In Which Future Do You Want To Live?

In Which Future Do You Want To Live?

Consider if you will this installment of Double Barrel to be a kind of accelerated timeline.  An imaginary journey and jump forward into a hypothetical future made possible for you exclusively by the Democrats and their election fraud. However, before we actually begin, I’d like to say how heartening it is to see the resentment in true Americans against the tyrants of the Left finally reaching a boiling point. It’s encouraging to see governors, state legislators, secretaries of states, attorney generals, local mayors and city councils’ take heat for all their illegal and unconstitutional power grabs. I think the country is very close to a real tipping point and ready to bring the plans of these little tin pot lords in their decaying blue fiefdoms to a screeching halt. ENOUGH. For now, it may only be small steps like ignoring mask orders or celebrating Holidays with friends, but a huge storm is definitely building as more and more Americans demand that some kind of normalcy return to their daily lives. This is it: we need to take it all back now; and we can do that either the easy or hard way. Unfortunately, (for them) the hard way involves the use of force which our privileged, arrogant political elite will probably not find to be very pleasant. However, the choice is entirely theirs, so they would be wise & well advised not to continue pushing their limits. 

So here we go… In a strange and macabre way, I keep imagining what America might possibly become if Slo Joe & his merry band of commie thieves actually succeed in stealing The White House. What might a future America ruled by King Joe or King Camel actually look like? Ok, just indulge me, if only for a moment. Let’s start by putting aside every reason why that wrinkled, brain dead, mummified kiddie sniffer won’t ever get away with his scam and instead imagine life in an America saddled with a President Joe or Camel. The first thing to consider would be his inauguration ceremony. Hey, Joe could be a trendsetting history maker by staging the first ever virtual presidential inauguration; because of course, to protect everyone from that terribly dangerous Rona that’s supposedly still out there. At least that would be their bullshit excuse instead of admitting there simply aren’t enough secret service agents to guarantee the safety of his big day. Maybe Joe could live steam his swearing in from his basement using the same crack professional team of college video production students who were responsible for the overwhelming success of all his other online video events during his campaign. He could share the feed with all of his dear friends in the State News Media. You know, all those little people who lied so hard for him for so long and worship the very ground he walks on. Special appearances could include Dr. Jill & the family golden boy Hunter, along with perhaps a photo-bombing, nosey neighbor or two outside in the back yard. As the swell guy we all know him to be, I’m certain Joe would extend an invitation to Trump in the spirit of bipartisan unity; but, Donald Trump would never have any interest in having any part in any fraudulent inauguration. Joe could also go the traditional route and have the ceremony at the Capital Building; complete with throngs of adoring CGI millions to replace the pissed off crowds screaming for his arrest with torches and pitchforks . Once he’s finally sworn in, we won’t have to bother seeing or hearing anything further from him again for weeks because his handlers would make certain to keep him tightly under lock and key to prevent him from publicly making a complete horse’s ass of himself. He’ll only be allowed to make highly controlled presidential photo ops and video announcements to keep up the charade of appearing legitimate & coherent while his Deep State, obama V2.0 shadow government buddies carry on their background agenda of gutting and bleeding America dry. Most of these taped appearances would involve juicing Old Joe on the finest of modern cognitive enhancing drugs to create the phony pretense of intelligence. Most of all, his public appearances would be kept to bare minimum, not only to preserve and perpetuate the ongoing fraud, but to make certain he keeps his feet out of his own mouth. Sure, they’ll give Joe his own phone and pen (pretty cool, huh?) and occasionally let him sit in the Oval Office big chair whenever the Media stops by to swoon and gush. Behind the scenes, the real, de facto President Harris will be calling all the shots; telling Ole Joe which executive orders to issue and sign on behalf of their marxist progressive agenda to further destroy America. Finally, Dr. Jill can play Jackie O in this new, twenty-first century version of Camelot from Scranton by holding court at the White House to finally realizing her lifelong ambition of hobnobbing with Kings & Queens, World leaders, Hollywood gliteratti and famous thug (c)Rap artists.

The first order of business for President Joe in this future bizarro will naturally be to immediately wreck and undo every last positive thing that bad Orange Man accomplished for America. Say goodby to that brutish, unwelcoming wall on our southern border while saying hello to millions more uneducated, hungry and entitled, new friends who are really only yearning to breathe free & vote Democrat forever. Won’t it be a relief to finally have a truly compassionate president who understands other cultures? Won’t it also be wonderful to have a president who takes public health & safety more seriously? Someone who doesn’t have the death of hundreds of millions of innocent covid patients on his hands and has finally saved the World by inventing a successful coronavirus vaccine? Joe won’t waste a day in issuing a national mask mandate or supporting all the governor lockdowns until there are no longer any new cases of the corona. No, not even one. Kumbahyah! Say goodby to all of those dirty and unpleasant fossil fuels which have done nothing but hurt our poor mother the Earth while perpetuating evil capitalism, climate change and systemic racism for at least the last 100 years. Here we come, carbon neutrality & zero emissions! Go Team Joe! And it’s never too soon to start thinking about which one of those ten million New Green Deal jobs you’ll want to claim as yours. Are you excited? I know I sure am! Think how wonderful it will all be once everything becomes much more expensive and unavailable. Hey, sometimes you gotta break a few eggs! Small businesses and a healthy Middle Class? Who needs those old, worn out relics of patriarchal, corporatized systemic racism which have already long outlived any usefulness because we all know they openly discriminate against women, people of color and sexually confused mutants. Genius Joe and his marxist buddies have a fix for that too; tens of thousands of new regulations to make certain nobody is ever allowed to become unfairly rich, comfortable or successful again, except of course, themselves. You may be asking yourself now, “will there be taxes?” Oh Hell YES, Skippy! Not only will there will be new taxes on everything, but also new taxes on taxes! We’ll need a way to pay for all of our new unicorn dreams because they won’t come cheap and since the government never really produces anything on it’s own, we won’t be the only ones picking up the freight on that new future our betters are busy preparing for us; our kids, grand kids, great grandkids…well, I think you get the picture. Everyone’s taxes will rocket tothe Moon in order to pay for all of those poor, forgotten people who pay no taxes at all because they don’t work. Soon enough, that will include probably most of us because destroying an entire economy to stop the spread of an imaginary pandemic, control the weather or placate the guilt we all feel about our skin color doesn’t leave people much money left to cover the rent, put food on the table or enjoy life. At least we’ll all be in it together, right? As more Americans find themselves less able to secure even essentials necessary to survival, nanny government will step in more and more to take over and control every aspect of our personal lives. Thank you political class for caring so much about us! See how it’s all intended to work out, so beautiful by design? Now we can all toil together for the collective revolution; to earn our cot and daily meal while supporting the champagne dreams and caviar wishes lifestyles of our ruling class. And what will happen in this brave new world if you disagree or decide you don’t want to be a team player? Then it’s off to the slave factory or re-education gulag for as long as required to cure you of all your selfish, impure thoughts. There you will be taught how to appreciate all the wonderful ways Government provides for your benefit. It might be so much fun, you may never come back! They will give a shit about what you think or even if you have an opinion. Freedom will become an antiquated construct and a luxury only available to the new political ruling class. It’s a private club and we won’t be in it; I guess thems the breaks. Once upon a time, we all lived in that old wicked America of freedom and prosperity; now everyone will have to work tirelessly to compensate for all the damage that freedom did to all of the democrats’ pet minority victim groups. In their new America, if you happen to be old, tired or too ill to offer anything of value to the political class, you will be considered a liability, especially if you are a white person and regardless of the fact it was the policies of the political class who made you that way. You could have decided to join the revolution and work for the government, but you refused, comrade. You also could have turned in your guns, but you refused. You too could have openly acknowledged China as the model for all things new world ordered, but you refused. As far as president Kamala is concerned, Americans like us will only be dead weight taking up valuable space in the theater of their continuing “basic transformation of America.”   

Is any of this sounding exaggerated or a little too far fetched for your tastes? I’ll ask you to decide for yourselves. The latest generation of Americans have pretty much been thoroughly indoctrinated by public education since their youth into accepting whatever government tells them is the truth. Many are for the most part mindless, zombie disfunctionaries with their heads so packed full of marxist, social justice they can’t even see straight. As a result, many are occupationally illiterate; incapable of independent thought or any real skills or abilities to offer the World anything worthwhile. That’s why you see so many of them going into student loan debt for the rest of their lives just to strut about how they have a Master’s degree in gay minority transgender political sciences. That’s why so many of them stay in school as long as possible and live in mom & dad’s basement until they are 40. They are products of a system designed more to indoctrinate in a particular ideology instead of preparation for a productive life in the real World. But I digress. For most Americans, life in this new political reset will be at best notably drab and tedious because a populace always struggling to carve out a means of their own survival doesn’t have much energy or too many resources left over to organize and challenge the system. Funny how that works & where have we seen this before? There’s never any enjoyment to be found in Communism or any of it’s many brands; marxism, maoism, socialism or democratic socialism. People living under communism have forgotten how to smile or laugh. It’s been completely beaten out of them. This is only a hypothetical version of a very dystopian future into which the Biden fraud could push us all if the Constitution is discarded and the one third of this country who are brainwashed idiots are allowed to have their way over the rest of us. However, the biggest obstacle to their grand plans is the one thing standing in their way: us.

For whatever reason, the Left is still in complete denial over the more than the 100 million strong of us who are in no way willing to go peacefully into their long, dark, red night. Because God always has the last laugh, they have allowed themselves to become blinded by their own hubris and propaganda. They’ve spent years ignoring us in their smug, self righteous, morally superior disdain. BIG mistake. They fully expect all of us to simply roll over and take whatever it is they plan on dishing. That’s what believing your own lies and hype leads to: vulnerable to attack in ways you can’t hope to see! None of their big plans for the future include pushback from the rest of us who aren’t interested in any of their bullshit.  None of their plans include any real contingencies to handle a violent counter uprising from those useless white supremacist, nationalist Americans! Us! They are already too busy counting their revolution chickens before they are hatched and are in for one Hell of a shock when they discover more than half the nest will be full of baby bald eagles. That’s because they’re so smitten and blindsided by their own agenda to destroy the country, they forgot about real Americans rising up to destroy them. Once the stupid Biden voter stooges are actually forced to start living with the reality of what they wasted their votes on, they will slowly and painfully start to come to the realization of how badly they were duped. Too late, assholes! They will be so shocked when they discover how the criminals they installed in power really couldn’t give a dead rat’s ass (pun intended) about their lives or welfare. They will summarily be ignored by their Left masters while simultaneously loathed by patriots on the Right and deserve every amount of scorn and derision which comes their way. In this future democrat America we are discussing here, the Rats will most certainly push too far for too much too fast: because they always do. Count on it. We’ll fight back and show them no mercy, because we have everything to gain and nothing to lose by stopping them…by destroying them. So far, they’ve managed to keep the entire country on edge for months with their bullshit donkee political drama. They’ve abused the power of their offices to promote their agenda. They’ve issued edicts, mandates and arbitrary, freedom robbing policy decisions intended to put millions of us into that position of having nothing to lose and everything to gain. They’re working their hardest and trying their damndest to push us exactly into the kind of future I have been describing here.  Their prize?  The abolition of the America; along with her freedoms and prosperity as we have always known it to be. It is in no way cliche to ask yet once again at this moment in our History, “what is the price of freedom?” The answer is perhaps your life, if it would mean future generations of Americans yet born could also live in peace and freedom. There is no more time left to dance around things or sugarcoat the truth: communism and all of its incarnations must be thoroughly purged and eradicated from the American body politic. 

Biden is only the beginning of the next phase of their nefarious schemes and plans. He’s now their biggest useful idiot who will open the door to that dark winter future they have planned for the entire country and we are standing in their way. I’m STRONGLY suggesting we never allow this to happen. I’m also suggesting we continue to STAND in their way and start an even harder pushback now because if we don’t fight to keep America, who will; and If not now, then when? It’s completely up to you and me. That’s what all of this has finally come down to. Let’s check in and see how things look on January 21st, shall we?

As you were, 

General Mossberg