Heaven Only Knows

So they could no longer keep fixing up ole Ginsburg in the shop & her delicate feminist machinery finally ground to a halt and broke down for good. She’s dead, Jim. It’s about time; and now, ladies & gentlemen, prepare yourselves to once again witness yet even more pin-headed bitterness, naked duplicity and in yo’ face blatant hypocrisy of triggered Democrats on full display. Thanks to that mummified dog stool, formerly known as majority leader Harry Reid, putting another Conservative justice on the Supreme Court using their own rules against them is going to be a slam dunk; and, there’s not a stinking thing they can do about it. Oh, they’ll whine, cry, bitch, lie, scream and spin all sort of wild, bullshit stories just as they did with Kavanaugh, but it will all be for nothing again. I’m certainly no fan of the Senate Republicans, except for a very select few because I’ve watched in drop jaw astonishment time and time again as they repeatedly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at the very last possible moment. I hope this time it’s going to be different because they all should know President Trump will probably win his second term by a comfortable margin and don’t want to find themselves on the losing side of the game during the next four years. I say “probably” because there’s still a very real chance the Rats could steal the entire show. Perhaps the Republicans in Congress will at last do the right thing because they finally have a strong President with a clear vision who has their backs. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying I believe the Senate acts in the best interests of the country, not even for one second. What I’m saying is it’s common knowledge the Senate acts mostly in their own best interests first, followed by those of their biggest donors, then their political party and finally us sucker voters last. The best interests of the country come in somewhere around 4th or 5th place down on their list of priorities. That’s simply how they roll and they’ve proven that over and over again throughout the decades. They always like to hedge their bets in order to cover their asses and preserve their power; at any cost. Once in a while, some of their hedge bets actually benefit the peasant class, but usually only by shear coincidence instead of calculated intention. That’s why Trump only received lukewarm support and endorsement from the Senate when he first entered the office of presidency; the Senate jerks didn’t want to jump the gun and risk their little money and power gravy trains. The Rat Party had put the word out before the 2016 election that the fix was in; it was going to be “Madam President,” so get in line, Bozos. The jellyfish sycophants in the Congress all did what they were told because they didn’t want to be caught with their pants down around their ankles when “History was made.” They were so looking forward to another four more years of hobnobbing and schmoozing on the DC cocktail circuit. They were drooling all over themselves at the prospect of even more millions of lobbyist dollars in their pockets for selling out the “best interests” of the country.

Well, we all know what happened next. Not only were they caught with their pants down, but also with their dicks firmly in their hands. Trump won and won BIG. Trump won decidedly even in the face of massive ballot fraud, a communist news media out for blood and months of Soros sponsored, phony news polls. Trump won because real Americans had had ENOUGH and were finally able to choose a president who wasn’t part of the entrenched, Establishment political class. Trump won because he couldn’t be bought and didn’t smell like freshly dropped cow shit. Trump won because he had nothing to lose by being honest to the American people and he was. Trump won because he was the first no bullshit, presidential candidate this country had seen since Reagan. Apparently, not everyone was pleased by a Trump presidency. For the most part, spineless Congressional Republicans continued taking orders from their Deep State masters and sat back to mostly stay out of the multiple dirty coup events. Word went out that Trump was going to be taken out of office by hook or crook (mostly by crook) and that anyone who supported him or got in the way would also be destroyed. Like a bunch of pussies on the playground at lunchtime, they stood around in a circle and watched while Trump was bullied and pummeled 24/7. Some of them even rooted and cheered for his demise while the Rats and the Deep State plotted & fashioned every dirty trick in the book they could think of against him. There was only one glaring weak link in their strategy; Trump isn’t the kind of guy who runs from a fight. In fact quite the contrary; he appears to be motivated and energized by adversity. Even after knocking out of every bully and political hit man the Deep State sent after him, the coward cucks in Congress still held back their support because they kept waiting for the bullies to eventually win. They knew if they supported Trump, they would be next. See, they weren’t in any way watching out for the “best interests of the country.” They also weren’t watching out for you or I, even though we may have been fooled by their campaign lies into voting for them again. No, the only thing they were watching out for was to save their very profitable and comfortable political asses. Only after it started to dawn on everyone that Trump was here to stay, that he wasn’t going to be taken out by the huge Rat Deep State lie and smear machine, did they all finally start to experience their “come to Jesus” moment. It wasn’t until Trump started exposing them and their crimes one by one that they finally made the choice to support him. After a completely failed & bogus impeachment attempt and the three year Mueller dog and pony shit show, they finally figured out their political careers were going to be tied to Trump’s success and if Trump went down, they would be going with him. Like all parasites, they switched and jumped hosts, attaching themselves to the new one they believed could keep them alive longer. Now please don’t make the mistake of giving these smug, self absorbed, corrupt and criminal narcissistic assholes any credit for being so smart all on their own. They aren’t. These very same spineless Congressional jellyfish also saw the big ideological shift taking over the Rat Party and their agenda. The political Party which had always claimed to be the champions of Middle Class America was busy morphing itself into an extreme, radicalized Marxist bastard child of the NWO under the direction of a pack of muslim jackals and an Eva Peron wannabe bartender from the Bronx who called themselves, “The Squad.” The Old Guard wasn’t quite certain how they should handle this.

You might be tempted to wrongly believe many in Congress are adverse to accept the communist extremism currently swallowing the Democrat Party because they still have some sense of decency left for the individual and his/her right to live in a free society without government permission. If only that was really the truth! I suggest instead it’s because most of these political dinosaurs have been around for so long they’re still old enough to remember what eventually happens to lying political grifters who get too greedy with money and control at the expense of those who gave them their power. They get shot, they get hung from lamp posts, they get thrown down into very deep holes and forgotten or wind up being prison wives for 400 pound cell mates named “Tyrone.” What seems to frighten them the most is the idea of having all their wealth taken from them. They’re scared shitless about what’s coming, but they would never tell or let you know that. Instead, they’ve all gone running now to hide behind the coattails of the biggest, baddest kid on the playground for protection, President Trump. Everyone was so used to all the corruption; yet they still went through all the motions knowing the outcome. For the last 30 years, the American Dream has been most easily achieved by members of the ruling political class, their family members and closest friends. Time and time again, they’ve betrayed the trust of their constituents by violating the oath of their offices to game the system and steal ever bigger pieces of that pie for themselves. They’ve lied straight to our faces every time elections rolled around and then gone right back to doing whatever they wanted after we re-elected them. FU America, business as usual; scripted photo ops proclaiming their care and loyalty to a higher moral concern, while still simultaneously engaging in all the dirty, back door, under handed, under the table dealings. Then it was back to normal, bitching about it but not really doing anything remarkable to change it all or make things any better. Until Trump came riding down that escalator; then everything in their little worlds started changing. Finally, here was a guy who didn’t talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. A guy who couldn’t be bought and wasn’t for sale. A guy who didn’t kiss your ass while sticking a knife in your gut. A guy who both talked the talk and walked the walk. A guy who kept his word and did what he promised. A guy who couldn’t be threatened, intimidated or forced to back down. Everybody noticed; not only in America but also over the entire World; and they soon realized it was no longer going to be business as usual. If they didn’t hop on the Trump train, they were going to either be left behind or run over. The first authentic American president since Reagan sent out a shock wave which is still resonating and being felt the entire world over, today. Now Trump’s changing up the Supreme Court in a way that scrambles all the best laid plans of the Marxist Left and there’s not a single, damned thing they can do to stop him.

Perhaps our vaunted & “honorable” Republicans are finally waking up. Perhaps they’re finally ready to accept there’s nothing wrong with saving jobs, a prosperous economy and a strong, modern military. Perhaps they finally know better than to go casting their support in with the Democrats in their relentless push to drive the country into the disastrous failure that is the only real “legacy” of communism. Perhaps that in itself is enough to scare the shit out of them, as it should be. Perhaps they finally realize they and their families will also be doomed should the marxist Democrats ever succeed in gaining complete control over the country again. Perhaps it is starting to dawn on them that they are better served by finally serving us, “We The People.” You know, the everyday folks they swore an oath to protect and serve, but haven’t done very much of either in the last 30-40 years because they’ve been too busy being horrible, greedy, self serving assholes. Are they really that stupid to think we haven’t taken notice or been keeping score? Do they think there’s no public records of any of their crimes of corruption? The time in American History has now arrived where everyone must take a side, including them. Especially them. Why else would the Dems and the Left support all the rioting, looting, burning and killing?  Why else would Dims and the Left throw the intelligence community they disgraced under the bus precisely as their most serious crimes start to come into the light? They’re acting like selfish, spoiled children who throw a tantrum and demand the rules of the game be changed every time the other side gains an advantage: and, they’ll keep all this bullshit going so long as they have enough useful idiots in the streets. No shortage of revolution fodder to spend and armies of nefarious bimbos claiming sexual assault against Trump thirty years after it supposedly happened. They always seem to have plenty of squirrels in their pockets for repeated attempts to distract the country from their ongoing coup to turn America into a socialist country. Maoist commies, Trotsky commies, Castro commies, Obama commies and all the fucking dirty billionaires who profit from the wars they start and the wet dreams they have about domesticating Humanity with pandemics and vaccines, are all going full in to stop Trump from having his second term because they know it will be their swan song. Do you know the easiest way to tell if an American politician is a communist? Whenever you see them on television giving press conferences full of dire warnings about the President doing his job! Screw them, they’re the ones who have built this tangled web of deception they now find themselves trapped in. So far, President Trump has beaten them every time and he’s going to win a again in five weeks! He’s going to win BIG and they already know it. Maybe now, they’ll finally get the message, take their ball and go home because our nation is tired of playing their game. 

It’s going to get much worse for them as Trump replaces the baby killers on the Supreme Court one by one. It’s very much in the realm of possibilities that Trump could appoint another 2-3 Supreme Court justices in his second term if the Rats don’t succeed in stealing this election. Hell, if Prohibition can be overturned, so can Roe v Wade; and, Prohibition was a Constitutional amendment! If we ever wish to fully enjoy God’s blessings upon this country again, we’re going to have to stop murdering millions of babies under the dishonest idea it’s some kind of “freedom of choice.” Trump is slowly but surely working towards that end, now. The heartless, soulless ghouls on the Left are upset at our President because he fully intends to carry out his constitutionally mandated duties to stop the ongoing leftist genocide of innocent children. It’s often said God works in mysterious ways; but, this one is a complete no brainer! I thank God for President Trump everyday; and if you don’t too, consider where we would be today with Hillary as President. Trump is America’s Moses coming down from the mountain top with the commandments. The Left would like to keep their drunken orgy around the golden calf going forever. They know their time is almost up and that’s why they fear him. That’s why they’re throwing everything they possibly can at him to stop him; and why in the end, they will ultimately fail. As we are now witnessing, Divine intervention is neither random nor conjecture. While the Left laments over RBG’s supposed last dying wish for her replacement, I believe God listens and hears the voices of the sixty million murdered babies who were robbed of their right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as our fellow Americans. Remain strong and stay the course. More to come.

Heaven only knows what could happen next. 

Ammo up & carry on. We will prevail.

General Mossberg