The Cabinet Of Sniffer Joe

The Cabinet Of Sniffer Joe

While the mountains of daily, new proof & evidence of wide scale ballot fraud continue to stack up all around his campaign, Ole Slo Joe shuffles along relentlessly in his dementia addled mind acting as if absolutely nothing out of the ordinary is even taking place. The national News Media is also turning a completely blind eye as they attempt to convince everyone the election was all completely legit and Joe Biden is now America’s new “president-elect.” If you happen to disagree, then you must be a uninformed Trumptard Neanderthal who voted for Orange Hitler and doesn’t care about climate change or a two state solution in the Middle East that finally gives our Palestinian brothers & sisters their stolen homelands back. Fart. Or some such bullshit. While the first lady elect, Dr. Jill may already be measuring the White House windows for new drapery, Uncle Joe’s busy playing future President buy putting together his new cabinet. Except, it’s really not a new cabinet at all. It’s many of the same old slimy, smarmy, progressive hacks that flap eared, pansy assed, blue gummed, commie muslim used during his eight years of the “fundamental transformation” of America. If you look close enough, the new Biden cabinet is nothing short of a reunion of old, recycled, pillow biting, obama acolytes who already have a proven resume of better serving the international progressive agenda of the global elitists instead of the best interests of all Americans. Then there’s that twisted lefty notion of honoring “diversity” in cabinet picks by using this opportunity to fill up the government with as many inept females, people of color, & gender confused hacks as possible; regardless of experience and qualifications, or not.

Which leads back to the unimaginable hubris of a campaign who cheats their asses off in front of everybody and then screams “we won” as if it was the undeniable truth. That’s hubris on steroids, but since every elected and appointed official that could have prevented this are all in on the coup, they can say “FU losers, eat it” to our faces safe knowing they will be free from any prosecution no matter how egregious and blatant their constant future crimes become. This hubris makes possible the appointment of some real bad actors into very key and important positions. Here’s a short list of some of the marxist clowns and political hacks of the new Biden/Obama shadow government:

Comrade Jan Psaki gets the nod for new Team Joe Press Secretary. Yawn. She’ll be Joe’s new public face & voice for the new Biden/Harris Ministry Of Truth. It doesn’t seem to matter to anyone Psaki has never really even liked Biden and she still doesn’t; yet, she’ll be the one announcing all the latest news of glorious revolution victories on the march to turn America into another European styled, socialist welfare state full of hundreds of millions of newly imported, illiterate Hispanic and North Africans.

Secretary of State. Perhaps the most powerful & important cabinet position of all. A SOS must possess sincere love of country, integrity, confidence and a keen ability to negotiate sensitive treaties and agreements with foreign governments. A qualified SOS should be be a person who places the best interests of America over the those of the rest of the world. Susan Rice possesses none of those attributes; a well known progressive America hater and supporter of other countries whose governments openly seek our cultural & economic destruction. She’s another deep state lapdog who loves the world, but sadly, not America. She repeatedly lied about the Benghazi murders of Ambassador Stevens and other American diplomats when Stevens discovered a Deep State, Obama approved, gun running operation being coordinated through the embassy. Ask yourself why China, Russia, North Korea, Yemen, and many other backwards, shit hole countries would support her appointment as the new Secretary Of State.

Secretary of Defense. Michelle Flournoy. Who THE fuck is she anyway and why is she even being considered for this position? Could it be because she already served as Undersecretary of Defense for the Obama Administration? She’ll make a perfect pawn at The Pentagon to help get the military industrial complex whatever it needs to keep America fighting in those endless wars. To Hell with our kids spilling their blood and losing their lives on foreign soil, so long as defense contracting company board members keep making their fat annual bonuses. She’ll be an easy vote for appointment in Congress, seeing how many there also enjoy personal enrichment from America being bled dry through endless non-stop wars. Worse, she only seems to sees China as a developing economic competitor instead of the dangerous military opponent they are fast becoming. The globalists would never tolerate a US Secretary Of Defense who ever had anything but very nice things to say about China. Slo Joe’s other possible SOD pick is the rabidly anti American Tammy Duckworth, who spends lots of her time exploiting and misrepresenting her veteran status for her own political gain. Her only real qualifications being she voted to impeach President Trump and her legs were blown off.

Treasury Secretary.  This position needs someone who really understands how the economy works and will use that knowledge to expand our monetary base and defend the Dollar from external market threats as well as destructive, domestic debt & monetary policies. I absolutely, positively guarantee you Elizabeth Warren is not that person and will never be. Old two faced grey beaver is a cold & calculated marxist grifter; and she may appear to be a loyal party comrade, but she is deep, deep, deep down inside the pockets of the corporations & Wall Street. She plays both sides of the tee pee and is completely beholden to her favorite group of people on earth….. her political donors.

FED Chairman. Janet Yellen. Yellen has already been FED Chairman under Obama, so her appointment would mean she’s also another return player; and this time, it will be an entirely new progressive FED; one which uses it’s clout to address “racial inequalities” and “climate change.” Yeah, fuck that! Yellen’s focus as the next new FED Chairman will be to politicize the FED into creating massive new debt to fund every stupid and destructive idea of the great American socialist revolution: New Green Deal, racial reparations, government healthcare & massive new immigration welfare. To Hell with inflation or responsible economic management, those are simply lingering vestiges of that old outdated system once called Capitalism!

Department Of Justice/Attorney General. Raise you hand if you actually believe we still have a Department Of Justice. Yeah, that’s what I thought. It doesn’t doesn’t matter who heads up this agency because whomever they choose will probably only be a figurehead, a yes man wearing an empty shirt. The DOJ now openly spies on Americans, commits major felonies, domestic espionage, political hit jobs and cleans up after all of the left’s illegal dirty business. How about her majesty, Hillary Clinton for this one? She certainly knows how to take care of the dirty business and is very good at doing it in a way she’s never held accountable by the Law. Another name being bandied about is Becerra; a career communist derp state operative and wife beater. Meth head Tom Perez is also in the running! That shows you how far down the shitter, what a fucking sad joke the DOJ has become. Finally, Sally Yates is in the race, too! Yes, that Sally Yates who loves the sponsors of islamic terrorism. The last mention on our list for this position is that greasy, used car salesman Doug Jones! You remember Doug, don’t you? Of course! He’s that scumbag who won his seat in Congress using endless smear campaigns, dirty tricks, lies, intimidation and cringeworthy public pandering. A worthless boil of a human being with the political acumen of a head of cabbage. As I said, it probably doesn’t matter who they pick for this one; they’re all treasonous, marxist criminals.  

DHS Secretary. Alejandro Mayorkas. Joey likes Alejandro because he’s latino, baby & everybody knows latinos make the best communists so what could possibly go wrong? Mayorkas is also an open borders fanatic and will welcome countless , never-ending waves of alien caravans. Doesn’t seem to matter much he’s also been investigated for giving various illegals access to the country in exchange for bribes.

Secretary Of Health & Human Services. This appointment usually wouldn’t be a big deal were it not for the Chink Stink Flu Plague. I believe they have decided, for the sake of compassion, this one will be a woman. A true champion of mercy, compassion and empathy who will assure this country of a decent health care program for all those less fortunate than us in need. Drum roll please! None other than Michelle Lujan Grisham, the Governor of New Mexico. Another rabid authoritarian who locked down her entire state while destroying most of the small businesses in New Mexico. For fuck’s sake, she even closed the GROCERY STORES using the weaponized flu as her excuse. Schools, restaurants, gyms, mom and pops. She closed them all and now waits to turn her tyrant lust lose upon the entire country, all in the name of “public health safety.” SPIT!

Secretary Of Transportation.  Two choices: Eric Garcetti & Rahm Emanuel. Garcetti is currently the Mayor of Los Angeles and manages the largest homeless population in America. He’s another one who’s also totally on board with national lockdowns, mask mandates, the green new squeal, no cows, no hamburgers, no anything that might give normal people any simple pleasure out of living their lives. Emanuel the ballerina? He has ZERO qualifications for this job, but Biden has fond obama glory day memories of working with Rhammy. Who cares about merit and actual qualification when political cronyism keeps the wheels turning and the money flowing?

Secretary Of Commerce. Meg Whitman’s reward for playing her part in Donald Trump’s impeachment. Meg also has China on her speed dial. Her brand of “commerce” would be a completely one sided affair helping China drain more jobs and trillions of Dollars out of America. She’s a dyed in the wool socialist who loves her some “Squad”…..and she’s already busy making bullshit promises she can’t keep. Stupid twunt.

Secretary Of Energy.  Some fat boi named Ernest Moniz, whoever that is. He’s dabbled before in nuclear energy policy making, and was instrumental in helping John shithead Kerry close that abysmal Iran nuclear deal. He doesn’t want any real energy here in America. He’ll destroy our energy independence by stopping fracking and killing our coal industry. He’ll immediately set us up on a New Green Deal energy policy that wastes huge amounts of money on windmills and solar panels while forcing every building in the country to be torn apart & retrofitted for new carbon neutral emission guidelines. WTF? 

Secretary Of The Interior. Tom Udall. Another good communist loyalist and ex official from the oligarchy of New Mexico. This guy is a dinosaur; he’s been around for ever and knows everybody, including George Soros. Someone should ask Udall why New Mexico’s Indian tribes are so poverty stricken and stuck with a 67% unemployment rate. He’ll know because it was once his job to fix that. He didn’t, big surprise. More Promises made and promises forgotten the minute after a re-election… again.

Secretary Of Labor.  Hahaha! Bernie Sanders! A man who has never held a real job in his entire life! Why not give him another free house, car, a wad of cash or cabinet appointment to keep his old, useless, grifting ass happy. Or how about Julie Su? Another rabid communist and America hater who would also make a good Biden pick to decide who gets to work and eat and who goes to the camps for “re-education.” 

Secretary Of Education. This one will no doubt have to be a “teacher” of some sort who is also a union activist, advocates for critical race theory and wants a population of post modern illiterates.  Someone who supports the unions over education, unions over learning, unions over pretty much everything else including our children’s education.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development. Every career government black progressive in the country wants this job because it confers great power to finally put an end to Whitey’s habitat; the suburbs. If you have a beautiful house in a wonderful neighborhood you’ve worked for all your life, tough shit racist!  A cadre of welfare boons are only waiting for the Federal Government’s permission to turn your subdivision into another ghetto full of crimes, murder, drugs and lots of other low life gimmedats galore, at least until they’re also pushed out to make way for the millions of new immigrants the Rats plan to import. If they attack the suburbs, we all already know how that will end.

The Biden, soon to be Harris administration is collecting a very dangerous group of well paid Deep State lap dogs to drive the final stake into the heart of America. The real battle starts when the entrenched Obama pukes start muscling the Biden fanatics out of the way in the horse race for cabinet positions. Everyone’s drooling and slathering themselves over the prospect of these highly overpaid positions. Many will be called, few chosen. Mark you calendars! January 20th is the next defining date looming before us all. Only once we finally know who the next sitting president will be, we can make better informed decisions about what to do next.  Until then, it’s mostly all bullshit and blather, lies & misdirection; Media propaganda. A bad high school play with really lousy actors on both sides playing out their scripted parts. The same BS we are now getting every stinking hour of every fucking day to the point of madness.  It’s like thousands of carnival barkers all screaming at you to pay your money to see their sideshow. Ignore the noise and keep your eyes peeled for a final curtain before making any big decisions or moves.

Some have said once we lose this country it’s completely over because it will never return. I don’t agree. In the beginning, it’ll be a tough row to hoe, but as the idiots in the Joe Fan Club who voted against Orange Man Hitler begin to see the consequences of their horribly misinformed decisions, resistance to the ruling class will grow as everyone is finally forced to “unite” against the political oligarchy responsible for all of the mass suffering. The entire country will eventually become completely sick and tired of being ruled over and locked up. We The People will simply withdraw and deny our consent to be governed any further. Only then, will America begin to return to claim it’s historic mantle as the Light Of Liberty and the greatest nation the World has ever known; but, only with our efforts, focus & resolve. Let’s batten down those hatches for the necessary unpleasantness which lies ahead and work for liberty & freedom once again.  I know I sure as Hell am.  

Carry on. Resist & don’t comply,

General Mossberg.