plan; even if it’s something only as simple as making a decision about what you’ll be willing or not willing to do when the time comes to act. Don’t chide or ridicule others by telling them “you first” when they seem frustrated or talk of revolt because lots of folks are still sorting out for themselves where they are going to fit in to all of this once it finally blows.

Fight. Fight to restore America. Fight to win. Fight and settle for nothing less than total, unequivocal victory. We may never get another chance & there is nowhere else left to go. I know you already know this…✪

As you were…

General Mossberg