Back The Blue

As much as I find myself wondering how the Hell we ever got ourselves to this point in our nation’s history, I understand what’s been done has already done & this is where we are now as a nation. However, our Future remains unwritten and we are still able to change enough things to rescue our country from this perfect storm of complete madness being perpetuated by the Left. While most of this bullshit might appear to be completely random or only the culmination of a series of past events which have all brought us to this point in History, I will now quote Benjamin Franklin: “no fucking way!” This shit show is, and continues to be, a very precisely crafted and choreographed, well planned Communist takeover of America. Let’s not kid ourselves for even one minute: all this garbage is on purpose and by design. It started in the very beginning with casual political correctness during the Clinton years, followed and fortified by eight years of Barky the race baiting wonder dog all the way until this current, blatantly violent, racist Black Lives Matter “movement.” It’s all been one big “work in progress.” From the “red scares” of the 50’s & 60’s up until today’s open militancy & insurrection by the baby fascists known as antifa….it has all been a “work in progress.” It’s also been a textbook example of the old “cooking the frog” analogy; a “progressive” and incremental slow heat to adjust people to the idea of “just one more” small erosion of their personal freedoms by quietly loading up local and federal government positions with loyal marxist operatives. These bolsheviks now dominate & control most of our country’s government & institutions; and, you see the disastrous results everywhere you look. It shows up on our filthy streets, in our decaying cities and regulation crippled economy. This certainly isn’t any state of affairs we can live with for very much longer. We’re under constant & direct attack by these organized forces of this very dark & evil ideology; and, unfortunately, we still aren’t doing nearly enough to stop them. There’s only two things which really stand between us and them: President Trump & our Law Enforcement. Now before any of you out there go jumping into the middle of my shit about cops, let’s agree for the sake of this discussion, we won’t include the ones who are hand-tied and sequestered by the Rat mayors in their communist run, hell holes. They’re unfortunately stuck obeying orders for the sake of keeping their jobs, although nobody can really say for how much longer. Many have already taken an early “retirement’ or quit to go find work in much greener fields. The Left is counting on those who remain to continue obeying their orders. These are the members of Law Enforcement who are in the worst position possible; trained and prepared to put down this rebellion, but directly ordered to remain standing down by their communist mayors & city councils. Marxist mayors & city councils who are supported by their equally marxist governors and state legislators. There’s the very real possibility cops in these blue cities can themselves be arrested and imprisoned for only performing their job duties. It pisses me off to no end, but I’m still trying to understand the difficult bind their feckless communist politicians have put these public servants of the Law in. Most are quitting and leaving. How can they possibly be expected to serve law and order when the laws and order are slanted and perverted to serve the purposes of only one particular political ideology? They can’t and many won’t; so I do find myself sympathizing with them. The rest of us can’t possibly know everything they’re going thru because we can’t there with them in the streets; we have NO direct knowledge or experience of their situation. We can only hope to see a limited slice of their reality thru one minute video clips on the internet. We don’t have any idea what it must be like to be a cop facing the prospect of serious jail time for simply arresting the wrong criminal in a completely lawless environment.

Ok, I know almost everyone here has a story about some prick cop who gave them a hard time or an unnecessary ticket; just because he or she could. It’s true; there are some cops out there who are certified assholes on power trips, but that’s still no excuse for regular citizens to go looking for trouble. Regardless of how much cop Viagra some jerk in blue may have had that day, the best approach is always to remain calm and polite without arguments. If he writes you up, just take your ticket with a lump & thank him for his helpful reminder to always “use your turn signal” and let that be the end of it. You know the kind of wads I’m talking about here; your best strategy is always to remain the calm and courteous one in these kinds of situations. Everyone tends to always remember getting rousted when they were 17, but also forget that friendly State Police officer that gave you a lift to the closest gas station when you ran out of gas. Unfortunately, I still have to say “most” instead of “all” police are decent and patriotic people who would literally put their lives on the line to save yours; but, every institution is bound to have a few bad apples. That’s the absolute truth. In my opinion, the Police in general don’t get nearly enough public credit and appreciation for all the good they do everyday compared to all of the complete dog shit bad press they are receiving now. The way they’re bring treated by the system now is abominable; their marxist civic puppeteers vilify their police departments at every turn while openly supporting the gay commie soi brigade and the dancing boon a loons. Seems the intelligence challenged and impaired among us need a common enemy to focus all their frustrations. Have you noticed? The ones who have the most frequent and unpleasant encounters with the Law are those same mindless idiots who have been brainwashed into believing that it’s really the cops who are the source of all their problems instead of their own fucking criminal behavior. It always makes me laugh to see these communist politicians in propaganda news stories, pointing their fingers and slinging the blame for riots back & forth on each other. None of them want to openly admit the blame for all of the mayhem happening in their cities comes only from the fucking antifa morons & BLM chimps rioting in the street! The same antifa queerbois all dolled up in their pussy street warfare attire with sticks, plywood shields & bike helmets; what a friggen joke! They won’t allow themselves to become productive and contributing members of society so they continue to perpetuate their little non-stop, never ending, infantile tantrums. These are the worthless, walking, shit filled, skin bags the cops find themselves having to deal with everyday without really being able to do their jobs because the simpering, politician pukes who support the mobs in the street will not hesitate to throw a good cop in prison for doing his job. This isn’t in any way hyperbole or exaggeration; rather an actual fact as demonstrated by what has been taking place in blue city hell holes for the last three months. I still remember how lots of kids wanted to be a cop or firefighter when they grew up. You can now add that to the very long list of all the things the Left has destroyed. Buffy now wants a six figured income career as a social media influencer to fight against the racist white patriarchy for racial equality and climate justice. When the real purge finally come, those Buffy’s will all be clueless in the face of any real resistance. Lots of them will be stuck in bulldozer tracks like chewing gum as they’re being buried.

Which brings us finally to a very interesting question regarding the Police; which side will they choose in the coming fight? Will they protect the communists when all bets are off; when rules no longer apply and it’s finally open season on the traitors to America?  What those grasshopper brained gimp commie fools don’t seem to understand is the very police they are trying to get rid of are actually the ONLY real line of defense protecting them from being wiped out wholesale by the rest of us. They should be very careful about for what they wish because if the Police ever do disappear, so does the last vestige of any protection the Rule Of Law offers to these insurrection maggots. The Police are really only the last line of society protecting these trouble makers from the rest of us. Defund or abolish the Police and all of these worthless worms will be gone in a week, all of them. Guaranteed. Do they in anyway comprehend any of this? Probably not, considering how much they operate strictly out of the impulse of their own emotions. That’s their weakest spot, the intensity of their feelz blinds them from the truths of reality. They may be able to avoid the consequences of reality, at least for a short time; but, they won’t be able to escape the consequences of avoiding reality. As stupid as they are, I know they will still try. After all, why should the Police have any interest whatsoever in putting their safety and lives on the line for people who seriously and openly want them dead? If you were a cop, would you? Would you ever take such a risk if you also knew that your governor or mayor couldn’t care less about providing you any support? There is an astoundingly unrepentant reckoning coming soon; as normal people are quickly running out of patience waiting on their elected officials to do what everyone knows must be done. Sooner or later, real Americans are going to take responsibility and start to step into the gap to end all of this stupidity. Thankfully, that’s already starting to happen. If those responsible for the task of keeping the peace and upholding the Rule Of Law are purposely refusing to do their jobs, then we will. Americans are a strange breed; we possess an abundance of patience; and really only want to be pretty much left the fuck alone to enjoy our lives in peace. Push, intimidate or try to force us into swallowing your communist poison? I don’t think so, Sparky! The very hard lesson those who find themselves on the wrong end of a pissed off America will learn is Americans don’t just slap wrists and say “stop.”  We’ll rip off your face and then make you beg us to hand it back to you. We’re slow to burn, but once we finally get going, there’s no way of shutting us down! Once you push us to our limits, there will come an unequivocally brutal & merciless extermination of every leftist ideal that has ever stained this great land. The Tree of Liberty will once again be quenched by the blood of tyrants. Once the slugs who hate our nation and police finally understand they have removed their own protections, we won’t have to listen to them bitch about anything, anymore. The living of their ranks will envy their dead, and maybe, just maybe, the rest of us can finally have some peace and quiet.

Our American law enforcement institutions are for the most part manned by incredible folks who really only want to do their jobs without leftist politicians interfering. They deserve our gratitude and appreciation for all the good they do. That’s exactly what they deserve, instead of the crap sandwich they’re now being force fed. Because everyone should be acknowledged for a job well done, please take any opportunity to let them know how much you appreciate them. I know I certainly do, and often. They need to hear and know this in order to counter all the negative misinformation by the Pravda media and their own Rat mayors. It’s interesting how most people who never break the law, seldom if ever, have any bad opinions about law enforcement. To put it another way, it’s mostly the criminal rogues and assholes who, for obvious reasons, constantly hate on the Police. It may take time, but we will have our nation back, even if it means a few million less democrats. The boon lives matter fucksticks are only a flash in the pan. The commie’s foot soldier shock troops deployed to sow enough chaos and destruction to keep us distracted from their inexorable slow creeping takeover of our government. I’d say just to ignore those bigoted, racist pigs, but I prefer you shoot any of them dumb enough to come wandering into your neighborhood looking for trouble. But of course only in an exercise of self defense…of course. It’s so completely ironic how they all moan and bitch about hundreds of years of doing the white man’s bidding, but yet there the fuck they are, doing the bidding of rich white men again, and willingly. I guess there are just some people for which it’s impossible to ever fix stupid; Wiggers who buy the entire systemic racist narrative, participation trophy winners, and academic do-gooders who know the Communist Manifesto by heart but have never heard of the Bill Of Rights. That’s only the short list; telling, isn’t it?  While Trump may be doing his best to save the country, he’s in this mess up to his eyeballs & his plate is already completely full. The rest is up to us; and, the one person you can most rely upon is always yourself. There may well soon come a time when those who have betrayed our country and handcuffed our Law Enforcement will find themselves cut down at their desks or in their own homes. Hopefully, there will also come a time when the police can once again be allowed to be the police without any fear of legal retribution. The Cancel Culture will be unable to attend their computers looking for new victims to destroy once they have forfeited their own lives thru stupidity. It’s an inevitable & forgone conclusion because all rabid animals are eventually put down. I still have tremendous faith in America & Americans. Not those sniveling, juvenile, communist parasites trying to ruin everything for the rest of us, but real Americans like you and me! The authentic citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. We’re the ones who will save this country and ultimately the World from this virulent ideological disease known as communism. It may be inside the wire, but we won’t let it win.  

That is all.  Carry on.

General Mossberg