As I sit here pondering all the news of the day, I realize there are so many subjects we could discuss; but, since there are just too many to pick only one, I’ll just do one of those “stream of consciousness” writing exercises and jot down random thoughts as they come across in my wire-crossed brain. Naturally, there are bigger & more pressing subjects such as the Amy Coney Barrett Senate confirmation dog and pony show occupying more of my mental space. I know most of you probably watched at least a part of it; and, some truly brave souls watched it all. I hope those among us with high blood pressure had the good sense to stay completely away; and instead, gleaned any important hearing highlights from the posts and comments here of the many unbelievably brilliant and extremely amusing New Americanist posters. Who, if I may add, are much more honest, well informed and to the point than any of the highly overpaid members of media circle jerk and communist Democrat Party can ever be. I know you all must know what I’m talking about! Whenever you find yourself wanting the latest score from the Demclown Kabuki theatre on the networks, a quick scroll and perusal through the comments section (don’t forget to tap the heart❤️) will let you know immediately which Demonrat senator has most recently made the biggest ass out of themselves, jammed their feet into their mouths, lied most often, or had their asses summarily handed to them by a very well poised and prepared Judge Barrett!

I did an entire tear down and redo of my front porch this last week, so I didn’t have as much extra free time or attention as I wanted to watch a very well qualified Judge in action as the guest star on daily episodes of Romper Room. If she can handle being the mother of seven children, then she can certainly handle all the infantile, insane, petty hack attacks and political temper tantrums coming from the marxist Donkee cabal. As a mom, I’m certain she’s probably experienced much worse at home; but, unlike these wretched examples of arrested political development, she actually loves her family. None of those ungrateful, grift loving, commie pigs are really worthy or deserving of her patience and cooperation.

She’s done so incredibly well, exactly as we all knew she would!  Her record is absolutely rock solid; impeccable! I don’t necessarily agree with her about the mask thing, but if that’s the only point of contention I can find, that’s in no way a deal breaker for me. What she’s done while sitting there day after day with such cool and clam control over all of her faculties is allow Democrat senators to once again expose themselves for the vile, disgusting, petty, miserable, ignorant and arrogant human turds they actually are. She never once took their bait; even though they never stopped trying to trick her into answering the same questions over and over again. They completely failed in all of their attempts to ever put her on the defensive; she never cracked once. The Democrat committee dumbasses must already know they really blew it three years ago by tipping their hand with that pathetic lynching of Justice Kavanaugh. This time, they couldn’t find a single thing to stick on her; no racism, scandals, financial improprieties, etc. Nada, zero, zilch. There were no unknown, well paid, drama queens with promises of media fame and fortune to drag out and accuse Barrett of some disgusting sexual impropriety which took place 20 years ago. They weren’t able to smear her; they only smeared themselves. “Believe all women,” remember that horse crap? Yeah, we haven’t forgotten either, useless Democrats. So any hopes for a new & tawdry, soap opera of a shocking, decades old sexual peccadillos to destroy Barrett’s confirmation were completely off the table this time around. Instead, those who watched this clown show were treated to a week long Affordable Care Act infomercial complete with sobbing pleas and individual case testimonies of how evil Republicans want to kill sick Americans by taking away their healthcare. Still more psychotic Democrat fear mongering; ACB was a Trump plant on the court specifically placed there to flip Roe v Wade and deny sexually irresponsible women across the county their Constitutional “right” to wanton baby murder, I mean legalized prenatal infanticide…er, reproductive freedom…ahhh, a woman’s right to chose. Whatever. What the fuck DO I mean? You get the idea. Finally, there was massive, coordinated Democrat crystal ball gazing and group hallucinating into the future to try and predict how a Justice Barrett would think, act and rule on every single one of their beloved pet policies; as if somehow, a single Supreme Court justice had unlimited power to suddenly pass royal decrees on a personal whim. OMG! How would our most cherished and precious “democracy” ever stand a chance to survive the ravages of such unchecked judicial tyranny!? Thank goodness she never fooled those brilliant Democrats! On and on the donkee shit show droned for days, ad nauseam; even after multiple and repeated reminders she could not telegraph how she would rule on any cases that have yet to be brought before her. That didn’t seem to matter, as Democrats weren’t interested in hearing any of that; instead, they practically demanded she promise to act in alignment with their agenda in exchange for their confirmation votes. Thank goodness the smelly stain of blatantly biased partisanship never once reared it’s ugly head at any time during these hearings. What a relief! Talk about pissing in the dark! When all else failed, there was still always good old, reliable Trump hate to fall back on; they rattled endlessly on and on: Trump this and Trump that, how she would only serve as Trump’s agent on the Court by making Trump’s thoughts her own blah, blah, blah. For all the time and money they wasted on this fiasco fishing for any bullshit reason or excuse they could possibly find to not confirm her, they came up empty handed and failed miserably…again. However, if there’s one thing Congress is really good at, it’s wasting time and money; our time and our money!

In the end, does any of this really matter? We already know the final confirmation vote next week will be split perfectly along party lines. I’m not a betting man, but I’d almost be willing to put real money down on not a single democrat voting in favor of confirmation. No democrat will vote to confirm and no “true” Republican is going to vote against her. I specify “true” Republican here because annoying, feckless, turncoat RINOS like Collins, Murkowski & Mitt the Shitt are going to do what they always do. That’s the thing about traitors; their actions are most highly predictable. They’re not in the game for country, constituency or even for doing what’s right; only for themselves and feathering their own nests. This last week’s confirmation hearings were only more camera friendly bread and circuses designed to give the impression that the Senate was actually “doing something” worthwhile for America. They could have been much more convincing if they had only just skipped all of the BS and gone directly to the vote.

Then there’s the international escapades of Junior Joe, little Hunter. Sniffer Daddy Joe’s little familial paragon prodigal of chaste and virtue; that wholesome American boy who lives down the street; said nobody, ever. If it wasn’t for that unknown computer repairman having enough good sense to back up Hunter’s hard drive before turning over the original to Wray and his fellow Deep State, black coat operatives at the FBI, we’d still all be blind and completely in the dark about this entire affair. Far more damaging and damning than any of Hunter’s documented drug and sex adventures is the overwhelming physical proof of how Hunter pimped out his daddy’s power and influence (then in office as the Vice President of the United States during the reign of emperor obozo) to sell out the safety and security of America in exchange for their family’s own personal enrichment. Seems swinging’ dick Hunter and the “Big Guy” were business partners splitting their take 50/50. Once again, Wray and the FBI came out looking and smelling like the huge pile of steaming used dog food they really are because they had that laptop with all of this information in their possession since last December and did NOTHING. I beg your pardon, they did do something; they sat on it for 10 months and kept their mouths shut. Come on, man; you know they looked at it! I guess that was supposed to be the last of it because at the same time, the Dems were preoccupied launching their peach mint against Donald Trump and we couldn’t let anything interfere with that, could we? Wray never had any intention of releasing that laptop information or pursuing any investigations of the Biden Crime Family. Instead, he did the complete opposite and betrayed the oath of his office to act on their behalf. Wray is, and always has been determined to take down Trump at any cost by any means necessary while continuing to run deep cover for all the Democrat & Deep State operatives still embedded in the government; particularly for all of his ancient, fossilized, brain rotting, drug infused democrat masters in Congress. That dirty bastard is guilty on so many levels of sedition, insurrection, treason and any other number of serious Federal felonies. How he manages to remain in office is one of the greatest friggen mysteries of the Universe. If that computer repair guy hadn’t bothered to take a look at what was on that hard drive, the proof which exposes Biden as a filthy lying dirtbag politician and an active member of the DC coup cabal would still be sitting and gathering dust in Wray’s desk drawer. Ironically, those who were “exposed” are all still free and out there drawing paychecks as they make trouble for Trump without a care in the World. One of them actually served two terms as President and another is currently running for President. Go figure. The poor computer repair guy who stumbled onto all of this will now probably have to go into hiding in order to keep from being snuffed by the Deep State as his reward for doing the right thing and exposing the Biden Crime Family. Hunter was just a really selfish & stupid dope who let his greed, addiction and little head create a situation that finally blew up his daddy’s and a number of other high level government stooges’ attempt to destroy the Trump Presidency while selling out the country for their own personal gain.

It’s difficult to imagine how things could get any more interesting or exciting than they were this last week, but stand by! Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed this coming week and finally put an end to the Left being able to legislate from the highest bench in the Land. Expect more wailing and gnashing of lefty teeth in the night! Trump’s triumphant comeback from the Left’s soft assassination attempt will continue to pick up speed as the country heads into the election homestretch. The the idiotic Covid scam continues to slowly implode and die as the draconian measures put in place by all of the tin pot dictators who were once governors, mayors, and city councils finally begins to come under more pressure and court challenges. There’s another cat that’s finally coming out of the bag. More people are waking up to see how the chink flu is nowhere near to being the real threat all the fear mongers tirelessly screamed about. Karens everywhere will be horribly disappointed once it finally dawns on them their biggest reason for living was really only a complete hoax. Buckle up; although lots of corruption and treason have already been exposed, there’s undoubtedly much more coming down the pipeline. Hopefully the President will finally be able to act with a vengeance against the enemies of America once the election has passed and fire hundreds of embedded swamp dwellers, seize the pensions of all the main players in the coup to destroy our country and throw their traitor asses into prison. It will then also be time to put down the rabid antifa dogs along with those insufferable racist, BLM pricks, once and for all. America is completely fed up and sick to death of all their crap. If Trump is blocked again from being able to stop them by sympathizing, local politicians or limp dicked police departments who put their pensions before patriotism, then WE will seize the moment to take out the trash; by any and all means necessary. Enough already! And if that’s the turn events take, we won’t just stop after dealing with antifa and BLM; we’ll go after their financiers and enablers next. We will NEVER submit to their leftist, socialist, or communist rule, NEVER!  A friendly heads up and heartfelt suggestion to all the domestic enemies of America who intend to continue disrupting our American way of life after the election; please be advised that you do so at your own peril. Keep it up and you will most certainly be quietly sought out and eliminated; or if need be, simply shot in the streets. Whose streets might those be? Your streets, you say? We’ll have to see about that, won’t we?

Buckle up and brace yourselves for another wild ride as we prepare for yet another week of unexpected “bombshells,” breaking news,”this just in” starling revelations, calls for investigations, soon to be released, yadda yadda yadda. Remember, on November third, your vote for America is a vote against communism. Vote for our freedoms, liberty and way of life. Vote for our morals, values and traditions. Vote to preserve and reaffirm the greatness of America which is the final hope of all the World. It’s no cliche; vote as if your life and well being depend upon it, because they do. The stakes have never been higher or more important; this time it really is for all the marbles. I have faith in each and every one of you; and you’re all why I’ll continue fighting until I’m no longer able. You’re worth it, our kids are worth it, our grandchildren and all the future generations of Americas still yet unborn are worth it. I’m going to make sure I’m worth it for all of them!

That is all…..carry on.

General Mossberg