Why is there suddenly a spike in new covid “cases”? Haven’t we all done the mask & social distancing bullshit long enough exactly as we were told? If those things really work, then why now has it suddenly returned with a vengeance? Is it because of the colder Winter weather? Nahhhh, that’s not it. How did this happen again? I’ll tell you how my fellow patriots. It’s all still exactly the same as it’s always been from the get go. It was mixed up in a Wuhan lab as a bioweapon to stave off China’s coming economic collapse and give the CCP another murderous way of conveniently “disappearing” a really big chunk of their political opposition in the country. It’s also given our friends the “Democratic socialists” among us another golden opportunity to foment more chaos and confusion by destroying our economy to stop Trump. The convenient covid resurgence ruse happening right now is nothing more than a poorly disguised distraction from the massive, wide open, in your face, election ballot fraud & cheating the Left is now using to try and steal the country. Fuck that! In the past, they’ve always managed to keep some sort of fraud mechanism in place; albeit the old fashioned kind  of calling in their fat cat, union hacks for more mutually profitable favors of bussing in illegal alien, out of state voters one more time. Come on, man; everybody already knows this since forever and you don’t ever deny it! However this time, they got caught completely with their pants down & dicks in hand again by the overwhelming numbers of voters who came out to support President Trump. Those massive numbers literally broke their cheating asses and machine in two. Once they finally realized the overall number of Trump votes would easily exceed their original estimates needed to achieve the Steal, they stopped counting after midnight until they could manufacture enough bogus ballots to backfill the gap. They already lost once in 2016 after the Media’s year long, non-stop, propaganda assault campaign on the Public’s sensibilities to convince us all Hillary would be the next President. They sure weren’t going to let themselves lose again, this time. The Hillary loss was a catastrophic failure: they were so embarrassed they pointed fingers and threw scat back and forth among themselves for months after. Once Trump was inaugurated, they began with their endless series of mindless, phony coup attempts to push him from office. The pee dossier, the Boosh locker room tape, the Stormy Daniels scandal, conflicts of interest, Russian collusion, impeachment, blah, blah, blah etc. On & on it all went; one failed coup attempt after another. None of it ever stuck, because none of it was true, DOH! Instead, their efforts backfired on them by only further solidifying Trump’s base more than ever while the economy continued going gangbusters! Their ploy was no match for  the real “America First” policies many millions of Americans were directly experiencing in their lives in the form of national energy independence, restored military security, controlled immigration and rising wages. The global, Soros syndicate of kiddy diddling, Hollyweird, Davos jet-setting, World Economic Forum toadies needed to find another way to beat Trump out of his second term before he could foil any more of their best made plans for World domination. There’s that word again. What other better way could there be that than to cheat the American people out of their ability to select their own leaders and future? Of course, how easy!

The 2020 Election really began in earnest in the Fall of 2017 with the opening primaries. First off, why in fuck do we need to waste 2 & 1/2 years out of every four trapped inside a never ending political process? We watched with quiet amusement as every primary candidate used their campaign pulpit to judge and criticize America for being either too racist, homophobic, islamaphobic, unfair, free and prosperous, whatever. We watched them while they tried to out commie one other; tirelessly pandering to whichever group they could promise the Moon in exchange for votes. We watched them flip flop and change their faces nearly everyday, sometimes even contradicting their own positions on an issue more than once in the same day & sometimes at the same venue. Holy fuck. Nobody took these fools serious with all of their yammering about “income inequality, systemic racism and why it was inevitable everyone in the country must suffer under a mediocre economy crippled by their tax increases.” It almost seemed funny at the time; because, how could anyone saying such ridiculous things ever hope to be elected? Who on Earth would ever be stupid enough to waste their vote for such idiots or their insane policies? Fortunately, there still aren’t nearly enough brainwashed, low information, Democrat voters in this country to legally carry every Democrat asshat to election, so “The Powers That Be” had to formulate a new strategy & mechanism to CHEAT We The People out of our God given right to decide our own future. Remember when we watched Super Tuesday and saw the Burn take another fall for the team? Poor Burnie, with all his vacation houses & $100K sports cars! Has anyone bothered to notice how he really hasn’t gone anywhere since; and, is still a sitting Vermont senator? The sewage of the Rat primary continued churning and frothing for months on end until it spawned Ole Joe! Who could believe it? Talk about a cognitively impaired horse coming up fast from behind! Talk about a worthless, dishonest, corrupt, criminal, career government politician candidate with ZERO charisma or policy achievements to show for his almost a half a century in government. Even then, he exhibited all the warning signs of senile dementia along with a five decade record of accomplishing nothing in office except growing personally wealthy by selling his own influence. Biden is a total, unequivocal loser and opportunistic grifter; and, that’s precisely why he was chosen by the Globalists and Deep State to be their man. Public image problems? Poor optics and daily gaffes? An out of control, crack headed son guilty of sedition & treason? No problem Joey, the apparatchiks in the state Media will smooth over all of that inconvenient truth like magic. All I can say is Sniffer Joe has to be a politician without peer, because very few politicians have stayed in the Government game as long as him without going to prison. Seriously? Joe Biden? WTF!? The Democrats must think Americans really are that stupid: except he would play his part in a very nefarious plan hatched in globalist and high tech big money circles who calculated all of this as their next big play in the “great reset;” or, to say it another way, the complete takeover and subjugation of every aspect of human existence by a new, authoritarian, hi tech, digital surveillance order. A trans-human, dystopian future in which Humanity is merely troublesome chattel for an unelected World Communist government elitist oligarchy. No thanks.

That’s exactly how Biden became the Democrats’ candidate for President of The United States. Not on account of any actual merit or real accomplishments of political acumen, or for statesmanship & thundering oratory; nor for any stellar record of service in Congress or the vice presidency, rather because he’s an old, feeble, forgetful, an easy to convince push around. They picked Joe because they know he can be bought and he will never say “no” so long as you have enough money. While the rest of us were busy getting on with our lives enjoying the newfound Trump optimism & prosperity for America, our Globalist enemies were busy huddling away in their smokey backrooms hatching their massive voter fraud assault. They had already made a dry run of the system during the 2018 midterms; and, they were very successful in flipping traditionally RED strongholds like Orange County, California to donkey blue with Illegal ballot harvesting. This has to be the only way the Democrats were able to take control of the House thru that election: by CHEATING. It’s HOW they CHEAT now; using a computer voting system designed by the CIA for use in foreign, third world, shit hole countries to remotely manipulate voter numbers and outcomes. A computer voting system also used & endorsed by a communist dictator to illegally come to power and destroy an entire country; then used again by his successor Maduro to maintain the communist death grip on Venezuela. Dominion & Smartmatic built that! This entire wretched, disgusting, puke worthy debacle is so complicated and convoluted, I could spend hours laying it all out, but since most readers here are already extremely savvy political analysts in their own right, I won’t bother. While we confidently maintained Trump would be elected to another term in office, everything else in the known Universe seemed to also reflect and confirm that confidence back to affirm us, those worthless pieces of shit were busy conspiring how they would produce election fraud on such a scale as to be unbeatable. In theory, they succeeded. That’s why Biden never really bothered to campaign: he was assured so far in advance of the election he wouldn’t need to bother. That’s also why the subject of hundreds of millions of dollars in suspicious campaign donations for him never showed up on any Fake News Media round table segments or talking, bobble head discussions, news conferences, rallies, interviews, gatherings, NOWHERE, NOTHING. The Fix was already in and Biden didn’t have to do a damn thing except hide in his basement for it to play out. They needed a good foil and excuse as the cover, though; something that would legitimize their ballot fraud and counter any claims of cheating.

Enter covid 19 and the vote by mail. Certainly, we weren’t going to endanger the lives of millions of Americans by keeping them from their Constitutional duty to vote during a dangerous pandemic! WHY, that would be downright communist & un-American! When you add in the election fraud, it all starts finally coming together like a big, beautiful puzzle, doesn’t it? We now can see the purpose and intent behind the initial shutdowns. Why we needed to close and lockdown for 15 days to flatten the curve and why we’re still locked down more than 200 days later. WHY infection & case numbers were rigged and dishonest from the beginning. WHY we had to shut down all of our businesses, take our kids out of school and basically destroy all the economic supports of our way of life. Yeah, in the interests of public safety and for our own good! WHY those in government and media who were privy to the details on the inside were never worried about catching it. The useful idiot merchants of international fear & doom porn; busy stoking the fears of certain death upon the general population through relentless exaggeration, hyperbole and manipulation. WHY hospitals were bribed & pressured into claiming every new case as another “covid statistic.” WHY it suddenly became necessary to lock down the entire country for everyone’s safety, or so they dishonestly claimed!  WHY it suddenly became mandatory to wear masks and show compliance and submission to authority; because Heaven only knows, marxist tyrannic authoritarianism still can’t be any worse than DEATH from covid! Or can it? WHY the solution is so simple you useless peasant eaters; turn the entire national electoral system that has already served this country well for the last 250 years inside out and on its head with all sorts of new rules and allowances that protect people from covid! WHY, of course! Mail in voting to the rescue! More chaos, confusion and conflict; exactly what Democrats love! Either blackmail or buy off all of the lower food chain politicians and law enforcement; then hire a bunch of dense, minimum wage gorillas to actually handle the “counting” operations to STEAL the country & cement one party rule over everybody forever. Do it all while keeping the masse huddled in their own fears over a phony pandemic. Without the pandemic ruse, their massive computer fraud would be more difficult to execute.  

Here’s what I seem to be the most certain of; I have serious issues with ever believing Joe Biden received more votes for President than any other candidate in History because I know bullshit when I smell it!  If anyone received a record number of votes this election, it would have to be Donald Trump. In fact, it’s entirely possible more than 100 million of our fellow Americans voted for Trump. That unusually high Trump voter turnout is what proved to be the monkey wrench to their cheating system. They were operating on a model that provided for stuffing votes up to about 70 million Trump votes. It wasn’t even barely 10pm before they started to realize they had seriously miscalculated; and, a huge Red Wave was breaking which would wash them all out to sea before the night was finished. Panic ensued and then the order went out, “Full Stop!” As if by magic, the counting everywhere immediately stopped in all battleground states where Trump was leading by substantial margins. The cheating machine waited on the delivery of MORE fraudulent ballots & thumb drives as if they were pizza and chinese take out orders. And wouldn’t you know it, that “Red Mirage” played out exactly like our lying News Media promised it would; an early Trump lead would be crushed by a bigger Blue Wave later; made up of millions of concerned Americans demanding their socialism & Deep State proxy government immediately! It appeared to be working like a charm until they fucked it all up; they got cocky and brazen in their over-confidence. Suddenly, not only was Trump now behind Biden, but he was behind with smaller vote totals than he had been only two hours earlier. They were so pleased with themselves, they fell victim to the dishonesty of their own fraud! Pride always comes before the fall; haven’t you assholes learned that yet? The Media too were also overly preoccupied & distracted by their raging hard ons for an Uncle Joe in The White House, it flew right past them they hadn’t bothered to think of the millions of honest people back at home in the national audience, some of whom, might actually have video recorders and be paying attention to fact check everything which appears on their screens? Sheeeiiitttt! Interception on the fumble with conversion of possession! New first down, motherfuckers! They called states for Biden before their polls were closed there, they called states for Biden the very first minute after their polls closed. they called states for Biden before a single vote was even counted. They called states for Biden while totals showed Trump already ahead by more than 10%. They called states for Biden where trump had a 60 point lead. They pulled out all the stops and put the pedal to the metal, using every trick in their book to convince you otherwise different from what you believed seeing with your own eyes, you were NOT seeing Donald Trump win the election. Bastards! Only one problem; people noticed. Lots of people noticed; and spoke up! Here is a media psyop being carried out on the general public, to a scale and on a level we have never yet seen before. People weren’t supposed to notice? Come on, man! Now it is no longer claims of “NO evidence,” it’s now “BAD evidence.” We are now pushed into and expected to conform to some sort of blind, sleep walking, universal agreement clad in steel that President Joe is now a completely foregone conclusion unfortunately not open to any further discussions. “And while you are already there, please swallow this ‘Great Reset’ suppository & go to sleep. Sorry, but we’re not taking any questions at this time. Speaking of swallowing, if some of that “plausible deniability” is getting in your way of making this medicine all go down, ask yourself this: was Uncle Joe really elected by more than 80 million legitimate voters? The most EVER in History? That sounds like a lot of Corn Pop, lying’ dog-faced, pony soldier malarkey down by the pool to me! An easy 20 million of those votes, perhaps as many as 30 million are more than likely what we should call the “Dominion vote.” “Stand up, Joe…oh, sorry!” Americans have NOT elected Joe Biden as this country’s next President; instead, a fraudulent network of cheating computers has created a very flawed & failed illusion that is what is supposed to be happening. Except. the velvet iron fist at the levers is completely out in the open. this time. Do people actually like Biden? With the obvious exception of his puppeteers, not really. Biden is only a means to serve their ends for getting them back into power & complete control over everything asap. The rest of us are only speed bumps in this ridiculous race they foolishly running against themselves and while taking the rest of us along for the ride. If there’s one thing which Trump will forever be remembered as his legacy, it will be for exposing to the American people, the depth & scale of the corruption found in their political system. We came very close before to being hoodwinked forever into slavery; and we’re not completely out of the woods again yet now, either.  

So don’t ever be fooled by fear into giving up your freedoms during this coming flu season because as always, people are going to catch the regular flu. Unfortunately, some will die from it and, yes, you’re going to hear about it. However, the con previously known as scandemic no longer really exist, anymore. Anyone who tries to tell or convince you otherwise should rightly be considered as an enemy coup supporter, albeit an incredibly stupid one. They need all that new fear mongering to distract the sheep from having their election stolen, that’s all. I’m starting to think the coronavirus must be like “racism;” it continues to exist because they keep everyone talking about it; so maybe, we should stop talking about it. Can’t hurt. Now it’s our opportnunity to push it all back on them, 100 fold.  They are only starting to learn the hard way, how absolutely overwhelming we really can be. In the now famous words of President Donald J. Trump, “America will never become a socialist country, never!” Go ahead and serve them up a heaping helping of their own resistance medicine! Give these communist worms no rest or peace, ever! Work tirelessly everyday to undermine their coup attempt in every possible way; become creative! I’m gonna need a splint on my middle finger once it’s all done. I’ve used it that much. We still don’t completely know what History has in store for us until the horn sounds on January 20th. What’s next, after that? Who knows; we continue taking back our country! We wait and we see. Take good care of yourselves and those you love; that’s probably most important.  Wait for the call: surely it will come.  

As you were & stay alert,

General Mossberg