Oh great, here we go again. Since the 8 months since the first 15 days to flatten the curve (remember that?), all of the stupid mask mandates and social distancing garbage have worked so well to end the Chink Flu, let’s do them even more! All of the local government petty tyrants are now rushing to double down on what didn’t work even harder because at some point they believe it will work! How fucking stupid; to keep doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. Sounds a lot like ignorance, doesn’t it? Also sounds a lot like another excuse to impose communism, doesn’t it? No surprise, the worst of these power crazed fanatical useful idiots who are almost exclusively found in blue states and cities are also very big cheerleaders in the current coup against our President. They don’t care that everywhere communism has been implemented, it has been a complete and utter disaster. Take the current, ongoing mask & lockdown fiasco as an example for what is really much ado about nothing for a specialized form of the flu with a 99.7% survival rate. The lockdowns only restrict and punish mostly healthy people instead of concentrating on isolating the sick. They still can’t even find enough people actually sick with the Rona to continue calling it a pandemic, so they’re starting to invent them. Then there are the thousands who test positive, but are puzzled why they never become sick or have symptoms. Still, they are ordered to immediately self quarantine, because if they don’t, it will be their fault when others die. The Bat Flu virus has come nowhere near killing the millions they originally predicted. It’s killed mostly those in very high risk groups already predisposed to other chronic health conditions such as severe lung and heart ailments. These patients already have a much higher mortality rate every year with the regular seasonal flu. I guess that must explain the sudden and astounding drops in the number of regular, non-covid flu related cases reported so far during this flu season. Suddenly, there are no longer hardly any deaths related to the regular flu, only covid deaths! Isn’t that fascinating? Wait, there’s more!

The reason the regular flu has all but magically disappeared is very simple; money. Hospitals don’t receive government subsidies when they admit or treat regular flu patients. However, for every reported covid case,  hospitals can receive up to as much as 36 thousand dollars depending on what level of care that patient requires. Originally intended as a measure to help ease the financial burdens of hospitals treating covid patients, it’s now become a cash cow everyone wants to milk for all it’s worth. Now every patient who walks in through the hospital door is immediately diagnosed with covid. This hospital feeding frenzy for supplemental government covid subsidy funding has already been going on for now for more than 8 months; and, completely explains why the reported numbers of covid cases are now again on the rise. Covid is a hospital cash cow business, so pretty much every new patient a hospital now admits is somehow going to have their diagnosis twisted into being covid related. If this “pandemic” is ever finally allowed to actually end, so will the government gravy train coming along with it; hence the need to keep those case numbers up & the hysteria going. Naturally, the Fake Media is also too eager to paint the concerning “surges in new covid cases” as another failure of President Trump to successfully manage the pandemic. As you can see, all the major players involved in the covid scam have some sort of financial or political stake which requires the Rona panic to keep going full steam ahead. What about the rest of us poor suckers stuck being their lab rats? Tough shit for us! The only purpose we seem to serve is to help them continue making their government subsidies. The bottom line in all of this is that covid pays too much for hospitals not to lie about a diagnosis. To make this clusterfuck even worse, ten months later testing procedures are still highly disorganized and unreliable. There’s still no national standard and many people who have been tested multiple times have received conflicting results. The testing labs could also really care less, because they too, are making serious bank thanks to the government enforced continuation of covid. After all, they want their pandemic money too. Regardless of the test’s efficacy or accuracy, if someone needs repeated testing, then it becomes only more profitable for them. Test labs profit, hospitals profit and very soon, vaccine manufacturers will be making boatloads from the covid pandemic. Looks like covid has become big business. It works out to be a great deal for everyone except the rest of us who are kept on constant house arrest and now ordered to wear masks in our own personal living spaces. Evidently, our masters are very angry at the rest of us for being so selfish as to want a return to our normal lives. Apparently, it’s too much to ask for us to want to run our businesses, raise our families, take vacations or have our kids go to school. How dare we show such little compassion for the health and well being of of the collective! So what is the government’s response? Amp up the propaganda and double down on those new draconian enforcement measures to punish all the non believers! It’s all about control and only control, nothing more…well, except money. The Democrat Party & the Chinese Communist Party collaborated together on this bat flu bullshit gambit as a way to destroy Trump’s chances for re-election by crashing the economy, while wearing down the spirit and resolve of the American people. What other explanation could there possibly be for how a fraudulent pandemic simultaneously dovetails with an astoundingly fraudulent election?  

To where is all of this heading? That’s actually a very good question, but who really knows?  There are a few leaks here and there about what’s coming next; simply more of the same. MORE of the same. Color me skeptical of any hope there are will be any constructive measures suggested or adopted to finally put an end to this pandemic nightmare, because all historical evidence suggests completely otherwise. Too many bad players involved for all of the wrong reasons and regular folks, like you and I, end up getting the shaft yet once again. I believe Trump can still ultimately prevail and extract us from this wretched cesspool the democrats and leftists have pulled the country down into. One very positive development I’m starting to see is a growing public defiance to following the mask and shutdown orders. People are fed up, sick and tired of all the government and Media bullshit gaslighting & fear mongering; probably because they aren’t seeing piles of covid corpses rotting in the streets. Most Americans don’t even know anyone who’s had the virus; and, many do not even know anyone who knows anyone who has caught the virus. People are starting to see through the petty tyrants for who they truly are; power obsessed, narcissistic sociopaths desperately clutching to any added power and control measures they have illegally appropriated to themselves all in the name of “public safety.” From two bit local officials and city councils members, to mayors, state government officials and governors, everybody’s doubling down now in a vain attempt to show the rest of us unwashed subjects how it is they who are the ones completely in charge! Except in truth, they aren’t. Somewhere, in all of their excitement & foaming at the mouth over their dictatorial posturing, they have forgotten how to govern, because they still require the consent of the governed. That’s us, and during this bullshit pandemic that consent has been so abused and neglected, so manipulated and exploited, stretched so thin and taken for granted, it’s finally starting to fail. If they intend to survive, the despots will best need to start backing off and rightly soon because the public is finding itself less and less cowed each day by the phony and inaccurate surge numbers. People are tired of being held hostage by medical tyranny. We want our lives back and won’t stop at having to take them back by any means possible. I believe you all understand my exact meaning here.

I personally believe progressive liberalism must be some sort genetic defect which results in a complete lack of ever being happy, learning from history or being capable to accept reality on its own terms. That’s the only possible explanation I can come up with why almost one half of our population could be stupid enough to embrace communism. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with all of these people? That’s why it’s somehow has to be a genetic defect like a missing or broken chromosome. When you think about it, almost every family has at least one of these annoying, morally and intellectually self righteous, all knowing, anti social liberal assholes. Many of us have already completely disconnected from these wankers in order to save ourselves from their harsh judgment & bitter rebukes of our terribly uninformed & unsophisticated bitter clinger viewpoints. Perhaps one day through “re-education” we can hope to finally be as woke and evolved as they; angry, tantrum prone, spoiled little entitled snots who hate everyone & everything which doesn’t completely match and conform to their marxist mindset and viewpoints. Perpetual adult children doomed to living their entire lives in a state of arrested emotional development because they are unable to cope with any of the normal responsibilities of adulthood. These are the throngs of useful idiots who voted for Biden. Not because they particularly like Joe Biden in any way; or for that matter, even have a clue about who he really is or his plans. They voted for Joe because he’s promising them loads of free shit like healthcare and abolishing all their student loan debt. They only voted for Joe because their tiny little brains have been so completely laundered by the Fake News Media into believing “orange man bad,” and it must be true, because their televisions have only told them so one billion times in the last four years. Have you noticed how it always is that the people who most consider themselves to be nonconformist rebels are really the ones who most quickly fall into line to blindly follow an agenda? Kinda like punk rockers who used to say “fuck the system” but always spend their panhandling proceeds on the Dollar Menu at Mac Donald’s because they didn’t have a real job. These mindless idiot foot soldiers of the globalist elite are mostly dangerous simply because of there large numbers. Even lemmings can be dangerous when they stampede on their way to throwing themselves off the cliff. They will do whatever they are told to create as much chaos as they possible can to set the stage for the great reset; then find themselves eliminated by their globalist masters without hesitation once their usefulness has expired. To be honest, I really wouldn’t give a shit were they not so determined to take the rest of us down with them. That’s the moment when all of this becomes “personal.” I know that’s never going to happen because you & I are never going to allow it to happen. Meanwhile, we sit and ponder whether there are still any vestiges of legal, Constitutional solutions left to properly deal with this ongoing election fraud coup or whether we are officially now a banana republic. Remain alert and be prepared for any outcome & all eventualities. As far as the second wave of this government lockdown crap is concerned, I predict less a& less public cooperation & compliance will be forthcoming moving forward and that’s a very good thing. We Americans aren’t traditionally the type of people who herd well. I’m guessing that’s a lesson the psychotic covid despots are just going to have to learn the hard way.  

One way or the other, we’re going to win and they will lose, again. Those who supported the coup against President Trump have now been flushed out into the open and completely exposed themselves. Biden voters all have a socialist death wish for this country, so don’t ever forget to treat them accordingly. They are not in any way our fellow countrymen who share a common interest for whatever is in the best interests of America. They’ve already shown they would rather sell us out to China and the Deep State for their paltry thirty pieces of government entitlement silver. They have chosen a life of nanny government over individual freedoms; and they’re still not done yet. By their estimations, they believe they’re only just starting with their little “revolution.” So start thinking about all the different ways they can be stopped or obstructed from continuing, but don’t openly post about it, yet. The internet is full of hidden eyes and no use telegraphing our intentions until the precise moment of our greatest advantage in doing so arrives; don’t ever show your cards to the enemy. Personally, I have several plans in motion and when Mossberg crosses the Rubicon, you’ll be the first to know. Until then, continue preparing for the worst, while hoping for the best. I can’t say it too many times. Even if we pull America back from the brink again this time, there’ll always be another next time, at least until the day there are no longer any Democrats. They’re going to keep doing this shit until we make them stop, or at least make it so impossibly dangerous and painful to continue. Stay strong, stay alert, stay safe and stay ready. Understand it’s almost impossible for one half of our population to ever accept being real Americans. They have instead chosen to drink the Kool Aide and become brainless, marxist zombies. For the rest of us true Americans, it comes naturally because it’s our way of life. Live it. Keep it.  

As you were, carry on

General Mossberg