Since the members of the Communist Party formerly known as the United States Congress have now passed a “covid relief” bill, something else has also happened you may not have heard too much about: they all voted themselves a cozy $60,000 pay raise tucked away secretly in the “relief” package. (giving away hundreds of billions of Dollars of taxpayer money to fund transgenderism in third world muslim shit hole countries is hard work!) Now they’ll make over $200K every year to continue fucking the rest of us with all of our clothes on. So what if they claim this is all “legal?” It’s in no way moral, honest or respectable, mind you, only “legal.” Who knew the new “covid relief” bill would mostly be providing “covid relief” to a bunch of traitorous thieves & all of their America hating pals who have never lost a cent or missed a paycheck since the very beginning of this fucking chink bat flu lie? Isn’t it swell to see how much they really care and look out for us small potato folks? Shit, they only “work” 126 days out of the entire year & most of that time is spent stealing, grifting, lying & peddling influence to make certain their lobbyists get everything they want. Congress is yet another home grown, organized crime syndicate just like their government partners the Rat Party & Intelligence community. There, I said it out loud what everyone already knows; prove me wrong! A $60,000 pay raise for them & a box of government Cracker Jacks with a $600 check inside for the rest of us poor working class suckers. The only reason it wasn’t ZERO Dollars is because then they wouldn’t be able to continue lying to us about how they are actually “doing something.” The joke is on us: even though that $600 is already our money to begin with; the blood sucking bastards in DC are going to make you & I declare it as “income” and pay taxes on it next year. Do the math: while $600 averages out to about 20 cents a day for you & I, a yearly Congressional $200K salary works out to almost $600 a DAY for them! Some “relief!” How dare we complain! We are only greedy, selfish, proletariat usurpers who should be grateful to have the leftover crumbs from their table!

One of their favorite tricks they always employ in this ongoing exercise of legislative kleptomania is to name these “relief” bills with high & lofty noble titles designed to fool We The People into thinking they’re about something completely opposite from any truth they actually represent. Remember “The Affordable Care Act?” Yeah, because everybody knows how much more “affordable” our healthcare & insurance became since they passed that one, right? Similarly, I will guarantee you a “Keeping America Strong” bill would be something designed specifically to completely fuck over the entire country to an even greater degree, if such a thing is even still possible. “Covid relief?” You get the picture. I need to be really careful here; because I don’t want to go giving them any new ideas. Love or hate Trump, the enduring historical legacy of his presidency will now forever be how he single handedly ripped the mask off the Deep State and exposed the bottomless sewage swamp of government corruption and criminal enterprise for everyone to see. Regardless of the final outcome in this pathetic dog & pony show which has now become our electoral process; we owe him a yuge debt of gratitude for waking up the Sleeping Giant. Unfortunately, turns out the Truth is very stiff & unpleasant medicine, but necessary if America is ever to be saved from being gutted and bled dry by packs of special interest, political parasites. They’d rather we continue taking their blue pills and stay asleep forever, but that too is the very definition of death itself.

Exactly who or what enables our Government to continue raping & pillaging the entire country? Only one thing: money, and the power which flows from it. And who or what is the only source for the money which feeds them their power? Look in the mirror; it’s you and I, Mr. & Mrs. John Q Public Taxpayer who has been bullied, threatened and intimidated by the Political Class into going along with “taxation without representation” now for more than an entire century. That’s not $930 BILLION Dollars of their money they’re pissing away down their rat hole, it’s $930 Billion of OUR money and our children’s money and our children’s money and our children’s children’s money and our children’s children’s children’s money… Are you staring to feel dizzy and lightheaded yet? Hold on, there’s more! Isn’t there always “more” with these worthless bastards? While you and I get thrown a paltry $600 as reward for losing our homes, jobs, businesses, sanity & freedoms under 9 months of mandated house arrest, those illegal “sparks of divine light” who are already here and scamming us for free housing, healthcare, food stamps and education are so very special they get 1800 dollars of “covid relief” because a horribly racist and bigoted America cheated them out of their first $1200 “relief” free for all last Spring. May you all suffer miserably now with your privilege! While you and I will receive a mere $600 of Congressional pittance, illegal aliens in the US are going to bank $1800! Aren’t we truly blessed to live in such a progressively compassionate and “equal” country? But hold on, there’s MORE! The new “covid relief” bill also bails out all the blue, state & local donkee governments who drove themselves into bankruptcy with massive debt and irresponsible money management; subsidizing every form of wasteful entitlement and stupid, hair brained, progressive policy decisions imaginable! Then there’s all of the unions, special interest groups, race merchants and red diaper doper baby foundations who expect to cut to the front of the line because they want big slice of the pie too. Are you starting to understand why only $600 Dollars worth of “crumbs” are left over to trickle down to you and I? Do you see why they are now pulling out every last stop they can to get rid of Donald Trump? 

So then, how does a “covid relief” package actually help or in any way mitigate the damage and destruction our own government has inflicted upon us with the covid hoax? That’s right kids, it’s doesn’t do jack shit or provide any “relief” whatsoever. It’s another slick trick; just another round of government looting. Once, they were forced into having to at least lie to our faces & pretend they cared; at least to be re-elected to maintain their hold on power; but as we learned on November 3rd, they now don’t even think they need to continue doing that. Silly me; I’m old enough to remember when the Rule Of Law actually stood for something and taking an oath of office carried a personal obligation to do what was most moral and beneficial for the entire country. Those were the good old days! More & more, regular Americans are now finding themselves as some sort of minority of strangers in their own land being fleeced & crushed by their own government. You can thank Democrats with their obsessive erections for socialism for this horrible current state of affairs in which we now find ourselves. For decades, they’ve slowly been infiltrating, assimilating & corrupting all the social institutions which  previously supported & maintained the structure of our Republic; a kind of domestic terrorist sleeper cells waiting only for their decisive moment to activate their kill switches. Unions, Media, arts, entertainment, sports, law enforcement, banking and even our churches have all jumped on the red band wagon; becoming infected and compromised by the red menace. McCarthyism was America’s wake up call, but we were told not to take that call; and were distracted instead by all the drugs, flower power and free love that followed soon afterwards. Far out! Groovy, huh? You got played by Communists, America! Now you know why they no longer don’t bother in the least to even pretend anymore. Now you know why they seem to take so much pleasure in blatantly rubbing our faces in their enormous crimes of corruption; because they believe all their commie schemes are working so far, we won’t do anything to stop them. In fact, a critical part of their plan relies on us doing just that; rolling over and playing dead; you know, like the Supreme Court does. They completely expect us not to make any waves; to go along just to get along with the Great Reset. They’re assuming we’ll just keep our mouths shut while we abandon our freedoms to keep that flow of televised sports, free internet porn and shitty cRap music coming to occupy us while the entire shit house burns down around our feet. Some will accept their “new normal” no questions asked and opt to go back to sleep. I won’t; and I refuse to go quietly into their good night. 

Although we have been teetering on the edge of an abyss already for some time now, it seems as if we Americans have finally have taken enough of their abuses, had enough of our own wealth stolen away from us by the parasitic Political Class for us to begin the good fight back in earnest. It’s about time; we’re almost there, kids! Closer now than we’ve ever been since 1860. Perhaps $800 BILLION of that $930 BILLION of OUR money they were getting ready to off shore to Honduras, Guatemala, Pakistan and who knows the fuck where else could have instead been better invested here at home to help our own people most hurt by all of the covid bullshit; regular Americans like you and I. Nahhhhh, that makes far too much sense for them to ever consider that option! Instead, let’s all rally and “unite” around President Joe while we piss away trillions more of our future on endless, meaningless sandbox wars and a presidential “legacy” for the new thief in chief. Unlike our tax dollars, there’s more than enough anger and contempt for our “elected officials” to go around for everyone to enjoy. Without a complicit Congress rubber stamping all of this larceny madness, none of this “covid relief” would be happening now. Hence the effort underway by Government to lobotomize ever greater numbers of individualistic Americans into obeying sheep; to saddle ever greater numbers of us with dependency upon them for our very survival. They’re telling us we should take their lousy $600 worth of ‘relief,’ shut up and go away. They’re telling us we should be grateful because in truth, they didn’t have to give us a cent!! After all of this comes the final insult; make sure you pay the income taxes on their $600 bucks of “covid relief” or else! I can’t speak for you, but perhaps we all should be “down on our knees” every day, praying President Trump triumphs for his second term over this dark hand of evil which now holds our nation in its grasp. It certainly can’t hurt! All he needs to do is give the word and tens of millions of extremely well armed, patriotic Americans stand waiting, willing and prepared to immediately help him save this Republic. To completely rid & cure America of her only real plagues; communism, marxism and socialism. Do not let ourselves be fooled; just as all of “their” money is really ours, so is all “their” power: however, only once we decide enough is enough & take it all back again. We are the only true deciders of our own national future and along with that power comes great responsibility. Freedom is never free. So let’s starve their fucking Beast because we are now at the point where it’s either us or them going down; and, it sure as shit isn’t going to be us. Revoke our consent for them to govern, because they have proven time and time again, they have betrayed that consent by being complete failures & criminals. Perhaps this time they’ll finally get the message. Unfortunately, I don’t think so. Here’s an idea for some“covid relief!” Shut down the damned government & open up the country! Otherwise, the ones left living after the coming purge will certainly envy the dead. Not a threat but a promise. Go ahead and keep poking at us, political scumbags. We double dog dare you. 

Merry Christmas!  

General Mossberg