Trump Is Going To Kenosha & Liberals Are Having A Meltdown

There’s a reason that President Donald Trump is president and Hillary Clinton isn’t. Because he doesn’t run what he does through a PR adviser to determine whether his actions are popular or not, he actually has core policies and principles that he takes whether or not they are popular…

One of those is his decision to go to Kenosha. A White House spokesperson told reporters Saturday that Trump intends to visit Kenosha on Tuesday and will “meet with law enforcement and survey damage from recent riots.” It’s not clear yet if he will meet with the family of Jacob Blake.

That’s the right thing to do, to reassure not only the people there, but to send a signal out to everyone that he’s doing what he can, against great resistance from Democrats, to make the situation better and to give reassurance to the people that he cares not only about Kenosha but the other people affected by these riots.

Good for him. That’s why he has support on this issue, and Democrats don’t. Because Americans see him acting with actual honest outrage and concern about the riots. Meanwhile Democrats have failed to address them in Democratic cities and tried to paint them as peaceful.

Horrible destruction.

It’s only because Trump convinced the Democratic governor to call in more Guard troops after he said he wouldn’t that the violence stopped. Had the Governor agreed earlier, two people might not be dead and a lot of assaults and damage wouldn’t have happened.

But Democrats don’t care and they’re already spinning his visit. First they tried “he isn’t speaking out.” Of course, he has spoken out and offered help for months, even sent federal agents into problem areas. But now that he’s coming to Kenosha, the spin then shifts to, oh, we don’t want him there from Democrats, including the Democratic mayor of Kenosha and the Democratic Lieutenant Governor, Mandela Barnes. They’ve failed their people, they should be grateful that Trump actually cares.

From The Hill:

The Democratic mayor told NPR that the situation Kenosha is in was “not the situation, I think, that people perceive — that the people in Kenosha are rioting.” He said instead people are”protesting and absolutely have every right to protest” and the city backs peaceful protests but not “damage and destruction.” [….] “I don’t know how given any of the previous statements that the president made, that he intends to come here to be helpful, and we absolutely don’t need that right now,” Barnes said. Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) also told CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that the president’s “only” purpose in visiting Kenosha is “to agitate things and make things [worse.]”

Say the very people who have embraced the BLM and not only failed to call out the violence, but in the case of Barnes, actually spread falsehoods, making the situation worse.

But Trump supporters are already working to make it better in Kenosha. The big difference between them and the radical left. ✪