Lately, I’ve been at my wit’s end; there’s so much of nothing going on that some times, it seems downright overwhelming. If I want to check in with the News to see what’s going on “now,” it then becomes a matter of spending the better part of an hour comparing facts among multiple sites in the attempt to decide who’s telling the truth, who’s outright lying, who’s purely propaganda dressed up as truth, who is carefully worded manipulation and who, in a very rare moment of accidental journalism, manages to actually give you a half assed objective representation of truth, even when that happens to be something something horribly unpleasant. Tell me the way things are and not the way someone wants me to think them The effect that much information has on my poor, overloaded brain is maddening. It suddenly becomes some huge fucking monumental task just to see, hear or read anything because there isn’t enough motivation to endlessly sift thru, shake out, measure, weigh & compare so many different versions of the same story from a variety of sites. It seems every piece of information now comes pre-tagged with some sort of idiotic warning label specifically designed to cast doubts & suspicions on the value of the piece of information to which it is attached. “This claim about the election is disputed, see more…” Come on, Man! Disputed by whom? Some digital algorithm created by a company already deep in the thick of the current, ongoing coup d’etat against America, that’s who! The “dispute” is being made by a software worm specifically created to counter and mess with the human thinking and decision processes. Along with Government, the News Media also seems to enjoy treating us as if we were three years old completely incapable of ever knowing what’s best for ourselves. Conservatives are now the only ones disputing this entire fraud scenario that’s been painted up and sold as an “election.” Almost nary a pro Biden tweet to be found anywhere carrying along such attached disclaimers; I wonder why that might be? Could it be to impart the mental impression those particular statements contain actual truth because they don’t aren’t tagged with counter claims? What they’re actually “disputing” are the mountains upon mountains of damning evidence which proves it was all a fraud. That’s all that’s being “disputed” here. Currently, there are only six corporations which account for ownership of ALL of media assets in the US market, outright. That includes television & radio, cable networks, newspaper franchises & magazines, billboards and signage. That’s why you hear the very same, talking point words pop up at the same time when regurgitated by the Media worker bees. The only thing that matters to them is for their side to win; any truth or benefit for the country be damned! Agenda uber alles! Worse, they have absolutely no conscience at all: they’re not bothered in the least by what they’re doing; they just don’t give a shit.  

Another thing everybody also knows is who lies the most outright because those are the players who have based their professional reputation on dishonesty. I won’t mention any names, but MSNBCLSD & CNN immediately come to mind first. They don’t even bother pretending anymore; but instead, throw it all at you with a kind of in your face, FU, challenging “what are you going to do about it” arrogant provocation. Whenever we wish to experience just how horrible journalism & the “news” have become, all we need to do is take a look at only one of the alphabet networks who regularly push the marxist propaganda. If you’re watching, you’re being lied to; how much simpler can it get? So why bother watching? More disgusting are the herds of their devoted sheep who hang to live or die by their every word simply because they heard it on the “news.” Brain optional & no thinking required, how convenient! Of course, to participate fully in the dream requires one’s total submission & conformity to hive think. Hey, we’re all in this together, right? This isn’t really anything new; the News Media crapped their own beds decades ago. Walter Cronkrite told a lie to throw the Vietnam War for his commie pals and they gave him a bunch of fucking awards for that. This shit really goes way back, but now it’s made even worse due to two predominant factors: the collapse of journalistic integrity & the Internet. Yellow journalism pretty much remains the industry’s standard, now; a form of dishonesty for dishonesty’s sake which is able by the power of modern technology to reach out and into every hidden corner of the World almost instantly. No escape is possible; it’s roar & ubiquitous twisting of reality goes on everywhere 24/7/365. Old Joe wasn’t lying when he said, “we prefer truth over facts.” If ever there was a better example of a single, stand alone statement which completely nails & exemplifies what the entire News Media is all about, it would be this one. Pretty much anybody can say anything now & palm it off as the “truth.” Somewhere, there’s a sucker who will believe them. When information even remotely resonates with the current think tank bias or narrative flavor of the week, then it’s pushed by the machine to advance and gain staying power. Any information found guilty of swimming against the current immediately goes down the rabbit hole. Even the stories which make up their own News cycles get pushed out of the way and down the rabbit hole by the always next bigger “more important” story when it comes along. If it offends the Bilderberger Clan or casts doubtful aspersions on the incredible amount of good Bill Gates is trying to do in the World, then it will never be deemed “newsworthy” to occupy the spotlight. Out of sight out of mind definitely applies here: they actually believe it’s their job to tell us what we should think. 

The Media are the fifth column enemy who generate the propaganda to cover for the coup & all of it’s participants. They keep the big lie rolling. They do this with a smile on their faces because they are hoping for a bigger seat at the table as “influencers of policy” after a possible switch in Government. The only way these peddlers & enablers of socialism will mange to escape the common fate of all useful idiots is if they continue being useful to their masters; and to do that, there’s no limit to the amount of hate and misinformation they’ll traffic in order to forward the cause. They don’t give a dead rat’s about who or what happens to get in their way; everyone is fair game. Everything is an expendable commodity to them, including the truth, especially the truth. Don’t blow smoke up my ass and tell me how FOX News is now in any way “Conservative.” FOX is now just as dirty & dishonest as all the others. If you believe the election was stolen, then you’re just shit out of luck for ever expecting to get to the truth of the matter. They don’t want you to know. They don’t want you to know who shot JFK and why. They don’t want you to know about Hillary’s bathroom server. They don’t want you to know the Obama Administration was operating a gun running operation out of our embassy in Benghazi. They don’t want you to know about Hunter’s laptop and they certainly don’t want you to know about even one of the ten thousand different ways the Rats cheated and stole this election. When you hop on over to the Internet, the pickings don’t get much better. There are too many blogs and podcasts normally claiming to be conservative are now going with the flow, falling into line and getting with the program by announcing “Get over it, Joe won. Time for America to accept a President Biden & move on. Take the blue pill and go back to sleep.” They’re just as guilty of being propagandists & manipulator double agents who work for the other side to undermine the truth and steamroll the real outcome of the election with false narratives.

Remember when you cold only vote on one day and everyone knew who won later that night on the same day? WTF happened? Weeks have already passed and somehow, all of this still continues dragging on; no end in sight. The talking heads have all weighed in to chop, dissect & spin just about every possible machination & explanation for why Uncle Joe won it all fair and square. The science is settled! We get promise after promise of the next bombshell that is going to change everything, but only if we agree to tune in again tomorrow. It always sounds dire. It always sounds urgent and it always sounds important when more often then not, it winds up amounting to really nothing at all. Is this the best we can do; is this all we can come up with? They roll it out everyday; the talking points, feature lines, smoking guns, reliable sources, first hand knowledge, videos, affidavits, leaked copies, whistleblowers, high ranking officials, inside sources yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. Too much noise with too little meat. Somewhere along the line we went from the Information Age directly into the Disinformation Age. I don’t know about you, but I’m finished with all the talking and ready to see some serious action go down on checking this steal. The road to Hell might be paved with good intentions, but the real shit needs to start happening very soon. Who knows? While I’m sitting here and bitching by writing about it, there could already be plenty of action going on behind the scenes we know nothing about. All well & good I suppose, but I’m tired of waiting and being paid in paper IOUs; I’m tired of the Deep State always pissing our backs and then telling us it’s raining.

When people say we aren’t being told the truth and will eventually lose our country to socialism, the Left just smirks and says ”we know.” When people call out their congressmen or governors for openly violating their oaths of office, the Constitution and Rule Of Law the Left smirks and says,“we know.” Whenever you point out their plans and policies will destroy the greatest country on the face of the Earth, the Left just smirks and says,“we know.” The only thing the Left really seems to like about America is the ease with which they can use our freedoms & democratic system against us to destroy us. 

Mark my words; the day is coming, perhaps much sooner than we might believe when those who conspired to destroy this great country by attempting to install a false president and corrupt administration through criminal means will find themselves standing before tribunals answering to charges of treason & sedition; and later, in front of walls wearing blindfolds. 

As you were. Carry on,

General Mossberg