Everyday when I wake up and crawl out of bed to start a new day, I spend the first minute or so thinking about all the things I need to do on that new day. I start out on a sort of mental cruise control; still not fully asleep, but also not yet into a completely awakened state.  Then it fucking hits me…again, like a brick in the face. The ugly realization I’m stuck living through an incredibly shitty, bad dream; no, even worse, a horrible nightmare the entire stinking country is trapped in that just doesn’t seem to want to go away; and as hard as we try, sinister forces just won’t let us wake up. Did you ever have one of those dreams before where you’re trapped in some sort of really horrible and uncomfortable situation like being buried alive; and, try as you may, you just couldn’t find the way out? It only just keeps growing worse and worse until it’s finally unbearable; and that’s the moment you usually wake up in a cold sweat, gasping like a fish out of water, only to slowly realize, “Thank God, it was only a dream?” Will somebody please smack me across the face and keep smacking me across the face until I wake up from this never ending shit show? I feel like I’m trapped on a runaway Ferris Wheel and there’s a bunch of crazy monkeys in Fidel khakis wearing Mao caps at the controls, laughing like maniacs. Stop the World, I wanna get off!

How the heck did we ever get here? First there was that bullshit national exercise in fraud & deception back in November which was supposed to pass for the honored tradition of our representational democracy we once called “elections.” I don’t have much left to add about that entire fiasco which probably hasn’t  already been said. Even a pea-brained, retarded chicken is still smart enough to understand what really happened the night of November 3rd. Trump was far ahead and winning bigly everywhere; the friggen tide had already pulled five miles out away from the shore. A yuge red tsunami was building and preparing to sweep back on land, washing over the entire country, drowning and carrying all of the commie rats far out to sea. America was poised on the precipice of another four incredible years of President Donald J. Trump continuing to “Make America Great” by restoring our culture, economy and values. However, the dirty marxist Rat bastards, colluding with the Deep State and their globalist billionaire oligarchy cohorts were simply not going to allow it. Right at the very moment victory was within our grasp, the wheels of the machine ground to a screeching halt everywhere at the same time to let their cheat & steal go in. Can anyone answer me just this one question, “How in Hell did we ever arrive at the point where only Democrats have complete access, control and management of our entire electoral process?” WTF? Who, when and how did that incredibly brilliant decision come about? When did our system of representation democracy come under the sole and exclusive ownership of the Democrat Party to do with it whatever they please? To a degree of the forceful exclusion of any Republican oversight to ensure fairness, honesty and accuracy?  I want to pile drive the idiot who first thought that was a good idea.

Fast forward thru weeks of all the usual suspects in the official State lapdog Media playing possum in constant denial of proverbial mountains of constantly growing evidence; all of which, pointed to the Democrats stealing the election and disenfranchising half of the country’s voters as the punishment of forcing their sick & twisted communist, forever one party rule agenda on the entire country. The next lame assed, broken sorry excuse of our national checks & balances to fail by laying an egg out of its ass was the Judiciary. I guess when one Obama appointed or Soros bribed judge after another refuses to hear any hard evidence, is it any wonder the fraud can never be challenged in a court of law? So much for our side playing by the fucking rules, right? I guess we’ll know better the next time around than to ever waste time trying that again. Oh wait, there’s not ever going to be another “next time” so I guess we don’t need to worry, right? Following the batshit illogic of the court system, if they refuse to hear the evidence, then that must mean there was no fraud, right? I know this must be completely true, because that’s what my television keeps telling me. Round and round the judicial circle jerk we went, from one state court to another, one dismissal to the next. No problem, as we convinced ourselves all of this disappointment and corruption was somehow necessary in order to fast track the fraud/steal case to the one place where a fair ruling would matter the most, the Supreme Court. WTF? The most pressing case to influence the direction of the nation since the Civil War is placed at their feet and what do they do? Punt on first down from their own ten yard line. Believe me, I was just as shocked and numbed as you to see the Black Robe Mafia turn down the Texas case supposedly because of some such bullshit about being unpopular and throwing the country into serious civil unrest, blah, blah, blah. No standing. What do those corrupt chickenshit bastards think has been happening in America since George Floyd overdosed on fentanyl in police custody? RIP Supreme Court; I won’t ever take you jerkoffs seriously again. Chalk up another uniquely American institution as a casualty of the relentless march of progressive deconstructionism and destruction thru our society. Bastards!

The next act to open in this planned comedy of errors took place in the Senate runoffs in Georgia on January 5th. Please answer me this: how is it that the Rat Party can run what routinely appears to be really weak, corrupt candidates, but once voter returns start pouring in, almost every race suddenly becomes a “dead heat” going “down to the wire” at the “very last minute?” How is it that a Republican candidate can be successfully and completely shot down in a race at the last moment by the startling revelation he was arrested for disorderly conduct at a college football game 35 years ago, but nothing happens to the Rat candidate who is routinely caught trying to meet 13 year olds online for sex? I guess if I could answer that question, I’d know why we are now only five days away from installing a fake, pervert president who already has decades of photo and video proof in the public domain of him “sniffing” and molesting young girls. So what the fuck did any of us expect was going to happen in Georgia on January 5th? Did any of us really think the Republican senate candidates even had a ghost of a chance for winning? Come on man, don’t piss on my leg and tell me that’s climate change. The exact same playbook the Rats used on November 3rd to steal Donald Trump’s second term was used in Georgia on January 5th to steal the Senate majority and seal America, perhaps forever, into their communist Dark Winter; complete oversight and control of the entire voting system managed exclusively by Rat operatives and loyalists with numerous obvious and flagrant “in yo face” violations of established election laws with nobody so much as even lifting a finger to challenge. Can you say “Dominion?” Sure, I knew you could. All of this cheerlead on by that fat-assed, tooth gapped, stinky butt cracked bolshevik, queen she boon of identity politics who still insists she won the governorship in 2018, Stacey Abrams. Do you remember her wagging her big fat ass mouth for the Media only days before the election about how her Rat Party had registered more than 100,000 new voters in Georgia since the November 3rd election? Did you know that shit is completely, 100% ILLEGAL? If you’re a resident of Georgia and you didn’t vote on November 3rd, then you were BY LAW prohibited from voting in the January 5th run off race! No worries, we’re now making all of this up as we go along and it’s all ok so long as you’re a Democrat. Apparently, any Rule of Law still remains only for the purpose of nailing Conservatives to the wall on technicalities. Where the Hell is the Georgia State Supreme Court? Apparently, asleep at the wheel like everyone else, counting their chink Dollars as the country and the World slide down the shitter.

Ok, let’s continue moving up through the calendar of events during the last two months of our national clusterfuck we now find ourselves in, leading up to an orgasm of peak political insanity & corruption scheduled to take place in only five, short days from now. On January 6th, the day our traitorous Congress met to count, record and certify the Electoral College votes of a fraudulent election, hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans descended on that wretched hive of villainy named Washington DC to support our President and peacefully protest the obvious fraud which was taking place right before their very eyes. What did the stinking commie Rat bastards do? They blocked roads and ordered shut downs of supporting businesses in an effort to deny us of our constitutional right to gather. All of this after more than 6 months of looking the other way while Black Lies Matter & antifa went on a non stop, nationwide burning, looting & murder terror tirade. No problem, because, because, because “da rebolution” you privileged, white, Christian, responsible, Middle Class, Conservative bitches! What started out as a peaceful & lawful “Rally For America” was ultimately hijacked by the antifa Bolsheviks and turned into a violent assault on the Capital Building, all by plan and design. OMG, suddenly Democrats once again became the shining vanguards of our sacred Rule Of Law! Democrats suddenly found their souls again to support Law Enforcement! Who woulda ever thought or known!?

In what has now become an event I now call the “Capital Reichstag Fire,” the Rats took one right out of the old Nazi playbook; staging this obvious false flag event to unleash what I now have also come to call “Kristallnacht for Conservatives.” I won’t tell you what to think or what conclusions you should come to on your own, but I’m completely convinced the “Capital Reichstag Fire” involved the cooperation of our Congress along with the Capital Police, the lapdog Media and the Deep State. It was a complete setup.

So where do we stand now? I’m still trying to shake myself awake from this very bad dream in which I find myself trapped. So far, no such luck; and the more I try, the deeper I seem to fall down into the shit. Now I know what it must feel like to drown in quicksand. I wish I had more good news for you, but the truth of the matter is 30,000 armed National Guard soldiers now occupy our nation’s capital along with NG reserves in most of our 50 states being ordered out before Wednesday’s coronation of King Joe. In addition, TPTB have turned DC into a massively fortified city complete with non-scalable fences, razor wire and military check points. All commercial flights above DC airspace will be prohibited on Wednesday. Moreover, try as I may, I can’t find a shred of information about who is ordering up all of this massive show of authoritarian force. What the fuck are they so afraid of? I mean, are we still talking about the most popular presidential candidate who received the most votes ever; or, is there something else afoot here? All I know is since the “Capital Reichstag Fire” on January 6th, an even BIGGER lie has been pushed on America and we Conservatives are now the official persecuted class, the newest whipped dogs and 21st Century Jews, persona none grata in the land our ancestors build, sacrificed and suffered for, died for…and there appears no end in sight as for how far & long this insanity may go on or endure.

I still hold out some degree of faith in God and Donald J Trump, who repeatedly promised & insisted “America will never become a socialist country” But at this moment, your guess as to what comes next is probably as good as mine. I can’t possibly see how he just walks away from all of this; because the man has shown us all time and time again how he is a fighter by his nature and this is our biggest fight ever, but who knows what could really be happening behind the scenes. America is now only days away from her biggest “come to Jesus” moment ever and it hangs so thick over the country you can cut it with a knife. As Churchill once said, “now is our most shining hour.” Stay alert and stand fast during this coming week; this one is for all the marbles. Be prepared for any situation or contingency to play out; whether it be a surprise Chinese military invasion from the North, a huge mass shooting, or hopefully the entire group of DC traitors and criminals arrested at the bogus inauguration ceremony. These are perilous times in which we are living, so keep that powder dry. I rarely wax poetic, but at this moment in History when a Great Evil seems to be stalking the land, I’m reminded of a poem by James Jones used in the “The Thin Red Line.” It’s no coincidence it’s entitled “This Great Evil.”

This Great Evil, where’s it come from? 

How’d it steal into the world? 

What seed, what root did it grow from? 

Who’s doing this? 

Who’s killing us, robbing us of life and light, mocking us with the sight of what we might’ve known? 

Does our ruin benefit the earth, does it help the grass to grow, the sun to shine? 

Is this darkness in you, too? 

Have you passed through this night?”

Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.

As you were,

General Mossberg.