Right To The Point…

Right To The Point…

✪ Just the other day, I found myself pondering a thought. It randomly & suddenly bubbled up to the surface of my mind, but it stayed around long enough to really made me think. It posed a serious question, one I’m sure we’ve all ruminated on at some point in our lives. Let me explain: we all tend to interpret things within the context of History by formulating opinions which can also be highly influenced by the words of others. I guess that’s the purpose behind written history, to provide a recorded basis of properly evaluating the significance of current events in relation to those in the past. Written History is usually taken for granted by most people at face value. That means most of us tend to interpret it as the truth. However, an interesting fact about the nature of History is that it is only for the most part, a form of second hand interpretation because we weren’t actually there at that time when something important happened. Our knowledge and experience of it is limited only to word of mouth. So back again to that thought I found myself pondering the other day. When I look at some of the things that have happened throughout History, the question which keeps dogging me is HOW? HOW could that have possibly ever happened? HOW could people be so STUPID & do such STUPID things? HOW could an entire group of people allow such things to happen or not happen? HOW could people continue making the same mistakes throughout History? 

When I ponder the HOW which is common to all of these questions, what first comes to mind is the Nazis. At first, they were first only a small group of barroom rabble rousers who nobody really took very seriously. However, they went from street fighter thugs to the most powerful political organization in all of Europe within only a span of 15 years. HOW were they able to do this? The German people bought the Nazi ideology & supported the National Socialist Party because the Nazis cleverly seized upon the opportunity to fix the broken Weimar Republic and restore the German sense of national identity again after the Allies humiliated Germany in World War I. Of course, entire libraries have been written about exactly what happened and who did what to who and when, but all relying on a specific point of view and a myriad of other causative factors I won’t get into here. The point I want to make is that the Nazis succeeded by dividing German society into three distinct demographics and playing those groups against each other: A) The Aryans or Ruling Class: defined by Nazi ideology as a Caucasian person born in Germany and not of Jewish descent. B) Non Aryans: this was basically everyone else who wasn’t pure Caucasian or born in Germany. This demographic actually included lots of different ethnic groups, but the Nazis made the Jews into their biggest scapegoats for all of Germany’s problems. The Nazis exploited the Jews in order to gain and hold their absolute power. C) The millions of Germans who either stood by and did nothing (the Good Germans who were neither fervent Nazis nor unfortunate Jews) and those who also completely supported The Nazis as they carried out the most destructive & inhumane treatment against others in modern times.

That’s where the HOW keeps popping up again & again in my mind. HOW is it a particular minority segment of political extremists becomes capable of motivating an entire country to do such horrible things; to its own self destruction? HOW does the majority of the population agree to accept such atrocities in order to go along to get along? Since I wasn’t there at the time to directly experience these events, I find it difficult to find any rational answers which make sense; it confounds my mind. Although I’m capable of much more objectivity in my evaluation of these events because I was not actually directly involved in them, I am still limited to historical references of only words & images. When you take a closer look, that’s all History really is, a collection of someone’s words and images. Technically, in the time you’ve already spent reading this sentence, the first paragraph above has already become History: it’s now something officially in the past. Your memory of your experience of it may keep it fresh, but that’s all you have, a particular memory of an experience which is unique mostly to YOUR point of view. For this reason, History can never be 100% complete or objective because it’s a composite evaluation completely built out of individual viewpoints. This characteristic is what makes History both interesting & problematic: personal viewpoints limit & define our record of the past. It seems as if History may be more interpretation than actuality.

So HOW in Hell could one small extremist group like the Nazis set the entire world on fire in conflict simply because they decided they didn’t like somebody else? HOW did such a thing ever happened? Aren’t we human beings supposed to be smarter than this? I guess not. Ok, I guess I could just write it all off with the excuse that those times were really crazy. Then what does that say about THESE times? NOW? TODAY? These are some pretty fucking crazy times we find ourselves living through as well. I suggest what we are all experiencing for ourselves now in present time is something even more troubling than the usual way despots and dictators usually take control over entire geographical regions & populations. Instead, what we are now witnessing is the citizens themselves willfully taking the greatest country on Earth and systematically destroying it in some desperate & bizarre psychotic attempt to replace it with an already failed, historical ideology. Yes, it’s that crazy and it’s happening NOW. They say History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. What’s happening now in America is we have one third of the country wants to destroy another third of the country while still another third sits by and watches. Does any of this sound even the least familiar? It certainly should because this time it’s our turn to actually live the History & we see it everyday. Our ideological pathologies are Covid 19, climate change, equality, systemic racism and degenerating moral values. All of which negatively impact & influence the quality of our lives. All of which are completely avoidable & unnecessary. 

What makes me both shudder & have hope at the same time is while I know the communist Left would love to impose the same destruction & ruin on real Americans as Nazis did to the Jews, we still retain and enjoy a vert distinct advantage over them which stops them from doing so. We are, and will remain, heavily armed. The Communists in our midst are very aware of this advantage and I’ll submit that’s their biggest fear, if not the only reason, we remain as free as we currently are, However, that still isn’t nearly as free as we already were once before. For the moment, their complete takeover is stalled because they certainly must realize any attempts to disarm us in any way would spell their rapid and complete demise. So this piece isn’t much more than my unwilling reflection on how tyrants can eventually succeed because nations often fail to learn from the hard lessons of the Past. We keep making the same fucking mistakes over and over again with the same disastrous results. The Communists need their sociopaths & mentally unstable activists to keep stirring the pot; creating the crises, chaos and division which are the only things which make their kind of “change” possible by robbing the rest of us of whatever peace & enjoyment we may make  in our lives by just being left the fuck alone. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of these kinds of leftist assholes  making this kind of trouble in this country along with their legions of blind sheep followers so lacking in self esteem and awareness that they glom onto anything to feel empowered in their tiny & pathetic lives. Like the Nazis and the Germans who supported them, these two groups also need a scapegoat and common enemy. That would be you & I, authentic Americans. Those of us who believe in hard work, fair play, freedom, greatness and individual responsibility. The kind of people who built this country & gave their blood so it should endure. Since Leftists are completely incapable of ever elevating themselves up to a better place in life, their only answer is drag everyone else down to their level of misery. Their mindset is if they can’t be happy, prosperous & free, then they damned well aren’t going to let anyone else be happy, prosperous or free, either. That’s really what they’re talking about whenever they spew their “equality” bullshit.  

So that’s HOW it all happens. You chop up a society and then pit the various segments against one another. You create  mass hysteria about supposed boogiemen and get everyone all wound up on a bunch of bullshit “problems” there are really no answers for because they’re not really problems to begin with. Then you use contrived “solutions” on the contrived “problems” to lever power over the entire country. Take a look; which monsters are hiding under your bed? Which would you like to feel the most afraid of today? Climate change, covid, systemic racism, homophobia, islamaphobia, supply chains, food shortages, inflation? If it wasn’t for the Left, we wouldn’t have to be dealing with 99% of this bullshit everyday. I really wish things weren’t this way now. I really wish they could find it in themselves to stop fucking with our lives but they won’t. At least until we decide we’ve had enough and stop them. I wish I could be spared from having to experience what I know surely must be coming. I wish I could go to meet my maker without somehow having to answer for the blot of lives taken. Wish in one hand, shit in the other; you know the rest.

I now understand the HOW as clear as day, but there will never be a rational answer for the “WHY.” That’s a completely different story and entirely different Double Barrel for another time. What the Left & their masters are designing & intending can only ultimately result in their complete annihilation. Me? I’m all set. I know what I am capable of doing. The best part is I know HOW. While I may have a little sympathy for a rabid dog, that still won’t stop me from putting it down to save myself, others, or America. I think that’s pretty much right to the point. ✪

As you were,

General Mossberg.