Turkey Leftovers

Turkey Leftovers

✪ Thanksgiving weekend is finally drawing to a close. I hope all of you were able to spend meaningful time with close family or friends to reflect on all the blessings in your life. In spite of all the usual efforts of all the usual suspects to stain & ruin the significance of the day, we Americans still have so much to be thankful for. We still live in the greatest country on Earth; regardless of whatever the communists among us may claim. We still have millions of people pouring across our borders illegally to get here: and, I have yet to see any lines anywhere of people waiting to leave. Now that I mention it, nothing would warm my heart more than to see long lines of these ungrateful pieces of shit waiting to get on the first boat out!  Why is it the Left is always screaming, bitching, pissing and moaning about what a supposedly fucking, rotten, racist & intolerant nation we are, and then stand by with their thumbs up their asses and smiles on their faces looking the other way as they say “welcome” to their armies of imported entitlement mercenaries? If this place is supposedly so fucking horrible, why do they continue spending our tax dollars to bring all the dregs of the third & fourth World here? Why don’t all of the wealthy trust fund babies and Hollywood Karens pack up with all of their bullshit & just leave too if this place is so fucking racist & unfair? They never shut their pie holes or stop complaining; but damned if they all don’t love living everyday in the lap of comfort and opportunity in the very same place they’re always shitting on. WHY are these shitbags still here when it’s completely obvious to the rest of us who certainly don’t know everything like they do, that there are much better places for them to be living; like Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela?! They make it all too easy to hate their stinking spoiled, rotten, socialist guts. I know I do!  

Do you know 95% of the pretend “elected” officials in our pretend government only pretend to be serving us. That’s what pretend elections and pretend democracy get us. Most of these worms go into politics because they either have sociopathic power complexes, sexual attractions to children or want to start their very own collection of expensive vacation homes. Unfortunately, when the rest of us disagree, we then become obstacles in the way of their personal ambitions in politics. We become something which must be first punished, destroyed & then removed. In order to get us out of their way, they have embarked upon a campaign to destroy all of the History & tradition which hold us together as a nation. That’s why these stinking fucking communists work day and night shitting on God, the family unit, History & tradition. Remember when our schools actually taught kids things they would need to know in order to have successful lives? Perhaps you don’t because it was already a really long time ago. You know, useful things like how to write your own fucking name or read a real book? One with actual pages & written print, not just pictures? You see, the “problem” with “real” books is if you want to revise them in such a way as to celebrate most glorious long march to communist utopia, you have to first get your lies and propaganda past a team of editors and underwriters before actually publishing a new physical edition. Fuck that, apparently the “revolution” is so vital to the masses it can’t be hobbled by the analog mechanics of that old clunky twentieth century shit. With digital Ebooks and misinformation sites like Wikipedia, anyone can revise History and eliminate tradition with a click of the mouse. You can claim Christ was a socialist, female genital mutilation pleases Allah and Abraham Lincoln was gay.

It’s no longer a dirty secret, it’s the dirty truth. Kids in this country no longer receive a useful education; instead, they now receive post modern goverment brainwashing & indoctrination. They can’t count lunch money change, but they know all about the top ten ways to pleasure a queer person’s anus or that the Navy named a boat for Harvey Milk. They’re being kept stupid on purpose and for a reason; angry and completely incapable of thinking constructively for themselves, but we now already know this, don’t we? Thankfully, homeschooled children of Conservative parents will enjoy a real advantage of knowledge in the future over their blue city publick educashun counterparts because they will be equipped with fundamental knowledge & skills to escape being SNAP card, government cattle for the rest of their lives. Lefty kids will spend most of their lifetimes as neurotic drama queens constantly brooding over the horrors of “systemic racism,” climate change or the prospect they may die before being able to experience all 2478 different gender orgasms. Boohoo, I guess Life really is just too fucking unfair. Teachers’ unions are for the most part, groups of sick pervs with far too much political power who get off on mentally molesting our children. I can’t think of another group who inflict as much deliberate destruction on young minds in service to agenda and ideology as they do. Is it any wonder how our society is now full of physically grown adults who still possess minds & temperaments which have never developed past being able to handle life than the average eight year old? NONE of this is by accident! 

They can’t read, calculate simple math, think critically for themselves or understand basic life skills. However, they do know how to cry, whine, bitch and demand approval and free shit all of the time from beloved nanny government. They also know how to attack other people for their successes because they are so fucking self loathsome the only way they can manage to feel half assed decent about the excuse of their miserable, half assed fucking lives is by tearing down other people to their level. Yet, they still believe they’re the shit and the only reason the rest of the World is so fucked up is because nobody else is nearly as smart or knows as much as they do. No wonder they feel so entitled & superior in their weaknesses; if only the rest of us poor slobs could be as enlightened as they are! Take away their smart phones for three days and watch the mass suicides begin! Now hold the Hell on here! Our kids most certainly are different! Why? Because we as parents are as a rule more interested and personally involved in their lives and we refuse to let them be groomed for the hive by abusers who disguise themselves as teachers, that’s why. Look no farther than the current crop of pinheads populating the Uncle Joe Junta with their incredible powers of reasoning & problem solving to understand the long term result of raising an entire generation of ignorant, clueless idiots with public education indoctrination.  Prove me wrong! They were specifically chosen because their greatest merit is being mediocre losers! We’re living in an idiocracy!

I won’t do my Sean Hannity impression here by repeating the list of all of the planned & intended disasters these communist shit birds have forced upon us. You already know about them because they now all directly impact your lives; and not for the better! They’ve been behind the wheel driving our national “education” for three generations now going on four. I guess they now consider they have produced enough dumbed down people to make that final big push to ‘fundamentally transform’ our nation into a nondescript shit hole full of stupid people who know only one thing; how to obey & follow the Government. I know, it’s a tremendously frightening & fucked up situation and we have to be honest with ourselves about how we have let this shit get out of hand by allowing it to continue for so long, but here we are. To make matters even worse, our lying Media continues to run cover for all of this bullshit, but Conservatives are not stupid. Leftist lurkers & Ned already know this. We won’t allow our kids to be brainwashed into becoming the red guard twits who will put us in camps when they’re told by their globalist masters. As Conservatives, it’s our mission to pass on a well developed sense of individual determinism to future generations; that is, if we don’t wish to see the entire country assimilated by the marxist Borg.

Which raises a very interesting point. Despite all the odds and external forces working overtime to lower the level of national intelligence, why hasn’t the Left put down that final hammer? Where’s that final big push into most glorious, utopia future where the thousand flowers bloom and everyone smiles to live under socialism? What’s holding them back? Whenever I watch the television news or survey the people’s social media, they try to convince me they have all but won and my resistance is futile! If that’s true, then how is it I’m still here, motherfuckers?! And so are millions & millions of my fellow Americans who refuse to be poisoned by your communism. I’ll tell you why they haven’t succeeded and they never will! Because the box they’re peddling is fucking empty! Even they know it’s all really just one big BS LIE! For all of the noise and bluster they make with their constant bullshit over the airwaves and internet, they have only succeeded in convincing one quarter of the entire population that their empty box actually contains a cute, warm puppy. In addition, count on at least 80% of that 25% will fold like a cheap $5 plastic, Chinese lawnchair from Walmart in the first hour at the first signs of any serious conflict. They are all hat and no cattle, all talk and no walk; all they’ve got is an empty box! It’s finally starting to dawn on them that not only are we not listening, but we also no longer give a flying fuck what they think or have to say. We’ve had enough of their stunted development bullshit and are prepared to do whatever History demands to put a stop to this fucking insanity, once and for all.

I completely understand none of this is easy, but now is definitely not the time to get lazy or go soft on these bastards. Call me crazy, but I firmly believe we have these assholes on the run. They’re freaking out because our resolve continues to solidify as theirs crumbles. It’s the distance runner who wins the long race and the last standing soldier, the war. It’s the emotionally mature & resilient who will ultimately prevail over the selfish & indulgent children. Yet they continue to antagonize, hoping it’ll be us who really starts things going, so they can claim to play the victims as an excuse to launch their genocide of the opposition. Divide us in the hopes of making us fight one other so they can come riding in with their Chinese led UN “peacekeeping” forces to save the day. Good times! Wolverines! Who knows? They keep poking us with that sharp stick but so far, we haven’t bit back and they really don’t know exactly how to think with that. So far, we’ve managed to scramble and upset their globalist timetable for worldwide domination. We’re still here as Americans with all of our guns, more pissed off and willing to kick communist ass than ever before, even in our own country. Especially in our own country! I know on the surface of appearances, it may not look like they are failing, but trust me, they are. The wheels are starting to come off their clown car.

The best weapon we now have against them is simply the word “no.” Easy and effective enough. Simply resist & refuse to consent; on every front at every opportunity. The Hive cancer requires compliance & conformity to spread; don’t give it to them! Think of other creative ways you can fight back against the rage of all their fucking stupidity. Just say no to the drugs of socialism, communism and marxism, kids. “Pedophile” is also a great counter to all of their racist and “phobe” bullshit. That word shuts them up and stops them dead in their tracks. Kiddie fucking is their sacred cow as it represents their disgusting fantasy of peak moral relativism in which they believe they will finally discover complete “freedom.” The only reason they’re flailing around and making so much noise now is to cover the truth they are failing. The secret is out. The box they are peddling is EMPTY except for their own shit. That’s the reason they’re trying so hard. They are desperate and know they got nothing. They also know that we know that they got nothing. Our complete and total victory is inevitable; it’s only a matter of time. All we have to do is remain resolved in the Truth, our Faith in God and be that last soldier standing. Then we win. ✪

As you were,

General Mossberg