The Light & The Darkness

Well, here we are, already almost two weeks since the “election” & we’re still being dragged along by our asses and receiving a few bits and pieces of good news which still maintain a little hope. Meanwhile, the alphabet media news machine continues beating the drum every minute of the day 24/7 for Biden as the new “president elect.” I usually make it habit to  seldom reveal or telegraph my intentions, but once Trump finally prevails and the adult communist children start throwing their tantrums again, all I’ll say is there are simply some people who don’t deserve to be living here. God willing, they won’t. Take that anyway you want.  Regardless of the final outcome of that national exercise in treacherous dishonesty they dared to call an election, America will never forget how the Democrats and their criminal companions in anarchy tried to “fundamentally transform” our society by taking away our freedoms and destroying our entire way of life in their latest vainglorious attempt to become the permanent ruling class. Thankfully at this moment, it appears they are once again failing in their attempt, but there’s always the next election, right?  After everything they’ve already pulled, what are our chances of ever being able to trust another election in this country again? Can you ever vote again with any confidence nefarious democrat operatives won’t once again game the entire system while working overtime to nullify your vote? Unfortunately no; and neither will anyone else. Thanks, Democrats, you’ve done it again!  Like every other stinking thing the Left touches, they have now also successfully compromised public confidence in legal and honest elections. However, all of that can be fixed so easily! If we really wanted, we could make voting secure & foolproof almost over night! Bring back old school paper ballots and ink stained index fingers! We could, were it not for democrats and their relentless pathological desire to absolutely fuck up everything they touch, all in the name of “change” and chaos. Wherever democrats go, they infect the area with their twisted, poisonous moonbat demands while stealing and depleting all of the available wealth and resources for their own personal advantage. Nobody else but them can ever be allowed to be wealthy or secure, because we all know capitalism is evil and must be destroyed at all costs…pun intended. They keep their collection of loyal toy pets on hand to work as accomplices in their criminal activities: to support and distract from their many massive schemes of fraud and thievery. They have already succeeded in creating a class of mindless, captive dependents who can be counted on to riot, loot, burn and murder as a way to try and intimidate the rest of the country into going along with whatever they demand. I like to think of them as “useful idiots,” but they’re so much worse than that. They are the leashed and caged livestock of the elite, leftist political class, who are constantly fed and swallow daily a steady diet of marxist demagoguery up until every election cycle when they’re given a special, extra helping of shit to make them temporarily feel important in their tiny, worthless lives. They’re spoon-fed the same old worn and tired lies over and over again every election. The names of the politicians actively deceiving them for their votes may change, but the lies never do; and they won’t because they never have. Who needs new lies when the suckers continue buying  the old ones? The dopes all believe free housing, education and healthcare are basic human “rights” and since they do nothing for themselves but eat, sleep, crap and screw, they look to the government to make the rest of us finance all of their “rights.” It never dawns un them how the government always takes but almost never really gives. That never conflicts with their Pavlovian response to the promises of more free shit they’re never going to see. In their eyes, they are all the helpless victims of an antiquated economic system of racism and oppression which must be destroyed at all costs…there I go again!  It’s sad & pathetic how human beings have actually allowed themselves to be reduced down to the lowest common denominator of victimhood by a bunch of communist con men and socialist charlatans who promise them everything but never deliver anything but slavery to the system.

Have you heard? Joe is now our “Great Uniter.” Now that the “election” is finally over and Joe won, it’s time for peace and unity. Yes, you certainly read that right. After nine months of having Mao’s kids burn cities, loot businesses, block roadways, destroy statues, monuments and tell the rest of us every minute of every day, “fuck you America; you’re racist and we hate you” or “death to America,” it’s suddenly time for us all to come together and hold hands. The left/progressives/socialists/communists are now calling for us all to come together and march behind their giant red banner into that most glorious workers of the world unite utopian future! What is it all the usual suspects keep telling us? Oh yeah, this is our really big opportunity to change everything up. This is the “revolution” we’ve all so eagerly been waiting for! At the very top of this gigantic steaming shit pile is a life long, government career, grifting, demented snake oil con man who could never draw more than 20 people to his rallies, but somehow has been elected President by receiving more votes than any other candidate in History. How dare you question this! Take another blue pill and go back to sleep until your EBT card is recharged for next month and you have enough money again to buy more blue pills! Don’t worry because help is on the way! Joe and Kamel will make certain all the blue pills will now be FREE; and, and nobody can ever really say “no” to more free shit, right?  Could it be me, but I really don’t really see any of us coming together around that campfire of democratic socialism for smores any time soon. The chances of that ever happening are about as remote and unlikely as the Hiligula confessing her many crimes and forfeiting all of the Foundation money. Not happening! This come together call for unity is complete bullshit and I see it exactly for what it really is; another Donkee dirty sleight of hand. There’s no way they could be serious about this unless there’s something more in it for them that comes at our expense. So, there are only two ways we will ever agree to “unite” under the collective banner of communism; never and absolutely never.  You miserable bastards have been waging on a non stop war on normal Americans and everything that’s good about America for more than ten years running now. Actually, it’s been going on ever since Marx and Engel’s first published their commie manifesto but it took the coronation of your blue lipped, Dumbo ears, muslim, homosexual worthless POS, king Ohblowme before all of your shit finally went mainstream. Thanks assholes! Because of you and your obvious inability to think for yourselves, we are here now as a nation more divided than ever since the Civil War. And what do we have to show for it? Nothing but false & deceptive accusations, repeated lies, lies and still more damned lies, Illegal doxxing, cancel culture crybabies everywhere, the most virulent racism in more than a century, widespread property destruction, assaults, blocked highways, riots, vandalism, burning, and the outright murder of American citizens by people who are citizens only by the shortcomings of limited historical legal definitions. Communists: the most insufferable domestic enemies of a free and prosperous America who hate & despise everything about this country which makes it great and unique. Nothing’s ever good enough for these ungrateful bastards; and, this bullshit will never end until we decide to end it because these bastards will never have any satisfaction or stop. They mean to make the rest of us suffer to somehow soothe their horrible sense of self loathing and for that reason, justify changing America into another soviet styled, Venezuelan shit hole. They almost pulled it off this time and they would have succeeded if there was anyone else but Donald J Trump sitting in the White House. This time, they came closer than they’ve ever come before to installing a permanent & perpetual single party control over the country. We don’t need to discuss the details here of what they would have brought about because we all already know. Suffice it to say, such a development would have been nothing short of the beginning of the end of the end. This time, we managed to dodge another big bullet again, but if you think they’re ever going to stop, you’re nuts. Because like all mindless zombies who need to feed, the ones belonging to this political cult will continue throwing themselves in waves on the wire without a second thought they might be killed. They are so rag soaked, brain washed and indoctrinated they cannot and will not ever think for themselves. In their war & struggle for a red America, we are their enemies who must be destroyed; we are the obstacles blocking the road on their incessant march into that future, collective utopian paradise. Since they have repeatedly demonstrated they won’t ever stop because of the way their minds have been twisted & poisoned, it then falls upon the rest of us to stop them; once and finally for all.

I have opined here more than once about how each of us are really the masters of our own destinies. Not the government. Not governors, mayors, city councils, or any agents doing the bidding of the government. Once again, I’m still holding off on issuing a undeniable call to arms behind the barricades until certain I’m on my way out the door; probably for the last time. As a member of the early geezer demographic, I’ve already seen enough in the past to know exactly what a Biden Harris administration has in store for me, and America. As far as they’re concerned, I’m most likely another line entry over on the “expense & liability” side of their ledger. My usefulness to the collective has expired because they can no longer steal many taxes from my daily toiling in a factory for beet soup and dry bread crusts, nor can I be “productive” enough to work the people’s fields from dawn to dusk offering up my endless labor for the glory of the ruling class, its party members and their morally & intellectually superior capos. No, as Billy Gates has ordained, I’m just another “useless eater” sucking valuable resources from Mudder Erf that need to go to all of those illiterate chocolate babies who must inherit the Future; that is, if we ever really intend to get serious about ending climate change and “systemic racism” forever. Is it really too much to ask I only be allowed to live out the rest my golden years in some sort of fucking peace and quiet?  So what’s in it for me to “unite” and go along to get along in the “great healing?” Exactly where do I or anyone else over sixty fit into their future plans? Nowhere, so you’ll have to pardon me as I graciously decline their offer and instead shoot them in the face. Hey, but that’s just me and that’s the kind of guy I am! The communists need to remove and eliminate America as the final impediment to their plans for world domination. To do this, they need to completely destroy the United States of America and its freedoms, prosperity, institutions, values, traditions & history.  Most of all, they need to destroy true God fearing Americans. Armed God fearing Americans. Incredibly pissed off and fed up, armed, God fearing Americans. That’s us, the last line standing and holding them from deconstructing everything we have ever worked, sacrificed and suffered for as a nation over the last 250 years. Progressives and the Democrat Party have slowly and inexorably weaponized our own laws and rules against us in order to hijack and control the system; classic textbook Alinsky.  Once History is written, President Trump’s eternal legacy will be how he exposed and laid bare that swamp and sewer of unbelievable corruption we have unfortunately mistaken for a government. Hold onto your hats folks, because he’s in NO way finished! Much more to come as we peel away layer after layer of this ugly onion. It’s no exaggeration to think we won’t be held breathless at what more we discover. Ha! And you thought it was only an election. You haven’t seen anything yet! If it wasn’t for Donald J Trump coming down that escalator in 2016, we’d all now be living in the soviet wet dream of “Madame President.” There’s plenty of guilt, shame and fingerprinting to go around for everybody as it almost seems 9/10ths of the old money wealth, academia, corporate tycoons, politicians & their lobbyists, unions, thugs, rubes and day to day societal sleaze are all behind that pile of cow shit that is Washington. Let us also not forget big tech and all of the Media alphabet organization blood suckers who have all contributed more than their fair share in attempting to destroy America. Finally, there is our worthless Congress; the lowest of the low in both parties with only a very few exceptions. The moment has now arrived for us to decide whether we are going to make a stand to preserve freedom of the America our ancestors gave to us or live forever after in hive slavery. 

As we prepare ourselves for the continuing stress and tensions that will come along with this next week of drip, drip, drip tick-tocking bombshells & breaking news that really changes very little, we clutch and precariously hold dear to the final vestiges of trust and confidence in our electoral system, all the while remaining cautiously optimistic for a positive outcome which will be the next signal for the children of the corn to take to the streets in yet another new temper tantrum.  Perhaps this time, these mindless Biden voters will be emboldened enough to cross that line and get their stupid asses shot. They are incapable of any rational thought because it’s all been bred out of them by the marxist designers of publik educashen mind melting. You can thank the union teachers for that. Come what may, it will be as it will be. No matter how the Supreme Court rules on the election, there’s just no getting away from the fact that one half of the country is going to be pissed off and unhappy. Here’s another fine mess the Donkees have gotten us into. Have you noticed, Donkees are champs at making messes? The best you can do at this point is be well prepared for any & all contingencies to the best of your abilities. Under NO circumstances should you discuss or reveal any of your plans online. The fifth column domestic enemy lurks there 24/7 and is always watching, listening and waiting. Loose lips do sink ships, so guard your plans and keep them to yourselves. I’m really sorry to have to write these words, but I personally operate from the assumption you really shouldn’t trust anyone. After watching this 2020 shit show, I’ve already seen some dismaying actions come from people I would least suspected.  Be careful out there; strange times do indeed do strange things to normal people’s heads. Stay vigilant and check in whenever you feel necessary to only trusted sources on the internet for updates & important information. Fuck the alphabet media. The truth can some times be as scarce as an honest democrat. Take it all one day at a time and let’s get through this coming week, together. The good people here at this blog are real Americans and that’s why we’re all so comfortable here. Stay the course because it could get bumpy pretty soon.  And then what? We STOP them; and this time, for GOOD. Remember, it was David who slew Goliath. We will remove this and all domestic threats when duty finally calls. The darkness can never prevail against the light and evil does exist to try men’s souls, until good men rise to beat it back down into the mud from where it came. We must understand we will win this because we are both the Good & The Light.  And, because I said so.  

As you were, at watch on that perimeter,

General Mossberg