Them vs America

For anyone who just so happens to have been be born and raised as a true, red blooded, American patriot, the differences between the Republican and Democrat national conventions should be crystal clear as night and day. I could easily spend an entire week analyzing and talking about all the numerous differences between those wannabe communist Democrat fucks and true Americans. I use the word “true” in this capacity to specify and distinguish between those who keep insisting they are some sort of non-binary, trans fluid, Aztec, queer freak, shit man boys and someone named “Chris” with a nice job who lives in a nice house with his wife & kids who like to go camping or fishing out on their boat on the weekends. You know, “true” Americans! That’s the biggest and most glaring mistake stupid Democrats keep making; they assume just because they happen to live in America, that automatically makes them Americans. When you listen to what they say and how they act, having to live in America actually seems to drive them totally batshit crazy & out of their minds. So the next time their tongue chewing, lip sucking, botox soaked, queen bee, granny Pelosi says something is for the American people, you know exactly who she’s talking about and it’s not “true” Americans.

One of the most disturbing things I have noticed lately is the tendency of all the Boontifa loyalists to start their rioting, looting and burning at the drop of a hat. They look for any excuse they can find. In Minneapolis, some fucking soi boi thought it would be fun to get his commie kicks by tweeting out to his komrades the cops had just murdered another precious & innocent kneegrow in cold blood; when in actuality, they just showed up after his suicide. Apparently, it didn’t seem to matter to the out of town, bussed in swarms of Soros shit flies that Darshawn had offed himself. It didn’t stop any of them from jumping into action immediately to do another few hundred million dollars worth of damage to local black owned businesses while beating the shit out anyone else they happened to come across who wasn’t armed. When we take a closer look beneath the lid of this wretched septic tank of vile, stinking Humanity, what we discover is a very calculated order to all of their chaos. It doesn’t matter where or how any of it starts; the group who always arrives on the scene first are the most outraged spooks who just coincidentally happen to be so fucking oppressed they never have any opportunity to work because they’re always too busy taking free vacations on nice tour buses to wherever it is that Black Lies Matter riot next. These are the first wave of ground troops who can scream all day on megaphones like the baboons they are. They’re the most tried and true, loyal plantation slaves who will never realize they’re the most easily expendable useful idiots; the first who will be shot when this culture war finally goes hot.

Next, and following right behind them are what surely must be the most incredible examples of mass mental illness to ever walk the face of the Earth; white wiggers. Understand, white wiggers are the second line of the Soros race and class warfare army. They’re the commie drum and bugle corps, the soundtrack of the “revolution;” responsible for all of the chanting, drums, noise and any canned, crap music. The only reason they show up is because they’re too worthless and stupid do be of any use to anyone, anywhere else. Some of them may appear to look like courageous street warriors; all billy bad asses with their nifty masks, helmets and Home Depot plywood shields; but they’re really only gay communist malcontents looking for more free shit. You can tell who these gimps are because they’re the cowards who usually target old men or women, kids and just regular people who are trying to get home. They’re also usually the first group to scamper away whenever the gunfire finally erupts; because nobody runs faster than a boon loving wigger leaving from the scene of a looted store with an armload of Air Jordans. The last group of these communist funded terrorist mercenaries are the ones who have been trained in Palestinian street artillery strategy; the coward goons who throw rocks and bottles at police, Molotov cocktails into cars and buildings, break windows and start fires in parked cars and garbage dumpsters. These are the Soros armies of Boontifa; nothing but packs of roaming, intelligence challenged, violent, criminal reprobates who will never give a shit about America or others. Worthless losers who will never find any positive or productive places in American society. 

The upper level managers of all this violence and mayhem can usually be found hiding in kush buses several blocks back behind their army of fools. They exchange orders and information with the front line thru spotters on bikes who usually wear the same color hats to prevent themselves from becoming the unknowing victims of their own anarchy. May times these bike runners will be wired with top shelf communications allowing them to report back to their masters with information about what’s actually happening on the street. Whenever the police finally show up or things or things take a turn south, the noisy, big mouthed front line boons and rock throwing, window smashing wiggers right behind them are one who are beaten and arrested. The bike troops simply ride off looking for all intended purposes like college kids going home after a long night of studying at the library and nobody is the wiser for it. The Boontifa brass, the colonels and generals who coordinate all of this shit never risk arrest or see any of the action because they stay hidden in their comfy buses and simply drive away. Unfortunately, there seems to be only one way of effectively dealing with these rented armies of Boontifa and that’s the same way you deal with any enemy in a war. That means taking out their command. Taking them out as in “eliminating” them completely. If you cut off the head of that snake, the rest of their mutant army can’t do shit. You can start by attacking their bike spotters and severing the lines of communication between the front line and the war room on the bus. Don’t be too worried about doing that because as a general rule, innocent people who live or work in the neighborhood usually won’t be out riding their bikes and sightseeing at a riot. Especially at night and while they’re all wearing the same color of hat. Besides, any innocent person who just happens to be stupid enough to be out on a bike ride in the middle of a riot has probably already had his bike stolen after being beat into a coma by the mob anyway. A nice bike is nothing more than another form of free sheet booty in the eyes of these marauding, looter apes. Those of us unfortunate enough to still live in or near marxist controlled blue cities & towns really need to keep our eyes open and stay vigilant. We need to start noting the arrivals and appearances of any new out of town vehicles, especially buses. We need to log and check license plate numbers, note their positions and shadow them whenever they move. Once confirmed, we need to isolate these fetid communist shits and make certain they simply can’t drive away or leave to go set up shop somewhere else. Flatten all of their tires or even burn them out. Start making their losses so expensive and they won’t be able to sustain them. Give them a hot dose of their own medicine and put the fear of God into the real cowards, their leaders.

If you live anywhere the Boontifa army rolls into town, you have the God given, constitutionally mandated right to protect your life, property and family regardless of what the traitorous news Media or your pandering, pantywaist politicians have led you to believe. Be prepared; if your local police have been ordered to stand down or to only watch and take notes from the sidelines, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to fend for yourself. Weapons fitted with suppressors come in handy and are especially effective in such “situations.” Be ready for anything and everything that comes with having to repel invasions such as these. When a critical moment arrives, act don’t think. He who hesitates is lost and perhaps also dead. Think of a Nike ad and imagine Colon Krapperdick in your head saying, “Just do it!” The time for tolerance, patience and negotiation has now passed; they crossed that line back in May with the George Floyd riots in Minneapolis. Hopefully, you’ll never have to pull a trigger; but don’t hesitate for a second if it saves you from becoming another victim or casualty from the domestic communist mob. More and more of the Boontifa clowns are now starting to show up to riots openly carrying and brandishing firearms. Although most of these idiots have never had any formalized training about the proper use of them, they still will try; and when we start shooting back, they’ll howl and whine about “victimhood” yet once again. That’s because they’re COWARDS. Nothing screams COWARDICE like a bunch of Boontifa babies at a “defund da popo” protest who suddenly flood 911 with calls from their cell phones begging for help when dem ebol nationalist, white supremacist Americans start pushing back on their Boontifa shit. Yes, those very same police who supposedly hate and murder poor innocent black folks all across the country everyday. Maybe we can lend a hand to help Boontifa make their “protests” as peaceful as possible.

Remember, I am in NO way advocating for any kind of violence here; nor am I suggesting you go hunting after Boontifa game. However at some point, all diseases must be treated. No, I’m not talking about Covid here; although the Rona certainly is another part of this sick & manipulative war to “fundamentally transform” America from the greatest country in the world into another failed socialist shithole like Cuba or Venezuela. The riots are simply another component designed and intended to test your resolve by keeping you huddled in your houses. Boontifa is out on our streets only for one purpose; to destroy because what the mental illness of leftist makes people want to do. Don’t be too concerned about Sleepy Joe right now; keep you eyes on the ball of what’s really happening. You’ll do what you gotta do when that time comes. The most clear and present danger to our Nation at this moment is the communist cultural revolution taking place against our traditions, values, institutions and culture while our elected officials mostly ignore it. If you haven’t done so already, map out your area and know ahead of time where you’ll need to be and what to do when Boontifa rolls into your town. Find out which of your neighbors share the same way of thinking as you and organize ahead of time so you’ll be ready. Massing for an attack at the very last minute with people you barely know or can’t depend on can be very difficult, if not impossible. We only have about two months remaining before the real trouble begins the day after the election: the bombings, the supercharged rioting, looting, burning and murdering. Not if we get them first.  Well, you know….heh heh.

As you were.

General Mossberg