The End Of The Sleaze

The End Of The Sleaze

Alright, I’ll admit it; I am just all plumb worn out from watching the latest episode of the DNC presents The Joe Biden Show! I know lot’s of you are too, and gauging from the sentiment of the comments here; I think it’s safe to say, we all witnessed the every same things happening.  I gotta admit, I did go in having completely preconceived notions about what I should expect; and, I was slightly nervous that Trump might appear dressed as a gladiator and chop off Slo Joe’s head while putting the fear of fuck into that stupid moderator twat! “I’m going to win, bitches because that’s what I do! And when I win, America wins! We’ll beat them at the ballot box and in the contest of ideas!” However, he didn’t come out of the gate on fire this time; even tho it woulda been great to see something like that. I had already prepared myself mentally for what I expected as inevitable; another nationally televised, full frontal, ambush attack against The President by the commie News media and the worms who work for them. I was waiting to watch just another set up of two versus Trump, again. Compared to Wallace in the first debate, Welker did impress me as being reasonable & much better prepared, but she still threw the advantage to Joe every chance she got throughout the entire night by interrupting and cutting off President Trump numerous times, while letting Grandpa babble freely on well past his given time. She tried saving Joe’s cheese & gave his scrawny, corrupt ass almost every last word. However, It wasn’t enough & it didn’t work; Joe fell flat on his face in post-debate polling. Americans said Trump was the debate winner by an incredibly large 3:1 margin. What she didn’t do was make a complete fool out of herself by being just another loud, hostile, rude and disrespectful news harpie toward the President. Unlike Chrissy Wallace, she didn’t seethe in sarcasm & condescension; and, unlike Guthrie, she wasn’t having some psychotic, on air seizure about demanding complete dominance in order to turn the debate into something it’s not. Given how much worse she could have been, I think Welker did a halfway decent moderating job. I guess I was caught slightly off guard and unexpected. Perhaps Welker knows of the growing disgust many Americans have for the Democrats and their useful idiot Media operatives. Perhaps she just decided she didn’t want to be like everybody else. All of the other bobble heads working for all the other Chinese lapdog news channels, have been yapping all week about how Trump is going to roll into the second debate and be just as big the snarling junk yard dog that he was in the first. Once again, they had it all teed up, ready for the swing and Trump completely trolled them all! 

This time, a poised & very presidential Trump showed up to the debate well prepared with the latest facts, numbers, and reminders of promises already kept & of those still to come. I almost kept waiting & expecting to see him finally turn it all loose again on Sniffer Joe. But he didn’t have to and therefore didn’t. Once again, Uncle Joe showed the entire country how it will be going to the picnic without sandwiches if Americans are some how dumb enough to put this boob into the White House. Talk about a guy who repeatedly steps on his own dick and then shoots his foot to punish it. Trump throttled back this time and waited until Joe drove himself off the cliff, again. Trump pushed Joe and got him to say he’ll do away with fossil fuels. Oh, snap! I’m sure that statement played well in states like Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oklahoma & Louisiana. Trump trapped Ole Joe in another corner and got him to admit that he would issue an executive order upon taking office to grant unconditional amnesty to the eleven (cough, cough), thirty (cough, cough), 40-50 MILLION illegal aliens now living in the US. Way to go, Joe! You the Man! Trump completely played Joe the entire debate.

So which one is it, Joe? Will you or will you not ban fracking as President? Will you or will you not pack the Supreme Court full of bolshevik partisan stooges to cement & damn America to a forever of one party Rat rule? I guess we’re all just supposed to excuse you for not wanting to tell us now because your 47 year, impeccable record of public service which speaks for itself obviously grants you that privilege. I beg his highness, but the Emperor has no clothes!

His continuous insistent denials of reality are also curiously troubling; “I never said that, put it up on your website! C’mon, man!” Well dumbass, if you ever went to a Trump rally, you’d see your name and face up on the big screen plenty of times along with all the footage of you telling your lies. The videos have already been out there now for some time Joe, get with the program! One thing Joe does really well whenever he lies is throw red meat to to his most loyal democratic socialism groupies. The public promise of a fracking ban gets the eco-freak lobby all freshened up to wage more battles. Joe knows really well how to play the Gimp for the spurned burnibot vote. And dooya ever notice how Joe always manages a big union shout out at almost every one of his public appearances? Isn’t it touching how even after being a big, important, swinging Washington dick for almost 50 years, Joe still remembers the little people & his early days back in Scranton when he took a bag lunch to work everyday in the coal mines. So tell us the story again Uncle Joe, about your 15 year plan to end the petroleum industry forever in the United States & ban all gasoline cars.

Hey Joe, doesn’t that sound kinda like Venezuela? Explain the part about how you’re going to steal more of our money to build more windmills and invest in solar. Because like socialism, those ideas have worked every where else they’ve been tried…NOT. Congratulations, Joe! There are probably already Wanted: Dead or Alive posters with your mug slapped all over the place in every oil producing state. You’re really famous now, Mister Magoo. I wonder how well this is playing with all of your Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Iranian & Khazak big wheeled pals who spent serious dough buying your ass, Joe? What happens if some or all of his benefactors decide they want Joe to give back the money? Will Joe give back the money and what happens if he doesn’t? Finally, let’s not forget our dear friends over at the IRS and the very valuable part they are soon about to play in this fascinating drama. That’s how they got Capone & The Big Guy is even bigger, lol! 

Joe has enough problems to deal with right now, so he doesn’t need to add being the President to the list. A perfect storm is now building and about to rain down on his crooked ass parade. You couldn’t pay me all the money in the World to wear his shoes, even for only one minute. Biden bought his own lie about his unquestionable & untouchable power. Like the complete narcissist he is, he believed he was free to do anything he wanted with impunity. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely: watching Biden walk into his own traps is a thing of beauty. Things only got worse for Joe as debate night progressed. It seemed his only strategy for the night was to bait Trump into a confrontation where he could lose his cool and the FAKE NEWS Media would have enough used dog food fodder to write about Trump’s “deteriorating state of mind.” Instead, Biden looked strangely out of place, tired and distracted while regurgitating the same old, tired Rat lies and empty promises. Apparently, Joe’s the only one who can solve all the country’s problems he’s spent the last half a century creating. Uncle Joe’s final coup de grace for the evening was doing his best Poppy Bush impression by looking at his watch to see how much more time remained for Trump to kick his ass. Joe came across as angry, bitter, unorganized and muddled. IOW, the usual Joe we’ve all come to love and admire. Trump remained insistent, but also solid in supporting his ideas and achievements while Biden floundered more like a fish out of water.

I know I don’t have to remind any of you to make certain you vote. Many of us have already taken care of our civic duty and already done so. Because of the stinkin’ chink flu and the collective hysteria it has created, many are too fucking frightened of their own shadows to even venture out to cast their vote in person to a public polling place. Many Rat voters were suckered into casting their Joe votes before any news of the laptop scandal broke. You have to know that a large number of those voters might now be second guessing their support for The Big Guy. Now we know why the Donkees were so keen on  starting the voting as early as possible this year! After all, if Andy Weiner can have his own World famous laptop, well then gosh darn it, why can’t Hunter too? What sort of sick freak uses his laptop to store and inventory massive amounts of self incriminating evidence involving, drugs, lies, underage girls &  corrupt government influence peddling? The Biden Crime Family always comes first, suckers. Foreign policy and national security? Those only exist as means to the end of growing Joe, Inc. Quite possibly, The Sniffer could go down in the record books as the most crooked of all crooked politicians, ever. Haha! I got your legacy right here, Joey! Seeing how Joe has very little brains remaining, I think Dr. Jill is really the mastermind behind the curtain of this entire operation. Trust me, she has big plans for whenever she thinks she’s going to be moving into the White House; and, she’s going to be horribly disappointed very soon. The best part in all of this is when Joe finally goes down, he’s going to take her with him. It’s all good; if the heat in the kitchen ever becomes too hot, a relaxing nightly stroll in Fort Marcy Park might be exactly what the doctor ordered. I remain cautiously confident and optimistic about all the polls being completely wrong again this time, just as they were in 2016. Trump supporters are reluctant to reveal their affiliation in polling because they don’t want to inadvertently make themselves targets of unnecessary leftist insanity and hostility. Let’s just put it this way; it’s most highly likely all of those people waiting 4 and 5 hours in line to vote everywhere probably aren’t voting for you Joey. Just a hunch. That’s exactly what our side needs to do in order to pull America from the clutches of these communist dirtbags on November 3rd. We need to turn out in such overwhelming and undeniable numbers as to render any system or amount of voter fraud they’re planning as unworkable. The momentum headed into the home stretch is now definitely behind Trump and I’m starting to feel much better about grinding the Rats, their party and their failed ideology into the dust. With any luck, we’ll not only take out Joe, but perhaps also get the complete annihilation of the Donkee Party thrown into the bargain as well. I’m not in the last bit concerned about the leftist wankers who are threatening to disrupt the country again when Trump wins. Once another four years are sealed, it’s going to be a completely new ball game for lots of the players out there. More Americans are waking up the longer this shit show carries on. The Red Pill spells the final end of the Biden Campaign and the Biden name being a household word synonymous with selfless, untiring public service. Puke.  I suppose the blue cities have pretty much already burned all they’re going to burn and all those commie loving Yankees up North will soon enough be enjoying the continuation of their chinkflu lockdowns under ice and snow. Keep voting Democrat, New Yawkers! Yeah, you certainly showed the rest of us, didn’t you? Trump won this debate which really wasn’t a debate decidedly hands down and he did it this time by being more controlled and presidential, while Joe proceeded to just fall down again and again.  

The last persons I’d ever want to be now are Joe or Hunter Biden. The water at the beach has suddenly gone two miles back out to sea…

There’s a tsunami of ugly shit coming; so head for higher ground, immediately!

Got popcorn?

As you were, carry on.  

General Mossberg

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