It is now finally almost upon us. The hour of national reckoning we have all been anticipating for so very long. ELECTION DAY. On Tuesday, we finally cast our votes for light over darkness, good over evil, peace over war & prosperity over poverty. Tuesday won’t just be another election. It’s nothing short of a referendum on the choice between Human slavery or freedom. As you know, the Left likes to call themselves and go by many different names; liberals, progressive, socialist, democratic socialist, etc.: but, all of those labels have been created to hide & obfuscate who & what they have always been in their true nature: communist. It doesn’t matter however you may try polishing a dog turd; it doesn’t matter what names you may call it in order to make it sound more appealing; in the end, it will still always be only a dog turd. You will know it’s a turd by the smell. There’s no hiding that. We now stand on the edge of a great shift in paradigm of the American body politic. Now more than ever, the future of our nation rests in our hands and with our choices. With the ballot box on Tuesday; and inevitably, the cartridge box because we have already been repeatedly warned by the thoroughly brainwashed & indoctrinated useful idiots they will take to the streets with their usual violence, mayhem and chaos, regardless of whether Biden wins or loses. What we have watched during the last year in particular is the organization of people, money & resources by the Left to implement a “color revolution” in America in order to install a fully communist regime. Do not be fooled; at first it will be celebrated by the Media as a much welcomed “change” & “proof” that our “democracy” still works. The People have spoken! Then inexorably, the screws will begin to tighten with the relentless, nonstop erosion of our remaining freedoms, rights, and eventually our lives. The tyrants will tell us it’s all necessary for our own good; and, that it’s all being done in the name of “equality” and “fairness.” However, do not let yourselves be fooled. Once again, it will all be about complete and absolute power and control; the final subjugation of the individual to the will & tyranny of the collective. This is their last stand, and ours as well; however, their vision & estimations are still clouded by the flaws and limitations of their own failed ideology. The fools that they are, they have all become their own best customers.

They are first victims of their own ignorant misrepresentations and actually believe the very Law they are abusing actually exists only to protect them. Honestly, how can anyone be that fucking stupid? It’s easily explained, once you consider their decades long slow march thru the public education system of marxist brainwashing. This, more than anything else, has empowered them into believing they are invincible, privileged snowflakes who really won’t suffer any of the consequences for all of the burning, looting and destruction in their blue cities. They think their Soros bought DA’s and local prosecutors can protect them indefinitely from being held accountable for those they harm and murder; all in the name of their “revolution” and “fundamental transformation.” Good luck with that, jokers! They continue to believe there is NO Rule Of Law which applies to them directly and their means will alway justify their ends. None of this is happening randomly by accidental or blind luck. It’s all by design. The planners & plotters have already been busy for decades eroding and destroying any sense of personal responsibility or accountability in our youth. The dumbing down of our academics in the name of “fairness;” the overemphasis of feelings over achievement & merit, the erasure & revision of important historical lessons, and the constant, never-ending, pathological obsession with race have all led us precisely to this moment in History where we now stand. Media reinforced mantras of division, segregation, hive think, conformity to narrative and weapon grade gaslighting have all now merged in the perfect storm that defines the modern Democrat voter; a hollow, non person entity who rejects any form of personal responsibility and instead blames whomever is most convenient. Useful idiots all, programmed to trust and act exclusively on their emotions because if they feel it, no matter how bizarre, it then must be the truth.  Unfortunately, this colossal error of incorrect estimation has been successfully exploited by the Media masters of propaganda to create hate, chaos and divisiveness. Not merely a dislike based on a simple difference of opinions, rather a visceral hatred that otherwise, could not exist in any normal, well adjusted human being. One of the ultimate goals of communism is to strip and remove any sense of personal exceptionalism, pride, ambition or excellence from the individual and install a collectivist mind which always answers only to the hive. Those who resist or refuse to conform must be destroyed.  That’s their long game; to wait patiently until the moment to strike the death blow finally arrives. Well you red bastards, it looks as if your time has finally come.; just not in the way you might think.

Believe it or not, they damned well know they don’t stand a ghost of a chance in a straight up, head to head, toe to toe fair fight with us; but fighting fair is something they know nothing about. In their corner: the globalist billionaire financiers, communist party elites in other countries and their legions of domestic bleating sheep. In our corner, God, guns, love of country and the Truth. All they’ve succeeded in doing, is convince themselves that prevailing thru dishonesty or threats of physical intimidation next Tuesday somehow means they will WIN. They’re expecting us to simply shrug it all off and just fall into line with the new agenda. I gotta hand it to them though, convincing hundreds of thousands of their young, bolshevik mush heads that they will ultimately prevail when in reality the only thing they’re actually offering is the complete destruction of America is no small feat. Let’s see how much of a taste for actual fighting and “revolution” all of these momma’s basement social justice warriors have once the shit finally goes real. My guess once a few of them are shot in the streets at the very beginning, the rest will immediately and silently retreat back into the security of obscurity from which they originally emerged. Fucking cowards! So sorry, but by that time, the Rule Of Law they wanted to originally defund and dismantle will no longer be available to protect them. So solly!  Even their shit stain leaders who exhorted them with burning commie rhetoric to charge the ramparts will slink away in fear and conveniently be unavailable to answer frantic phone calls while being hunted down by the real patriots who have simply had ENOUGH! Perhaps now might present a moment of truly worthwhile reflection for them to ponder; are they really willing to go all the way now; to actually DIE for their cherished collective ideals and “The Big Guy?” Are they willing to become battlefield fodder for the people who want a New World Order, but don’t want to get their hands dirty bringing it about? Seriously, why suffer or die needlessly in one of your many billionaire mansions when you can instead convince legions of stupid, brainwashed worker class monkeys in the streets to trade their lives so you can enjoy your complete power and control? Why not get your dopes to do all of the heavy lifting instead? Gee, looks like I just described the average Democrat voter again, didn’t I? So let’s all get in line for Joe while we’re waiting to be marched into the meat grinder of glorious new utopian future, comrades! Live by the lie, so die by the lie, cowards! Makes no difference to me or any other patriotic Americans whether you die with either a look of astonishment or confusion on your faces, so long as you die along with your failed and evil ideology. Don’t worry, we have plenty of whatever is necessary to handle all your “business;” and, if by chance we ever run out, don’t worry, we’ll make more! The only thing the ghost of communism has really accomplished is to LIE to these idiots and trick them into believing they will have a future in which they will never have to work another day again. You have to really be some kind of industrial strength dumbass to sell your soul to the Devil for your own laziness. Except when it finally cooks off, none of that will matter when they start dropping like flies. I really think it is all beyond their abilities of comprehension to grasp that events might actually ever go that far. They are in serious denial and horribly misinformed…even for sheep.

The most fortunate ones will just go walk blindly into that meat grinder for their one shining moment of truth without ever really so much as questioning. The less fortunate will suffer first; sinking to the ground with newly abbreviated limbs & gaping open torso wounds. Fearless fighting comrades crying for mommy as they’re cut down in a merciless storm of patriot gunfire. Bury them with their dreams because they have told us only so many times that cooperation and cohabitation with us is no longer a possibility; they have been very specific about how there is no place for us in their new future. They built that, not us. That will be the toughest nut of their failed “revolution” for them to chew; the look of terror and betrayal on their faces when they finally realize they are dying for a LIE. A really tough lesson I’m afraid many of the snowflakes will have to learn the hard way; just because someone may live in America, that doesn’t make them an American. That’s what this election really comes down to, whether you’re really an American, or only somebody who lives in America. Come on man, Joe Biden is a complete joke! Even the Chinese don’t really like him, but a dumber and more easily manipulated doofus candidate can’t be found. Don’t worry, they’ll dispose of him when the proper time comes, then we can have the trust first commie president ever! STOP calling them Democrats, they’re communists pretending to be Americans who are hell bent on weaponizing our own freedoms and laws against us to game our system of governance so that they may finally dominate with one party rule forever. That’s the Demorat way; and, when you study history, that’s always been the Demorat way. What other reasons could possibly explain why they even exist as the obstructionist, seditious, totalitarian power mad cabal of treasonous bastards they are, never able to win on merit or constructive ideas? What other reasons could explain all of their failed policies which are always counter to whatever is required at the moment to benefit the best interests of this country and her citizenry? We must vote on Tuesday in numbers so overwhelmingly massive that any kind of cheating will be rendered completely useless. Failure to do so could mean this is the last election we have forever to have any chance of preserving that light of freedom America is to the rest of the World and Humanity. Give communism in America the ultimate and final vote of NO CONFIDENCE on Tuesday and throw it on the ash heap pf History, once and for all because this is our last chance to peacefully end this stupidity, once and for all. Their lies are a house of cards which cannot stand nor endure any test of time because there is no way a well armed and liberty loving people will ever submit to it’s dictates. Regardless of what transpires next week on Tuesday, communism will never be implemented here. I gon’t give a dead rat’s ass whatever they say or think; trust me, it won’t.

In my most positive and optimistic way of thinking, President Trump will win & take 48 states with such an astounding record number of votes that the communists will still not be able to cheat their way to stealing either the White House nor The Senate. Instead, I see a new majority for us in the House and perhaps we can finally put the Baltimore Botox Bitch out to pasture forever. That’s my dream, so let’s dream BIG together America! Let’s keep Trump in office this time and give him an overwhelming public mandate to keep making America greater than ever before! It’s who we are so let’s show it on Tuesday. It’s time for all of the subversive, obstructionist poltical bullshit to end and the Nation to get on with the very real business of restoring itself to even greater greatness!  Yet Trump has still managed to accomplish so much in his first term; not because of any political support to be found Washington DC , but from a mandate from We The People for him to govern! You all know what I’m talking about…that, that… “thing!”  If Trump can still accomplish so much with a nearly universal amount of resistance, then imagine how the country will look with no further bolshevik resistance! The marxists and their globalist masters are literally shaking and pissing themselves in fear over this prospect. Look at everything they’re already thrown at him over the last four years; because they couldn’t give a country fried crap about any of the rest of us. As far as their future plans are concerned, the American people are only their livestock waiting to be sheared. Thankfully, we are thinking in a completely different mindset now which is going to prove very problematic and disappointing for them. We are basically a good and freedom loving people who want not only the freedom to be ourselves, but also work for the success & freedom of all other honest and good peoples as well. Why isn’t that in itself ever enough for the Left? Why in Hell are they still working so hard to burn it all down for the sake of their own ultimate power?  Sorry power hungry assholes, but that will never happen because this is the final stand. There’s no other place left on Earth left to run if this place just becomes another prison. To hijack one of their own popular sayings; “the entire World is watching.” We will vote and they will cheat, but Trump will still win and their heads will still explode…again. Their bat flu gambit is no longer in play and the Sleeping Giant is awakening to find himself filled with horrible resolve.

This is it and there’s no longer any more kicking the can down the road until the “next time.” Given my druthers,  I much prefer living out my future years happily in a quiet retirement safe in the knowledge that America still exists as it was originally intended.  Who knows, perhaps I still will; and that would be really great. However, should events and circumstances take a turn for the worse and force me into protecting it from the ever selfish and infantile adult children known as Democrats, I won’t think twice about doing that. America is now ours to either forever lose or keep for future generations. Be prepared, stay aware & vigilant.  Let’s give Donald J Trump a new and powerful mandate to do what he does best: Win and Make America Great.  Good luck, and Godspeed to you all.   

As you were, carry on.  

General Mossberg