***WHAT NOW?***


As we have all witnessed in the last few weeks and especially during the last few hours, the communist globalist coup against “We The People” of the United States appears to have succeeded. A highly organized coup plotted, initiated & executed by marxist globalists & their Deep State government counterparts against a free & prosperous America. Our system of government was originally designed & intended as a constitutional republic with “We The People” choosing our representatives thru an open and honest electoral system. A system of government which required every person taking office to swear an oath of allegiance to the United States of America and its citizenry; to uphold the Constitution and protect the country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Now our government has itself become the greatest domestic enemy, funded and supported by both malevolent local & foreign influences.  

That’s the reason behind any confusion about the best way to address their coup; we now find ourselves in completely uncharted waters! Our government, emboldened by communist activists, lobbyists, tech billionaires, special interest groups and even parts of our own military has decided to turn against us to attack the very ideals & principles this country was founded upon in order to void The Constitution & seize power for themselves. Decades of government meddling & playing loose with constitutional principles have finally led us as a nation to this crisis in which we now find ourselves. However, we are collectively finally awake to the very ugly prospect our government doesn’t really give a shit about us; and since at least the end of Reagan’s second term, has been serving mostly itself at our expense. The coup is their punishment & response to us for demanding they give us back our power.

When Trump was elected President, it was because he was an outsider and his message of “Make America Great” resonated with all of us who truly love our country. He gave us the best economy we had seen in decades & made our enemies fear & respect us once more. He also tossed monkey wrench after monkey wrench into the DC political money machinery of endless bribery, influence peddling, vote buying, kickbacks, and pay to play bullshit congress and other administrations had enjoyed for years. Why else would anyone be willing to spend $45 million dollars to gain an office which only pays $180 thousand a year?  Because donors who put up that kind of money to back candidates don’t do so without expecting special favors in return; policies and political influence from that candidate which favor them for billions in new contracts & opportunities. And it’s been a business as usual for a very long time in which we had almost no say except for our ability to vote them in or out. Trump’s victory in 2016 was America’s wake up call against the Establishment.

The Deep State/Establishment/Democrat/Communist perpetuated fraud was also set up in 2016 to squash Trump and install “Madam President;” except the thieves were caught off guard by the amount of enthusiasm and determination of the electoral. Their cheat was spoiled by the tremendous numbers of patriots who came out to vote because it was time to “Make America Great Again.” The cheaters were caught completely unprepared with not enough phony ballots to put Clinton over the top. The fraud machine learned a very hard lesson in representational democracy that night and decided not to ever leave anything else to chance the next time around. They returned in the 2018 mid terms to fine tune and bolster their cheat and steal model. It’s no coincidence how so many races turned out on that election night to be surprising “dead heats” going “down to the wire” with the Rat candidate eventually always squeaking by to victory a few days later after the mysterious discovery of uncounted ballots. If there’s one thing of which I am certain, it’s NONE of us were born with the word “stupid” written on our foreheads.

Anyone with half a brain in their head knows damned well the 2020 election was rigged against Trump and the Democrats cheated to steal it. I guess that excludes all the geniuses over at the “Just Us” department who looked the other way by not doing a fucking thing. I stand corrected; Barr did come out after the election and issue a statement claiming there was no evidence of voter fraud and the “Just Us” Department would not be conducting any investigations. There’s only one way to make any sense out of such a ridiculous claim and that’s if the “Just Us” Department is also a willing & complicit player in on the steal. And why in Hell would they ever be, you may ask? Because TPTB are scared shitless out of their minds their endless gravy train of Washington DC largesse will come to a full stop with a second term of Trump. While Trump still managed cramp and seriously slow down their systematic looting and thieving, he was unfortunately unable in his first term to completely destroy their machine. The spice must flow! Although Trump gave us all fresh hope by restoring patriotism, our economy and a positive national identity, our side unfortunately miscalculated the amount of resolve our enemies would have to get rid of him. Hence the brutal four years of obstructing his administration at every turn with numerous phony scandals, nonstop 24/7 Media propaganda & communist supported civil unrest.  

What we have witnessed in the last week is nothing short of massive, open, in your face fraud followed by massive, open, in your face denial by 90% of our s-elected officials, supported by the Media, high tech and marxist activist judges striking down any cases which might reveal the truth to the country. 

A massive, open, in your face fraud rubber stamped by the very people who swore their oath of office to protect & uphold our Constitution. A massive, open, in your face fraud by turncoats who previously backed Trump for some personal political or financial opportunity. A massive, open, in your face fraud supported by RINO worms who campaigned on “America First” to ride Trump’s coattails to victory in their re-elections. A massive, open, in your face fraud by a group of people we now know are really traitors and seditionists; stained for all time and history as the political equivalents of Judas; selling their souls for a measly thirty pieces of silver and bathing themselves in the cesspool of the destroyed businesses & livelihoods, broken families, homes & dreams of millions of Americans. They each could have made a difference and instead chose not to; and, don’t get me started on the Supreme Court! Thanks to them, America is now on the verge of installing an illegitimate Vichy President and an openly communist vice president.

The Swamp now has the judiciary and most federal judges in their pocket: along with administration agencies & any law enforcement who are more concerned with safeguarding their own pensions over upholding The Rule Of Law. Whether we wish to admit it or not, they now have a lock on most of the government now; and, we can’t deny where we are now as a country if we ever want a real chance of knowing where we need to go in the future. What these bastards can’t and won’t ever own is the independent spirit of every true American who loves freedom. This is because historically, no other government alternatives have ever come anywhere close to competing with the power of ‘We The People” to make our own decisions and opportunities, solve our own problems for ourselves. And it never will. It can’t. They must know it is futile to fight us: so watch instead for them to start directly impacting our ability to survive and thrive. Can you say “covid lockdowns?” Sure, I knew you could. While it may appear they are now on top, soon they will have to begin delivering on all of their outrageous promises they made to their masters and special interests to get there. Promises these government worms have absolutely NO intentions of keeping.Such is the character of criminals; there is no honor to be found among thieves. Just ask their Black Lies Matter useful idiots.

As “America First” patriots, we can inflict a great deal of damage to them & their Marxist agenda through consistent resistance & civil disobedience. I’m talking full gas, nonstop, to the edges & beyond efforts: make their lives a living Hell.. Give them back a dose of the same medicine they’ve spent the last four years shoving down our throats. NO bullshit “unity.” ZERO cooperation. NO “healing” by holding hands together and singing “kumbayah” around their Great Reset campfire. Fuck that, this is war. There still exists an America as originally intended which lives in all our hearts and minds. Reject, in every conceivable way their twisted dystopian, science fiction B movie alternative they are trying to force us to live. When push comes to shove, what will you fight for? Rhetorical question because push is coming to shove very soon. Are the traitors willing to die for their version of the countries future? Howz about we all find out? 

Stay alert and carry on,

General Mossberg